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Ocasio-Cortez and Warren Have Some Tough Questions for Mnuchin About the Collapse of Sears

Ocasio-Cortez and Warren Have Some Tough Questions for Mnuchin About the Collapse of Sears

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Two high-profile Democrats have questions for Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin about his role in the downfall of Sears as a former member of the retailer's board of directors, and his possible role in government decision about the company.


Translation Mr. Mnuchin, Warren and Ocasio-Cortez have declared it to be weasel season.


And so goes the continuing story of the rich helping the rich get richer.


Don’t you just love Capitalism American Style … shame, shame, I tell you Mnuchin and Lambert, shame on you!


Oreos, swamp spinners and evil mnunchkins have just begun to have their chains yanked by introduction of “reclaiming my time”. Thank you Maxine Waters et al… Time for the people in this country to reclaim their time - LIVES - that is, from A to Z.


Predatory capitalism at it’s finest. Sad to see the Craftsman brand now being sold at Lowes.


I sincerely hope that Warren and AO-C have the goods on Mnuchin. But you’ll have to excuse my doubts.

I mean damn, Mittens Romney made a fortune practicing the vulture capitalist game called asset stripping. And did anyone note the slaps on the wrist delivered to Wall St after they nearly tanked the entire economy? And that those slaps on the wrist were accompanied by bail outs and ‘reforming’ the system to make TBTF banks even bigger?

Liz Warren is so tough on banks that Wells Fargo went right back to doing what they paid a measly fine for after she scolded them. Unless I see Mnuchin perp walked, I’m filing this under K for kabuki.


Warren did a hell of a job creating CFPB only to have it torn apart.

Start at the top and rip them out of office and keep going until we get to the good wood.

I would say that the Deutsche Bank Records have a little bit of juice in them.

And I would say, the more Light we can throw on the Capitalist Crapheads the better.

More Light Everywhere, Every Time, All the Time.


This has been going on for how many years? At least 20 maybe more. It is just coming to the attention of lawmakers? I am glad it is happening but where in the world have the dems been. Oh, Clinton’s neoliberalism.

There are many crooks/criminals on both sides of the aisle but republicans have many more criminals.


This is the one thing these Mega-Crooks and Powerful Congress people Fear… Being in the Spotlight. This could be why Nancy is being so nice and is refusing to take on Trump. He can turn the tables on her in a second as how she became so rich. Tax Returns and scrutiny Nancy?


I’m all in favor of the CFPB. But I’m much more in favor of breaking up the TBTF banks.

I’m all in favor of primary challenges. But in the 2018 cycle, only four of them were successful.

Sure, the Deutsche Bank records have potential. Just like the Mueller Investigation.

Here’s a suggestion: A real opposition party instead of a kabuki show featuring two sock puppet parties.


She’s married to a multi-billionaire real estate developer. She IS Trump.


AOC-Warren letter sez:
“… we are concerned that, as Treasury secretary, you are in position to take actions that benefit Sears’ shareholders and owners at the expense of workers and taxpayers.”

Well, yeah. Munchkin was in the same “position” while serving on the Sears board. As it relates to those workers and taxpayers, it’s known as doggie style.


WiseOwl how could disparage weasels like that, they have redeeming qualities, whereas Munchkin has none:)))


They know about this stuff. They just don’t care or they are in on the take. After all - so many of them represent the interests of the wealthy and powerful - not the people of the U.S. they are supposed to represent and who keep electing them over and over again.


So far AO-C hasn’t let the people down (yes I realize it could happen tomorrow), I have to trust she will keep Warren focused on the target, at least until she throws the people under the bus for the first time.

I hope that Lampert and Mnuchin can be roommates again - in a federal prison after they have been stripped of their wealth which should go to the US people. These are scoundrels who see everything as fair game and use government as a tool to manipulate everything. Sears once was a symbol of U.S. commitment to investment and quality and to serving the middle and lower class of the country. If we look more closely, Lampert and Mnuchin have actually created a type of crime against humanity by destroying good jobs, communities. competetive retail outlets, etc. When community vitality goes - it is replaced by drugs, mental illness, police and prisons.

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The problem is that there is a small group of politicians that are not corrupt and they are surrounded by corrupt assholes that propose no alternatives or solutions to our problems, which require structural changes their donors oppose. Then, we have a media that is basically like the oligarch media in many Latin American countries. Owned by giant corporations, all on air talent are rich, overpaid, live in bubbles and are cut off from the general public, and have strong class and ideological biases. Their job is to gaslight and to spread propaganda for particular interests, ideas and politicians. The Venezuelan oligarch media is basically the same. The media companies also rely heavily for ad revenue on other large corporations. They spend most of their time talking about issues that don’t matter and ignoring issues that do. How much have they discussed Stormy Daniel’s versus the environmental crisis? And when they get around to policy discussions they only allow policies within a very narrow range of policy options, often totally at odds with the general public but entirely in line with the interests of the on air talent, the media companies, those that pay their advertising revenue, as well as the politicians and their big money donors. It isn’t fair to AOC to diminish what she wants to do, but is she right now far outnumbered and I dont see many woke people in her own party. They are unmoved by tens of thousands that will die because they can’t get needed care, the mass suffering or even the environmental crisis. Maybe they all have a planet to escape to. Chomsky’s propaganda model on the media is iron clad and we are in many ways a failed state.

I like stuff like this, but it is more than anything letting others know where their priorities are and what they would do, if given more power. I don’t think most of their Democratic colleagues want the same things as they do. The Democratic Party nationally is horrible and we deserve better.


I think I’m gonna puke.

And where does Kamala stand on Mnuchin? https://theintercept.com/2017/01/03/treasury-nominee-steve-mnuchins-bank-accused-of-widespread-misconduct-in-leaked-memo/