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Ocasio-Cortez After Apparent Epstein Suicide: 'We Need Answers. Lots of Them.'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/10/ocasio-cortez-after-apparent-epstein-suicide-we-need-answers-lots-them


Rots of ruck with that.


Everyone in that lockup was bought. It’s time for some bamboo under the fingernails if no one will cooperate.

Justice for all keeps slipping away, more every day.


Nothing to see here girls and boys. Just a nice clean ending to allow onlookers to move along. No need to investigate further… it’ll only draw attention to how the rich and powerful get away with atrocities that money can buy and bury.

Fight among yourselves, not the people causing the problems.


Six or seven days ago, there was a mention of a fellow cell mate. Maybe ??


Potted plant cellmate…


Who believes that there will be an authentic, in depth, investigation?


We all knew Jeffrey Epstein would never live to see a courtroom.

Hope his last moments were terrifying.

Just desserts.


Another example of the GOP preventing anybody having evidence against Trump to make it to court.


Nicholas Tartaglione, ex-cop, charged in four murders.

Plant = yes
Potted? Plotted?

Do not mess with the Williams
Prince or Clinton
Both have muscle
As did Epsteins new best friend, buddy


Murder by suicide?


AOC: Answers are exactly what you and we are never going to get. Why do you think the guy, who was on suicide watch, conveniently was able to commit suicide? So there would never be answers. I’ll bet many captains of industry, politicians, and Evangelical Preachers are breathing a sigh of relief today.


Pimps to the very rich, very evil and very influential.

Epstein “Suicide” + DC Madame “Suicide” = Dick Cheney, Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, Alan Dershowitz et. al.

Come to think of it, I bet Alan Dershowitz knows some people who know some people.


I wonder who’s watching the bank accounts on and off shore of the coroner? Too soon? Still in the tots and pears zone?


Well, Caligula wasn’t the only one involved by log shot.

CEO’s, Presidents, Lawyers, Prince Andrew, probably others (Judges?) because this went on for years,
And the people around that group? There has to be staffers, Pilots, janitors, grounds people, maids, the list of people that KNOW must be huge.


Hechinger tweet sez:
“Epstein had destructive information on an extraordinary number of extraordinarily powerful people.”

… and they all lived happily ever after.


The parasitic predatory ‘empire’ of knuckle dragging narcissists is in cannibal mode. Think globally act and work locally . Support small-scale, Earth aware conscience oriented alliances and partnerships. Remember also- “currency” is a SOCIAL AGREEMENT that is ‘franked’ with agreed upon tokens. Remember the predators who set up the “fed” ( a globally integrated private f***ing operation) watch as their “economic theories”, rife with wholly extractive sub-predation now ruling the sphere. The secret meeting at Jekyll Island being the icing on the ‘cake’ we have all been forced to swallow. All of the good that has been achieved over the centuries has been DESPITE the intents and lies of the system and CONSCIENCE of human beings who know the meaning of living love.


I’m sure the Rapist In Chief is breathing a sigh of relief this morning to learn that fellow monster Epstein has supposedly offed himself. Of course, Trumpo the Traitor tried to distance himself by claiming that he had a big falling out with Epstein 15 years ago which we can safely assume is just more of his bullshit. I still want some kind of justice directed at Trumpo from the family whose daughter he raped back in the 90s at one of Epstein’s “sex parties”.
“Hey, St. Peter, there’s some guy here named Jeffrey Epstein who wants to get into Heaven and he says he can give you a very generous donation to bend the rules to let him in.”
“Tell that asshole that he has an eternal date in the Hot Place for what he did to countless women and girls over the decades. Send him to the section with extra fire and brimstone.”


“Hell is empty and all the devils are here!”


Hope Harvard dumps Dershowitz, he is a Trump ass licker, and should not be allowed in a lecture hall ,his twisting and bending of the law to protect rich clients like Epstein and trumps is what is wrong with America and it’s so called elite running the show… All files relating to the case should be made public, and if he was on a so called suicide watch, who the he’ll was watching him and how did he manage? I mean WTF? Did the guard go for a piss? This story stinks, everyone knows it. Let’s see what Epstein had in his safe, that is where a lot of answers lay as to whom he partied with, and received money from.