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Ocasio-Cortez and Ted Cruz Agree: The Revolving Door Between Congress and Washington's Lobby Industry Has Got to Go

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/05/31/ocasio-cortez-and-ted-cruz-agree-revolving-door-between-congress-and-washingtons

I wholeheartedly agree with AOC and this principled common-sense stand! In addition to elected officials shifting from government representatives to lobbyists, the equally or worse corrupt revolving-door between government “regulatory” agencies, directors, etc, and the sectors, industries, corporations they as agents of regulatory enfarcement, must likewise be entirely banned from the de facto corruption of “serving” in those posts, then switching hats being hired-back and serving the very industries they once supposedly “regulated”. We are seeing that conflict of interest especially under the trump regime, with “regulators” appointed from sectors and industries TO “regulatory” posts, then after they have sabotaged, deregulated, and destroyed those agencies and public/environmental protections, go BACK to the very places they came from! ENOUGH!


Anyone who believes in honest government should be applauding this. As more potential co-sponsors sign on, the less un-easy I’ll feel with this match up. AOC keep you’re guard up as you attempt this deal, you are dealing with a snake.


Yeah right. Lyin Ted:

Real Estate $1,563,531.00
Oil & Gas $1,357,317.00
Lawyers/Law Firms $1,191,407.00
Securities & Investment $1,154,712.00
Health Professionals $927,756.00
Misc Finance $781,687.00
Misc Business $639,588.00
Business Services $506,408.00
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In more developed countries, lobbying is illegal. No place on earth more than the U.S. needs to abolish lobbying. Long term jail sentences must be applied to those who would try to circumnavigate these logical changes in legislation, but only then could a semblance of democracy and credibility return to government.


I think this is a great idea, and I am wondering if citizens are able to take a look at the investments that Congress people have. I sometimes worry that maybe all theses wars are just helping Boeing , Raytheon, etc. and government people like Congressional stock owners stash more money. If no one is looking, then maybe the people should be able to see if congress people are voting for the right reason, or just voting for personal profit.

Me thinks there should be (a clause) in the emoluments clause to deal with the thing you speak of.

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Laws preventing out of office politicians collecting millions for going on a private corporation speaking tour after leaving office should also be considered.


There is lots of things members of Congress should not be allowed to do because it violates the public trust and constitutes a conflict of interest. Like they should not be allowed to own stocks for as long as they are in office. They should be barred from post employment in any lobbying firm for life, violations of all these should be followed by a mandatory 25 years stint in prison, just like they did and do under the Crime Bill, only this time it would be for actual crimes not cause of drug related charges.

We need to start going after these people and punish them severely. This will deter anyone who enters public “service” (ahem) for the purpose of bending the rules so they can enrich themselves and their donors. That is not what elected office should be about. You are supposed to serve the people, your voters, not your rich donors or to enrich yourself by using public service as a tool.

Of course with Citizens United looming over us, that is not likely going to happen. For that to happen, we would have to change the SCOTUS too, such as remove the lifetime appointments and require that justices adhere to some level of ethical standards aimed at eliminating conflicts of interests. Right now the SCOTUS is the most unregulated entity in the US that answers to no one. Recusal from cases where there is a conflict of interest and/or financial disclosure are all voluntary. For all intent and purposes, the Justices are above the law and untouchable and with it unaccountable to anyone. That is a frightening amount of power over 300 million people are giving to 9 assholes. They arent even elected officials, they are appointed by a Senate that currently represent a minority of Americans So it’s not even democracy by proxy, it is all undemocratic.

Bottom line: the rot is deep within this nation and people are becoming less and less powerful and our votes matter less and less. As it is national elections are decided by like 3 states. it’s like the other 47 dont count The senate represent a minority of Americans, politicians beholden to money that is considered free speech while corporations are considered people. The Corporate Congress is in the making…


We already have a Corporate Congress. They’ve even exempted themselves from insider trading laws:


Wow. We are genuinely screwed. I am not really sure these injustices can be peacefully resolved. This level of tyranny inevitably leads to unrest.

But . . .  But . . .   How can Tweetle-Dumb’s project to convert the D.C. Swamp into the D.C. Cesspool succeed if the K-Street Sewer flowing into it is reduced to less than half its normal volume??


If we can’t legally lie and cheat what the heck did we come here for?

This seems more like treating a symptom without addressing the cause.

We elect “representatives” that finance their campaigns with big money and for some reason are surprised that they continue to work for the big money interests after they leave office.

Until we stop voting for big money candidates and demand that candidates have the integrity to finance their campaigns only with small contributions from small donors the legislators will continue to work for the big money interests both in office and after they leave office.

No legislation can solve this problem because reason that big money in our political process is a problem is because the big money legislators will only pass legislation that benefits the big money interests and the big money interests have no interest in getting the big money out of politics.

In order to pass legislation to benefit ordinary citizens we must first replace the big money legislators with small donor legislators. The problem has to be solved before legislation to solve the problem can be passed.


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