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Ocasio-Cortez and Sanders Draw Largest Iowa Crowd of Democratic Primary So Far with Call for 'Solidarity' Over Unity

I read a few years back that CNN was “owned” by the dnc insiders, much like Fox is owned by the other wing. I didn’t put much faith in the story at the time, but since then it’s looking more and more like the writer was correct.
With the black box voting, I view our only way out of this shit show we call American elections, is to overwhelm the dnc with votes for Sanders, making it very obvious to the average voter if they try to steal the primary again from him.


Unfortunately I think we need the media, like it was under people like Cronkite and Morrow. Not like it has been for the past 20-30 years


yea, possibly

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You ever visit Michigan’s Leelenau and Mission Peninsulas?

Highly recommended if you make another fall colors run. I can suggest an itinerary if you’re interested.


Well, I’ve never been to Michigan.

Perhaps next fall I’ll ask for that itinerary Tank.

Nice of you to offer.

You’re a peach.

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But how would you get it there?

A pleasure to read this news report of Bernie and AOC at the Climate Crisis Summit in Des Moines yesterday, and seeing many positive comments here.

Earlier today Bernie campaigned in the reddest area in the state, in Orange City in NW Iowa. I watched some of his town hall on a Facebook live video. He looked good, and the reception he received was warm.

It is heartening that it’s possible to turn off corporate media, and watch Bernie rallies on Fbook and Youtube, as I have been watching lately.

Bernie appears to steadily move forward in Iowa, and with activist Ady Barkan I’m encouraged, “I am hopeful because right now there is a mass movement of people from all over this country rising up.”


Iowa has less then 4 percent of its population as Black Americans maning in a room of 2400 less then 100 would be black.

The crack pot Media is always talking about moderates. How many of those are there ? Lol. Bastards !

yea, Dunno.
But that is the problem. It is useless and will never work the way it is

I suggest we step back from the emotional highs and lows of the “horse race” for a bit. Elizabeth Vos has a very good program on the DNC at consortium news
She and her colleagues/guests dig deep into the 2016 election and lay out lots of detail about what happened as well as our current position one year from another presidential election.
To summarize her report, the 2016 election was rigged. The 2020 election will also be rigged. What will Bernie do about it? Most important-- what will we do?

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When I present the dictionary definition of ‘liberal’ (liberty + equality) and ask which they object to, it shuts them down.

We MUST remain steady using precise definitions. All things being equal… truth shuts down ignorance. The establishment can’t fool all of the people all of the time.

But it will go down!

If Sanders wins, change will be easy, if Sanders doesn’t win, I doubt that electioneering changes will much matter anymore as we move into BOAKYAGB (BendOverAndKissYourAGoodBye) territory.

From the U. S. Constitution
Article 2 Section 1
…neither shall any person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained the age of thirty five years, and been fourteen years a Resident within the United States.
Amendment XII
…But no person constitutionally ineligible to the office of President shall be eligible to that of Vice-President of the United States.
**As Deacon Andy Griffith used to say, “It’s in the Book!”

It’s on the bottom of the parrot cage.

That’s a lot of communist leaning free people…There is a difference between Social Justice and Compulsory Utopianism.

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All of the other Democratic candidates combined could not attract as many people as Bernie Sanders, even if they offered FREE! FREE! FREE! Pizza.
Well, maybe they could with a few toppings. lol

im not a liberal, or a Democrat but I read everything. I do think that even if Bernie has majority supports and wins the important caucuses, Hillary or the candidate that is chosen (then blessed Clinton candidate) just won’t allow it. I think the MSM in tandem with the Democrat party (DNC), and all the high powered Democrat’s in govt,are well taken care of by the Clinton machine. We also know that the super delegates have no legal requirements for supporting the candidate who ends up on top. the recent court case of party members suing the DNC, was affirmed by the lawsuit ruling that the DNC is nothing more than a corporation and that is not bound by any rules, or can chose what rules they adhere to. kinda turns McCain Feingold on its head, if you really wanted to apply it fairly. Think about this? who stands to lose if Bernie is elected much less nominated. Walstreet, big business, and foreign powers. as we have learned, I the almost entirety of the Washington establishment answer to their doners and lobbyists. . just wanted to contribute my 2¢. I think he should run 3rd party if Warren is nominated. I don’t agree with Bernie, but he’s consistent and doesnt talk out of both sides of his mouth. I’ve never heard her propose anything that she could explain and feels like she’s trying to be as appealing as Bernie w out any sort of conviction, excitement, or likeability. I honestly think she’s about as good a politician, in terms of connecting with main street, as an alien would be reading about our presidental running process. case in point, the kitchen video she does, sipping a beer and all the cringe that gave me. thanks for letting me post. :grin:

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Thanks for your thoughtful post. Two points: if the popular vote for Sanders is sufficiently high and he gains enough delegates to win on the first ballot at the convention, then they will not be able to stop him. The Clinton bloc will fall apart. If it goes to a brokered convention and if Sanders has the most delegates and they deny it to him by a stitched up corrupt deal involving party hacks called superdelegates, the party base and many leaders will revolt and it will be Chicago 68 again in the streets. Trump will then win, as Nixon won. As for your saying that “foreign powers” would gain by a vote for Sanders, this is rank McCarthyite Russiagate libel.