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Ocasio-Cortez Calls for Probe of Cuomo's Disastrous Handling of Covid-19 Outbreaks in Nursing Homes

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2021/02/19/ocasio-cortez-calls-probe-cuomos-disastrous-handling-covid-19-outbreaks-nursing


Alexandria, please step up your personal security.

Andy may be in tight with the Italian Mafia.


We need a full investigation of multiple aspects of the COVID mass casualty disaster. What happened in nursing homes to the elderly across the country was a horrible and seeming preventable massacre. But it is only one piece of a larger puzzle that has killed hundreds of thousands of Americans and millions of souls around the world.

A Democrat of the past, then SOS Madeliene Albright, responded with the phrase “it is worth it” when asked on 60 minutes about the unneccesary deaths of half a million Iraqi children under 5 due to Clinton’s sanctions. Now, the American people have been targeted by the same callous disregard for human life inherent in that phrase. Our deaths are now ‘worth it.’

We’ve heard the phrase “the cure can’t be worse than the disease” in this mass-casualty disaster. But, they were always talking about two different things. They were saying that the oligarchs couldn’t afford to lose profits, even temporarily, in order to save your life. They were applying SOS Albright’s phrase to Americans, and telling them that their deaths “were worth it” to keep profits flowing to the oligarchs.

The BMJ, also known as British Medical Journal, a centuries old and respected publication, has used the phrase “social murder” with regard to the West’s response to COVID. We can’t forget. We can’t let this slide. We definitely need to hold people accountable. We have hundreds of thousands of loved one’s who’ve been killed. We can’t let this slide.

And we must learn that a society that puts Profits Over People will kill you. We must fight as if our lives depend on it for a society that puts People Over Profits. Because now we all know for certain that this is a fight for our lives.


You GO Woman!


Over and over again, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez embodies what it means to be a democratic socialist. In contrast to other young NY Democrats elected when she was, like Antonio Delgado, she is infused with a view of the class struggle that allows her both to see and to act without fear. The fascists are not wrong to focus their fears on her and the handful of other democratic socialists who consistently call out tools of the oligarchy ranging from Cruz to Cuomo. If you admire her, join the DSA.


Friday, at the Illinois / Indiana border hospital.
An 85 year old man was sent home with the covid19 still active.
The next day he got worse and his wife was weakening too.
Ambulanced back to hospital.

My take is that he was sent home to die. Do the physicians have
instructions that are followed? One year ago, when many people
were dying in Chicago, 42% were black and 37% were Mexican.
At that time I thought the makers of the virus had installed a calling card
for the severity into certain traits.

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“As reported by CommonDreams…” do they mean: as any number of us CD readers were castigated, demeaned and belittled for mentioning or posting links to genuine fact-checked journalism on corporate media black-listed blogs? Those of us, experiencing the totally unnecessary deaths in NYC, were simply reporting actual experiences of nurses, staff, first responders, physicians, regulatory & other state & municipal employees as to the science fiction nightmare some citizens here, posted daily on social networking as to how neoliberal Crisis Capitalism unleashes kleptocrat thugs in place of any “government.” How a criminal FIRE Sector & PhARMA feeding frenzy isn’t pragmatic or grown up, it’s just scores-of-thousands of needless deaths that monopoly media & autocratic duopoly’s got to distract us from, cover up or lie about (while victims’ homes, equity and survivor’s indentiture is monitized?) All CD really did was, distract us?

Now, who’s to benefit from THIS news cycle’s distraction, as we’re going to 35% inside dining (drinking), schools open without vaccination, tracing, HVAC remediation, PPE or any effective procedure. Last year’s survivors indentured by medical debts into 1099 gig peonage as Mr Market feeds?
Until Biden “beat the Socialist” Cuomo and de Blasio were liberal fan-boy HEROS. Hypocrisy sure helped us in 2016?




Andy Cuomo has been looking out for himself and corrupt big-money crony’s his entire career; his record of screwing the public while serving big-money interests is very long.

" Cuomo created a new provision shielding hospital and nursing home executives from potential liability for decisions that might lead to people’s deaths from Covid.

“As the journalist David Sirota noted , Cuomo received more than $2m from the Greater New York Hospital Association and its associated executives and lobbying firms – the very healthcare industry group that claims to have “drafted” the immunity clause.”


The hyper-vindictive nature of Cuomo toward political rivals and critics is legendary - his TV performances during the pandemic were typical of a politician milking the moment while behind the scenes working for big-money and profits above people - to shield criminal negligence re seniors and predatory “nursing homes”!
We need a real leader in NY, not a scheming politician working for his own advantage that only moves when public pressure is huge, almost never on his own for the Common Good.

