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Ocasio-Cortez Calls for Furlough of Congressional Pay Next Shutdown


Actually I don’t think Congress should have their pay furloughed during a shutdown, they should have it forfeited for each day of a shutdown.


Buzzfeed News twit sez:
“It’s official: The US government has partially shut down because Congress couldn’t reach an agreement on Trump’s demand for border wall money.”

Nice “journalism,” kids. The shutdown is because Chump. Period.


I’d forgotten about Long John Baldry. Thanks for sharing.


Remember it isn’t that easy to find people to run for Congress. Many of these people could make far more money in the private sector, particularly since many members of Congress are lawyers. And it is very expensive to maintain a residence in the DC area as well as a residence in their home state. And of course politics is often nasty which discourages a lot of people.


You go girl!




Ocasio-Cortez’ full opposition to Trump’s wall is most welcome.

But the furlough of congressional pay idea during shutdowns is fairly symbolic.

Congressionals get paid quarterly. For example, her own pay becomes due on 1 April (and that’s no April fool). So furloughing future congressional pay will be pointless unless the shutdown occurs near to a quarterly pay date.

And if anyone’s pay should be furloughed, it should be that of Donnie Dotard.


the rump still has to sign it.


Alexandria will turn 35 during the 2024 election so she can become the youngest POTUS in history !


“” “For the wall’s 5.7 billion, every child in America could have access to Universal Pre-K. Yet when we propose the SAME , we’re told Universal Edu is a ‘fantasy’ & asked ‘how are you going to pay for it"

Funny how some people think the government should be spending money on everything else but the government’s actual job which is to protect the country and its borders.


…I don’t know when ya’ll will get it, that if Alexandria and Bernie were not in the club, as in not in the Greens, they wouldn’t have a freakin’ ‘say’ in the matter. Politics is the Queen Mary and it’s operated with pair of six foot oars. Ya’ll think you can rip and tear and it doesn’t work that way. You don’t get perfect, even when it starts to look good, sorry… These two folks are really putting their necks out here, give 'em some praise goddamnit!!..


I mentioned this in my comment above, but there is also a constitutional issue with furloughing congressional pay, namely the 27th Amendment.


Let Trump pay for his own security while golfing and eating Big Macs in Florida.
Isn’t the Secret Service already over budget for providing security for Trump, his
nasty greedy family? For that matter ground AF1. He doesn’t give a damn about
the Americans hurt by his shutdown, it is time he felt the pinch too.


That is a very good point.
But what about the congressional staffers?
Have all of these workers been sent home without pay?
The congress-critters themselves do very little of the actual work. Without staff, they would be lost.


…Thanx for noting the true nature of the ‘structure’…this isn’t easy…it’s subtle… and devious…overwhelming…be very careful…


Congressional staffers don’t get paid. I know Barbara Boxer crafted a bill to deal with the Congressional pay issue in 2013. Companion measures were introduced in the House at the time (see link). One became law for the duration of the subsequent session.


Good question. I have my own question. Why is it that we continue to allow this tool, money, a fiction, to destroy and control us? Money isn’t real; we just act as though it were and, like religion, we have built our societies upon it.


Especially the military which is far from the nation’s borders far overseas on someone else’s borders. Also, your definition, of what a government’s actual job is, is not like the definition of, for example, water, H2O, and your assertion does’t make it so.


I’m impressed with the quality and effort that this young woman is putting out way before her first day in office. Mistakes, they happen. As in congressional expenses rather than pay could have been cited.

I’d like to see a request for unity as in all of US join together, rather than Im doing this because I’m working class (and the rest of you are not).
Not a move toward the center, but a move toward compassion and understanding from everyone.


I can tell you personally that we’ve reached that point some time ago.