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'Obstruction of Justice' Charge as Mueller Hits Manafort With New Indictment


'Obstruction of Justice' Charge as Mueller Hits Manafort With New Indictment

Common Dreams staff

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Paul Manafort, former manager of the Trump presidential campaign, was slapped by the Special Counsel Robert Mueller with a new indictment Friday afternoon based on charges of obstruction of justice.

According to the Associated Press, the newly unsealed charges against Manafort stem from his alleged efforts "to tamper with witnesses as he awaits trial of felony charges related to foreign lobbying work."


Now, Manafort will crack like a thin shelled egg, and spill his slimy guts.

Only Trumps pardon can save this career criminal.


Why is Common Dreams and the Democrats frequenting this site wasting their time on the Mueller charade? Muller is just another two-bit run-of-the-mill-prosecutor that are a dime a dozen plaguing America, who long ago have collectively through their standard operating procedure relegated the rule of law to high school history texts. Unless you have personally experienced the two tiered criminal justice system designed to protect the monied class and not create legal fairness especially among the poor that the elite through their subservient prosecutors of which Mueller is a corrupt and quintessential example then you are whistling Yankee Doodle believing “this land was made for you and me.” This indictment stinks just as bad as Mueller’s political grandstanding and the waste of paper and implementation of Grade A Irrelevant Political Propaganda in the exercise of prosecutorial masturbation in the indictment of 14 Russian nationals who will NEVER BE ARRESTED much less tried for any of the alleged non crimes Mueller supposedly articulated in his so called litany non political events.

This is all made for the Market$treamMedia distraction and you Democrats are eating it up like it is ice cream. Well it is ice cream alright. Take a big bite. Its hydrogenated shortening with generous scoops of Diarrhea Topping handed out by the amatuer attorneys that occupy most of the prosecutorial slots across America. Daddy don’t let your children grow up to be prosecutors. Let them make an honest living as a sexworker facillatator, a TV Evangelist or even a Trump Impersonator. The entire system was designed to protect the 1% of the founding and the subsequent generations to occupy those coveted spots. Take a close look at what Mueller is actually doing. It is the typical ambush indictment process that these corrupt prosecutors use to take down local, state or national political targets on behalf of their political masters. When they were going after Bill Clinton in the 90s through Kenneth Starr most of the Democrats were hollering about the same kind of shenanigans Starr was using that Mueller is now repeating against Trump. Prosecutors use it against criminals everyday in America. Turn the screws up on someone who probably has committed a criminal act unrelated to the target to provide information, it makes no difference if it is true or false, in order to get the prosecutor closer to his or her target.

That is NOT TO SAY that Trump is NOT a scumbag! He most certainly is. And like many dubiously successful businessmen he has screwed over his investors and mostly the medium sized and small contractors that worked on his real estate projects across the world - at least in countries, like ours, that allowed him too. But please remember this. Trump, as long as he is a sitting president is exempt from prosecution for virtually any and all alleged crimes he may or may not have committed before he was sworn into office. If a sitting POTUS is indictable for a crime that started before taking office relative to the presidency then the matter is to be resolve through articles of impeachment as prescribed under The Constitution and NOT through ordinary criminal indictment. All Mueller, like a good little grunt, is doing is spinning yarns of Much Ado About Nothing. Ah, such a fine Shakespearean plot line this doth make. King Grabber of The Genitalia meets The Jester Of The Democratic National Committee’s Court. See that blurry figure of a woman standing behind Mueller. Well my fellow travellers that the Ghost Of J Edgar laughing at you all that you have so much faith in a former Director of The FBI, like him, to bring you truth, justice and the American Way and call it Russian Hacking. And if anyone was a master at the Big Lie it was none other than J Edgar himself.

Why don’t we be truly democratic about all of this and throw in Hillary and Bill, Obama, Comey, Lynch and good old Little Debbie The Snack Cake Ladders And Chutes as the proxy for the DNC Email Server then everybody can be absolutely ecstatic about their favorite Washington Game Show Of Politicians playing: Guess My Crime? Throw in $10,000 for the viewer who correctly guesses and Mueller will immediately be at their front door to indict them for tax evasion! Now, since he or she would statistically be one of the little people that the Establishment makes pay taxes then perhaps even Mueller could actually get a conviction of the hapless winner - perhaps!

I can just see the indictment: Winner conspired with unknown 13th cousin of President Donald Trump to evade and avoid lawfully due income taxes owed to the Government of The United States by laundering such winnings through a Pizza Restaurant dba Little Nikita’s located in Brighton Beach, New York, etc. And Mueller could then get the only person to have profited from the alleged Russian hacking of a US election - except for The Clintons and Mueller and his merry band of misfits hiding out in Shavedwood Forest tilting at Windmills in Their Dreams.


What a mindless rambling rant.

All that stuff about Nixon was just a bunch Democrat nonsense too, right?

In order to impeach, criminal indictments are needed first. This is what Mueller is doing - and it involves stuff that goes way beyond “The Russians”, or Bill Clinton’s sex pecadillos, to illegal political bribery, extortion, and use of the office of the presidency for personal enrichment. And no, Democrats did not do the same thing.


Hit the assholes where it hurts.


