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Ocasio-Cortez Calls Out White House Aides Reportedly 'Horrified' by Trump Conduct: 'History Will Judge Them by What They Did. And the Answer Is Nothing'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/10/05/ocasio-cortez-calls-out-white-house-aides-reportedly-horrified-trump-conduct-history


AOC continues to tell the truth in a way few other Dems do.
I always thought it was a crime not to report a crime when one became aware of it.
Anyone working for the orange gangster who isn’t a whistleblower should be charged as a co-conspirator.


“And the answer is nothing” = COMPLICIT AS HELL !!


Not only do these “hoard the wealth” conservatives not give a flying rats ass about how they will be perceived by history, they plan to rewrite that history to make themselves the hero.


"He pestered Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe for help in recommending him for a Nobel Prize,"

That this treasonous bastard is the head of state is bad enough–but does he have to be so gosh?


The failure of those “horrified” to act and live-up to the Constitution and ordinary membership in society - to protect America (and by implication the entire world) from all enemies, both foreign and domestic will, and should, come back to them as being branded complicit to the treasonous violation and destruction of everything America claims to stand-for, but does not.

I thought the other day that if there are any Republicans left (a doubtful proposition) who still respect our founding documents and what they stand-for, they must choose between loyalties. Between the corrupt, malignant and destructive regime and person of donald trump and his coterie of co-conspirators, and our republic and a sustainable, democratic, future.
They must choose between being complicit, and speaking the truth, and that very much includes all Republicans that risk the utter destruction of their political party into the future - honest representation for the people or corrupt extremist pathology. Choose now or forever bear the consequences of supporting a person of zero moral compass or concern for any others beyond his own malignant ego and madness, or supporting a nation that must undergo real political and social change for the survival of all.


Yes. He does have to be gauche. He is a reflection of 21st century Murca.

Murca is gauche. Murca is crass and vulgar. Murca is brutish and violent. These facts are obvious to foreigners. To foreigners, chump is a perfectly predictable manifestation of Ugly America.

For example, a crass and violent Murcan man named Dan Mitrione came to Uruguay in 1970 to teach Uruguayan police how to torture people. He kidnapped homeless people and used them as torture models in the basement of his house in Montevideo. When he was finished demonstrating his torture techniques, he would kill them and throw their bodies out on the street. For many Uruguayans, Mr. Mitrione was/is a typical Murcan.


Thank you for this, you kinda beat me to it and said better than I would have. With one clarification about choice, make the wrong choice and place yourself in legal jeopardy.


Trump is the only the result of the corrupted republican party. It was been decades in the making and most all of them need to go.


The GOP has been an organized crime syndicate disguised as a political party ever since the Newt put his contract on America a quarter century ago.

Trump is simply their current godfather.

Don’t fall for the GOP’s good cop / bad cop, or white hat / black hat theatrics…they are all bad cops wearing black hats.


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez-Zap!! You go, girl!!


It’s been 90+ years. The same breed of cat caused the crash of 29 and this is exactly what FDR fought against.


During the 2016 campaign Trump kept reminded us about how profitable financial crashes are for him…buying foreclosed real estate, etc. He is pushing hard to accelerate the next crash so he can cash in while blaming the crash on the Clintons, Obamas and everybody except him.


Thats odd - something similar was done in Brazil. Then Biden smarmed the documentation to Dilma Rousseff to trigger the perpetrators, still around from the dictatorship and today the majority of the ‘latifundio’(large scale landowners) and allied with linchpins in Operation Car Wash, into full blown overthrow of she and Lula to place Bolsonaro in service to the fascist cabal. For me, that sharpens the profile of the real Biden.


History repeats itself. In Hitler’s Nazi Germany there were plenty of aides complicit with the fascist system all over the place from Berlin to Auschwitz to Bergen-Belsen to Dachau. They evidently didn’t resist. Just being ‘horrified’ isn’t enough. These WH aides have to stop complaining and get active otherwise their complaints are less than credible…


Few of either party fit that description. Dems that have sold out to corporations and the MIC are just as bad, and are largely responsible for DT coming to power in the first place.


Just keep in mind that the major financial institutions supporting the Clinton operations would also benefit, hence the echo chamber jaw flapping of the Mrs. of the former president. Thats pretty much how oligopolies run their machines. Look at the records not at the rhetoric.


Silence is Consent

Seth Meyers Burns Joe Biden’s GOP Optimism

“Trump didn’t change the GOP, he turned them loose,” said the host of NBC’s “Late Night.”


and a corrupted Democratic Party. Corporatism led to trump, and both parties gave long bowed to interest groups rather than the people.


I tend to think of it as issuing a ‘contract [a death operation] on America’.