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Obstruction Evidence Mounts as Critics Say Trump Move to Stop Sessions Recusal 'Screams of Guilt'


Obstruction Evidence Mounts as Critics Say Trump Move to Stop Sessions Recusal 'Screams of Guilt'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Though obstruction of justice difficult to prove, Trump "doing everything he can to help Mueller do it," argued former White House ethics chief


Trump’s ego and greed got him to run for the presidency.

Trump’s ego and greed got him into the Russian mess.

Trump’s ego and greed will get him and family members indicted.



We still do not know the extent of what Mueller knows, what the intelligence community shared with him with respect to counter intelligence operations during the campaign, and we do not know what Flynn is telling him. None of it looks good for Trump, but we ought to tread cautiously too. We just don’t know the charges he’ll bring, however damning things might appear publicly.


Maybe his money will buy him out of an indictment.


If there is anything to the money laundering of Russian mob money it will be so wonderful that because of Trump’s ego wanting to run for the president of the USA he might be brought down and jailed. I am keeping my fingers crossed that Trump will be brought down by his huge inflated ego. I can picture him like a giant balloon whose air is let out and he goes spinning around out of control until he lands in a tiny little jail cell to contemplate all the horrors he has inflicted upon others his whole sad little life. Not that he his capable of contemplating anything besides his grandiose self. Of course none of this is likely to happen in the USA where people like Trump are above the law no matter what.


Chump sez: “Where’s my Roy Cohn?”

Probably representing Lucifer in a class-action suit brought by residents of Hell’s sub-standard housing developments.


Good lord. The worst that will happen is Trump will resign and like Nixon, be pardoned. He and his family will then resume whatever is they do, and the only consequences will be that they get even richer. No one with power and money is ever prosecuted in this country. the depth of corruption here is unimaginable by most ordinary people.


Praise the Lord that every single day brings the “end” of “Little Donnie’s Daycare” in Washington DC, within sight.

Soon, Little Donnie, his Keebler Elf, and many of his conspiratorial cohorts will be languishing in some plush jail cell, sucking on…

Well, that’s the rest of this story.


Bernie Madoff was a similar con artist who was prosecuted convicted and imprisoned. The rich and powerful can indeed be prosecuted in this country - it just takes other rich and powerful people being hurt by them.


I’d like to believe you are right, PB, BUT…Bush, Cheney, Rice, et. al. are still out there enjoying their freedom after all their war crimes. There is no REAL justice. That is why Lady Justice wears a blindfold. How apt in the 20th and 21st centuries with TWO AMERICAS, TWO ECONOMIES, and this: two definitions of fairness and justice.


Maybe we’ll get lucky and this whole criminal enterprise will bring down not only trump but also pence, ryan, the whole stinking treasonous bunch, and then we can take out their cowardly enablers like my congressional rep, the weasel and Mercer stooge, gutless John Faso (New York 19th). And how about that other republican phony, Stefanik (I think NY 20th), while we’re at it? But God Almighty if you live in a republican district and you haven’t gotten on your rep’s case to use their authority to thwart trump, then do so. They absolutely hate it when they are held responsible their destructive antics. Email or call their Washington office and tell them to do their job and show loyalty to the constitution, not to their multimillionaire donors.


Excellent point, dpearl.


I agree. Treading carefully will get us to the truth.


Yes and regardless of jail time or pardons, he and his family will live out the rest of their lives under scrutiny.


Yes, perhaps it will. However, the Russian election interference won’t buy him any goodwill.


Madoff had no political power, and he tried to scam the scammers. A handful of lower-level, already out of power politicians have been wrist-slapped. No president or former president will ever be prosecuted except on a purely political level. This country is too corrupt.


The imprisoning of former political leaders is not a marker of a non corrupt society on the world stage. The Trumps may truly set a new standard in this country by imprisoning their political opponents or being imprisoned by them. Do not expect good to follow.


Very,very true! The plethora of Amerikan war criminals that have never been indicted for their most egregious, war crimes from Johnson, and his Congress who murdered so many Americans in Vietnam for the lie about the Gulf of Tonkin to Nixon and Ford ( who was so corrupt, he pardoned Nixon ) to the most corrupt Bush and his dim son and Mad woman not so bright, who admitted that murdering thousands of innocent children in Iraq was “WORTH IT” AND TOO MANY OTHERS TO NAME HERE INCLUDING KISSINGER.


While I agree that no President will ever be criminally prosecuted under the current system, I disagree that Bernie Madoff or any other billionaire has no political power. As you know, it certainly does not take political office to achieve that. Madoff avoided prosecution for some time precisely because of his relations to people in the SEC leadership and the leadership of the securities trade associations.
In prison, he has cozied up to mob bosses for protection - so it appears that his modus operandi hasn’t changed much.


Lady Justice wears a blindfold so she can objectively weigh the scales.
Maybe it’s a good time to watch “V for Vendetta” for the umpteenth time.
The world’s filthy rich are planning World War III, to pick up where Hitler left off.
The teeming masses must again be taught the hard way who’s in charge here.