Sorry Yunzer it is ye who are operating at the mindless level. When you did try to offer a rebuttal based upon a couple of slim facts such facts were simply wrong! Apparently, you just plain, old ate your homework on the day you were supposed to be studying the US Constitution. In case you have fromgotten (a word delineating the fact that a blank mind never springs from a learned mind) and apparently your compromised reading level has also fromgotten you like the evaporating, muddy, rain puddle it apparently is. As usual you are mixing three dollar words you heard in the mainstream media that have nothing to do with the current exercise in attack and distraction meant to give blank minds whatever one track thoughts they can be shuffled down and parked upon sidings to nowhere. No little Yunzer, the Constitution, Article 2, Section 4 clearly prescribes that criminal allegations of acts while in office against the president, vice-president and other members of the executive branch are brought against such persons through Impeachment in the House and Conviction in the Senate for Treason, Bribery and Other High Crimes and Misdemeanors. There is no prerequisite for an ordinary criminal indictment which you seem to believe and in fact such an indictment does not have the authority to convict and remove a duly elected and/or appointed member of the federal executive branch. You may think that these so called special prosecutors are the golden children of criminal law but in fact for members of the executive branch they are a menace only to their associates who might have the misfortune to know such officials. There is a reason that the Constitution was structured this way. To keep We, The Rabble from calling out the privileged and chosen few from being held to account by the likes of us. Since they have always controlled the vote there was no way the founders were going to let anyone not of the 1% bring their sexist, elitist and racist government down because of the mere ordinary crimes that are the stock and trade of governance - especially in the foreign policy arena.

Tsk, Tsk. You are a willfully ignorant individual. So sure you are right you are unwilling to read much less understand. By the way, Nixon was a legitimate target of the House of Representatives doing their Constitutionally mandated job. Long before I obtained my degree I had a rudimentary understanding (and the Market$Media of the 70s was much more edifying then as compared to now) that the Nixon Comedy Hour Of Distractions with Attorney General/Special Prosecutor/Plumber/Lawyer and Janitor firings with a couple of party hacks thrown in for good measure were just that - a side show that really did not affect the ongoing center ring event taking place in the House as it proceeded along the path toward impeachment. I still reluctantly identified as a Democrat when the more right wing of our Wall Street Owned One Party System (WOOPS) was distracting us with what supposedly going on in Bill’s pants while he was ending the FDR Era welfare program of AFDC that was functioning quite well and keeping millions of children of primarily single mothers from going to bed hungry, when he was creating the for-profit prison system, putting on steroids Nixon’s basic foundation of our militarized police forces, when he was enacting the the Telecommunications Act that basically ended any semblances of free speech as we once knew it, and especially when he cut a deal to privatize social security and the end of Glass-Steagall loomed on the horizon just awaiting the final push and his signature which of course brought about the Clinton-Bush Great Recession of 2007. Yes. Such a mindless rant - based upon fact and all. You are familiar with facts aren’t you? Perhaps not. You appear at first blush not to be.

“… and it involves stuff that goes way beyond “The Russians”, or Bill Clinton’s sex pecadillos, to illegal political bribery, extortion, and use of the office of the presidency for personal enrichment. And no, Democrats did not do the same thing.” Typical M$M phadlerdash repeated without question by an apparently non inquiring mind. Illegal political bribery? Really? So a prosecutor can intimate that such was going on and continue to plow ahead without any direct indictment when in fact such a prosecutor is precluded by the Constitution from even targeting a sitting POTUS for crimes committed prior to the taking of office who is only subject to impeachment and conviction by the House and Senate for Treason, Bribery And High Crimes and Misdemeanors as mandated by said Constitution? The use of the presidency for personal enrichment? Your question should be which presidents have not used the presidency for their personal enrichment? That would be the much shorter list but such a list would not include past presidents and/or first ladies/gentlemen who collected hefty “speaking fees” as rewards for signing the right legislation and/or backing the right legislation benefiting the coffers of Wall Street. None other than my fellow Texan, Lyndon B. Johnson, comes to mind. Of course he had years of practice as a member of Congress. He structured his corruption very well by allowing his wife to run their business empire while merely whispering vital information that enriched the family. He alluded to it openly without ever admitting to it which kept the hounds of the press at bay. If you are going to throw shade on one half of the corrupt house then shade must be had all along the wrap-around porch at 1600 Golden Goose Avenue, Washington, Dollar Center, USA!

Let me add this to my mindless and rambling rant. The Socialist Party of the late 1880s and 1890s used to say of the Democratic and Republican Parties (paraphrasing): “The Democratic and Republican Parties are separate wings of the same bird of prey.” Was true then, has been true ever since and is most definitely still very, very true today! As a further note of enlightenment I offer this: “The willfully ignorant are condemned to be the brown ring in the toilet bowl of history. Flush. It’s for you. 'Cause Blind faith is actually not the log you are hanging on to.”

The worst thing about all of this The Russians are coming, The Russians are coming is that there are real problems that We, The Rabble need to have solved. Problems such as Universal and True Single Payer Healthcare For All Americans, Good Paying Jobs in a Renewed Economy where One Wage Earner can support his or her children with such a job; Climate Change; the institution of a well regulated economy based upon barter and exchange and not the corrupt Parasitic Capitalist System we are all oppressed by now. That is the essence of the problem we face with this Russia nonsense and the justified, but non Russian connected, vilification of The Conman-In-Chief! As long as we are distracted by the Mueller Comedy Hour we are not paying attention to being used as cordwood for the furnaces of The American Empire.