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Ocasio-Cortez Calls for Probe of Cuomo's Disastrous Handling of Covid-19 Outbreaks in Nursing Homes

LOL… yeah, I’m sure the Bosses said that it was essential that collections continue and that legs be properly broken for non-payment.

But then again, they had connections and money for good health care. And probably have all already been vaccinated.

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Thanks, you make a good point.

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Interesting question. The whole GOP seems to be build these days on telling massive lies to keep their suckers from seeing the truth. To me, that was a lot of the point about all of the racist claims aimed at China. Classic fascism … blame all problems on an internal enemy and an external enemy as a distraction.

It will be interesting to see if it keeps on working. Lincoln did say that it was impossible to fool all of the people all of the time. But he prefaced that by saying that it was possible to fool some of the people all of the time.

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Perfect Lincoln quote for Foxy, Newe: THEY FOOL SOME OF THE PEOPLE ALL THE TIME!

As NY’s AG, Cuomo turned a blind eye to Wall Street’s crashers and that said a lot about who he really is. He may be his father’s son, but he is far from being liberal like his father. He refuses to raise taxes on his rich wall Street friends. He’s definitely a Hillary donkey.


They used to call it the spin zone until trump arrived and took the Fox Hyena’s to the next level of unabashed lying.
And schooled to believe the OTHER news/info programs were the liars, not Fox.
A desperate, Christian based public that couldn’t believe their esteemed heroes like Hannity were not on the level.
If we try hard, it will still take a generation of truth tellers to unwind this circle jerk of liars.

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Ever notice how school districts nationwide have robotics competitions? People like Gates, Musk, and Bezos are big fans. The oligarchs are always looking for the best brains to increase production and replacing humans with AI increases their bottom line.

Makes you wonder how CNN is going to report on this and how many punches won’t be thrown to appease baby brother.

The Cuomo family the last two generations are a perfect analog of the Democrats. The previous generation knew what was right but didn’t fight for it. Then the Republicans won. Then the Democrats didn’t care what was right, just position, and personal fortune. And the “liberal” press became like Fredo, feeding us BS while hiding the facts.


The term ‘bottom line’ will take on a whole new meaning once these oligarchs finally realize that robots, unlike the flesh-and-blood consumers they’ve replaced, have no need to buy anything they’ve produced.

The “news” has indeed confirmed, through physicians’ televised interviews, online and print, the “instructions” to be followed.

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India has identified over 240 new strains of the virus.

South Africa says that AstraZeneca is not effective for their variant, and has given those vaccines to other African countries. It is trying out J&J.

You don’t have to be a Socialist to care. She is doing her real job—she works for the American People-----she is raising money for Tx------that sounds conservative to me------AOC sets a good example of how all Congress people should act----Ted Cruz-----“what can I do???” what a creep. Who votes for these people???


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If true Cuomo should resign------you should not fix numbers??? And not threaten people???-----The political side of this-----a competitor to Kamala -------watch this vp-------she is a power player big time.

In South Texas Rio Grande Valley last summer tiny Starr County had an ethics committee to decide just that. There weren’t enough ICU beds for everyone, so the least likely to survive would be sent home to die. Yes. This happens.

" A Texas hospital has formed an ethics committee to screen all COVID-19 patients for survival potential and send home those with low survival chances, according to Border Report.

Rio Grande City, Texas-based Starr County Memorial Hospital, implemented an ethics committee and a triage committee to review incoming COVID-19 patients, Starr County Health Authority Jose Vazquez, MD, said during a July 21 videoconference call. The committees will determine what type of treatment patients will likely require and whether they are likely to survive. Those deemed too fragile, sick or elderly will be advised to go home. Patients with low recovery chances will be better cared for at home with loved ones rather than dying at a hospital thousands of miles away, Dr. Vazquez said.

“There is nowhere to put these patients. The whole state of Texas and neighboring states have no ICU beds to spare for us,” Dr. Vazquez said. The county of 61,000 residents has recorded 1,573 COVID-19 cases and 16 related deaths with 27 fatality cases pending, according to *Border Report.*Physicians at Starr County Memorial Hospital, the only hospital in the county, have to make these end-of-life decisions because residents aren’t following social distancing guidelines, Starr County Judge Eloy Vera said, adding, “Our backs are to the wall.”

“Unfortunately, Starr County Memorial Hospital has limited resources and our doctors are going to have to decide who receives treatment, and who is sent home to die by their loved ones…”

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Thank you for taking the time to write this.
I will pass this along because very soon we
will be in this sad situation at the rural hospitals.

Wealthy people seem to know what medicine to
ask for when they arrive at the hospital.

In home care need not be death for the elderly,
handicapped, pre-existing conditions. The problem
is not just ICU beds - which is just a money / rationed
business thing. We have had one year to upgrade
ventilation in schools and hospitals. The problem is
not enough physicians because there is not enough
dollars available in the rural counties. We can also
probably do a spread sheet analysis by zip code,

As of last evening, expect this deadly virus to continue
in USA through 2022. If more peoples become infected,
the ‘herd’ comes in to save. After effects are also a big problem.

A new article re: Cuomo giving immunity to nursing home operators amid covid threats especially to seniors.

(Governor Andy Cuomo pushed-for and instituted) “corporate legal immunity provision that gave for-profit nursing homes and hospitals get-out-of-jail-free cards”.

“During the peak of the first (Covid-19) wave, the Greater New York Hospital Association (GNYHA), a lobbying arm of hospitals and nursing home facilities, drafted immunity legislation and sent it to the governor’s office. On 3 April, they bragged in a post on its website”

“the governor and his administration purposefully suppressed this information until very recently, when the New York state attorney general reported an almost 50% underreporting (sic) in nursing home deaths.”

"Was the corporate immunity linked to $1.5m in political contributions (to Cuomo) from lobbyists?" - we must thoroughly investigate why Cuomo gave these for-profit facilities legal immunity, and who influenced him to suppress the nursing home death numbers."

~https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2021/feb/23/andrew-cuomo-new-york-nursing-homes-immunity-covid-deaths - opinion by Ron Kim

Governor AOC, I did not see that coming. “Hey Chuck, I promise not to go after your Senate seat if you back me for Governor.”