We would have been much better-served by a Governor Zephyr Teachout or Cynthia Nixon, both of great moral compass and integrity, unlike the vindictive Chicago-machine style NY political boss politician .


~https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gCGghBswUtM - Cynthia
~https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y-nBtDyHLME - more about Cynthia Nixon vs Cuomo


Does this mean he’s not going to receive an Oscar?


Credit where due; good on AOC for stepping up to challenge Cuomo on his handling of the pandemic. Even more props to Ron Kim, who has less power than AOC, but who has been calling for an investigation, resulting in Cuomo calling him to threaten him. We need more people willing to speak truth to power if we are to ever hold them accountable. Remember how the media jumped on the Cuomo for president bandwagon as they spread the false narrative that Cuomo had handled the covid pandemic admirably? We can’t trust the MSM one iota. They are just lying propagandists serving the ruling class. I wonder how long before Ron Kim or AOC gets treatment like Assange, Seth Rich, Julian Epstein and others?


CNN needs to have his brother Chris recuse himself from any reporting pertaining to Governor Brother. Enough of their cutsy, nepotistic family confabs on the evening news.

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In other news, China is reported record box-office sales at movie theaters during what was a recent holiday weekend.

China was willing to lock down, and get the virus under control. Wall Street screamed when they did this, but despite being a capitalist nation, China did say that the lives of its people were more important than profits. Or, at least short-term profits. Because, letting short-term profits take a hit for one quarter while China locked-down has let China get the virus under control, and then move on to ‘normal’

Thus, over the recent weekend, China sold $1.2 billion worth of movie theater tickets.

Biden said when he was in lying-campaign-mode that he’d consider a lock-down. What we got instead was “Please wear a mask when you visit a national park.” Otherwise, Trump’s herd immunity policies continue, with Biden now giving updates on reaching herd immunity. Trump’s “it will disappear by summer” has been updated to Biden’s “it will disappear by Christmas.”

Meanwhile, Americans continue to die by the hundreds of thousands.


Sounds like Cuomo belongs in prison right alongside Trump…


I know most of the media is located in NY and DC so this is a big story, but there are plenty of disasters in other states too that deserve attention. Governor Kristi Noem explicitly backed policies that led to the deaths of thousands of South Dakotans and one of the highest positivity rates in the country. She’s clearly gearing up for a presidential run, but is rarely discussed in the same way as Cuomo. Why? Florida’s governor manipulated data to benefit a libertarian approach to dealing with the virus, killed thousands in doing so, but isn’t getting half the attention as Cuomo. Why? He also appears to be running for president. And please note, they didn’t do these things at the beginning of the pandemic, but smack in the middle of it, when we knew what the outcome of their policies would result in. Plus, the nursing home issue is one other states wrestled with too at the beginning of the pandemic—including here in CA.


At one level, this is definitely NY politics. AOC is talking about running for Senate, so, she’s trying to build state-wide issues beyond her district. That’s why she’s deliberately jumpin in on top of Cuomo as a part of her Senate campaign.

Where I live, its easy to laugh at the ‘national news’ and its east coast bias. When a big winter storm comes through, it always only makes the national news the day after it has hit us. Because its not national news if we get a big storm, but it is national news if NYC is going to get a storm tomorrow.

These days, it appears to be standard that 20 or so people try to run for President in the party that is out of power. I’d expect a crowded QOP field of people all trying to be Top Fascist. Many do it to make money. Collect a few million in donations, travel the country and stay in luxury hotels and eat in nice restaurants on campaign expense accounts. Not a bad way to spend a year.


If you have no integrity and don’t mind lying constantly to the people you are planning to ‘serve’.


Even though I do not live in N.Y., AOC would have my financial support if she decided to run for the Senate.

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Hi PonyBoy:
Hmmm , how na=many mafia people were affected by Covid19-----because maybe Cuomo is the one that needs to watch out. : 0


I’m not opposed to her running for Senate. I’d hate to see her lose her House seat if unsuccessful, but I don’t even know if NY has that rule. She’d definitely would be better than either NY Senator today.
However, I likely won’t donate. I’m not rich, and we should have our own campaign to try to remove our DINO Senator out here. So, my money won’'t fly off to the east coast.
So, that was not a crack at her for running for Senate. Just pointing out some of the political reasons behind this story.

Hi HigValley:
I wonder when the families of the covid dead in the GOP—Will they ever reflect on Trump’s lack of leadership and come to the conclusion that Trump LIED about Covid 19 and people died due to Trump’s lies.

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