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Ocasio-Cortez Decries Trump Halt to Federal Funding of Coronavirus Testing as 'Completely Irresponsible' Amid Pandemic

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/04/09/ocasio-cortez-decries-trump-halt-federal-funding-coronavirus-testing-completely

I once again make the offer to be the new head of the CDC. On my first day I will eliminate cancer deaths in the United States. Oh, I won’t cure cancer. I just won’t test for it anymore, and will just simply stop counting the dead.
Problem solved.


The republican party is now openly homicidal. Fuck them all.


. . .
. . and those that are continuing to enable trump and his new form of rallies courtesy faux “press conferences” (yes, I am repeating myself!). This includes evangelical Dr. Birx who fawns over trump like an immature adolescent with a crush.

The “medical team” should be up in arms over this and not allow him to use that platform (press conference) in such a monstrous manner.

Fauci continues to go along with trump as well.
He should be outraged over this and NOT silenced.


To date less than one half of one percent of Murkins have even been tested and many who have are waiting 2 to 3 weeks for results.


I’ll give it to Trump on one count, every day I think he can’t do anything more psychopathic and stupid as previously. Then he promptly exceeds expectations-and he expects to get re-elected??
OK, AOC stop decrying and sponsor a bill funding the testing, that is the job of the House of Representatives get off your butt and organize cosponsors. Even Pelosi should agree to this.
Of course Trump pulls this when Congress is on vacation for 11 more days; so get on the phone and be ready the 20th. Or just cut the recess short and come back.


And Trump, Inc. wants to keep it that way so when more people die at home there will not be any way they can say definitively that it was caused by COVID-19 as he rushes to reopen business as usual.


We could start with calling things by their names – Orangeman and his minions are still actively engaged in multi-front public-health sabotage. God only knows how massive the mass graves will grow, at the hands of these mass murderers.

Meanwhile, even as the pandemic rises like a fire-breathing dragon over Manhattan, M$MBS and that egomaniac NY governor keep pathetically chirping to goose the stock market, skating awful damn close to dangerous “no big deal” assurances. That’s par for the course from demons of the duopoly, but when necrophilic delusional thinking metastasizes into the academy, we’re watching something remarkable.

The academy in question is the (take a deep breath, if you can) Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington School of Medicine. Their modeling has garnered huge notice for accidentally proving what we’ve always known about models: When you put garbage in, you get garbage out. Here’s part of CNN’s breathless (you can’t really blame them, in NY) account (my emphasis):

As of Wednesday, the model predicted the virus will kill 60,000 people in the United States over the next four months. That’s about 33,000 fewer deaths than the model estimated last Thursday.

What the funk? As I’m watching my back-of-the-envelope, pocket-calculator model (pointing to 2.4 million deaths this April) actually fall a day or two behind the accelerating exponential growth rate of reported USA COVID-19 deaths, this big fancy UWash model foresees the impossible, if they mean to imply the virus will kill no more than 60,000 over then next four weeks, let alone months.

They left themselves wiggle-room. Perhaps they can protest "We didn’t say no more than’’ when the death-toll make their forecast ridiculous (and soon!) But going to the trouble of scaling back a forecast which was already absurdly low certainly implied “no more than” to Wall Street.

And that’s the part I wonder about. I wonder if these putative academics are in any way mixed up with the enormous stock-market swings their stupid “studies” inspire. It sure wouldn’t surprise me.

4/9 12PM USA COVID-19 stats
16,246 deaths / 457,101 cases = 3.554% case-fatality,
# / 331,002,651 population = 4.908 deaths per 100,000.

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Who needs concentration camps when we can all die silently at home.


And, hopefully, suicidal.

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The Declaration of Independence states it quite lucidly and clearly. It is past time to recognize that the government of the US is way worse than whatever the fuck we were trying to get away from because the British decided to put a tax on tea. This is real nazi shit now, eugenics and all, only we don’t need an Auschwitz. Every home and apartment is an Auschwitz. You put the question so correctly and succinctly the other day – when we are faced, openly, with a regime that actively seeks our deaths, what are we we to do. The question really answers itself as stated in the Declaration – we throw off the shackles of this maleficent group of traitors and reform our democracy to serve US.


This is a no-brainer, AOC is correct. When considering just the number of cases of COVID19 the US far exceeds all other countries at close to half a million today. The US has tested 2.3 million out of a population of around 330 million. Trump doesn’t like this, at first glance this skews the numbers out of his favor. The reality is, the US has a lower death rate per capita than several other countries (Spain, Italy, France). This is primarily due to the action taken on the state level by mostly democratic governors. Many states with republican governors did not institute/enforce social distancing or stay-at-home orders until late in the game or not at all.


AOC is a voice in the wilderness, as are we all. We have no power to implement the VERY FIRST NECESSITY for containing this virus – mass testing and appropriate isolation. Given the medical and scientific imperatives crying out for testing, Trump has taken the one step that insures that the virus will run rampant through our population and force us to remain isolated in order to save our own lives. I have no choice but to believe that Trump’s choice is deliberate, and, being deliberate, that he is in the process of committing crimes against humanity on his own citizens.


I wonder if they’ll shut down testing in D.C. first?

The District of Columbia was recovering rather well one or two weeks ago. Then the virus got into populations that simply have to work. DC’s new cases for the past five days are up 72% compared to the previous five days’ new cases, and that puts DC at #45 in my turning-the-corner statistic. DC is already the number five contagion spot per capita of the 50 states plus DC. The whole area including #27 Virginia, #12 Maryland, #10 Delaware and #9 Pennsylvania is moving in the wrong direction, toward becoming the new national hot spot as New York and New Jersey are hitting the brakes tolerably well this week. New York’s new infection rate is now only 2.5 times as high as DC’s per capita.

At least they won’t fear what hits them.

If you want to read em and weep, the numbers are at *ttp://quakerworks.net/statecoronavirusstatistics.htm

I’ve been saying this same thing for several days on my statistical web page. I’m glad to see that they finally came around.

I must admit, I really thought trump was merely ignorant but now I think he is intentionally killing Americans with his slow and inane response to covid-19 and his refusal to test all of us. I also think the Wisconsin Republican Party with their suit against delaying the democratic primary in that state was intentionally attempting to murder democratic voters. We can no longer stand for this shit.


Trump and the GOP are always looking for ways to fullfill 19th century robber baron Jay Gould’s dream that “half the working class kill the other half”.


But it appears that we WILL stand for this shit. I don’t see or hear of anyone seriously challenging trump. We will die of cowardice in the end.


Next week the orange plague will say the feds wont be paying your med bill if you get corona, cant afford it , we need $$ for wars and walls. In a few months when people ask wheres that $1200.check ? He will say, you got by this long you can tuff it out. And in Nov. these stupid fools will still vote republican.


You seem to be agreeing with UWash’s implied maximum of 60,000 deaths “over the next four months” (please correct me if I misinterpret your post).

The exponential growth I charted for us on April first (which is turning out to be too slow) has USA exceeding 60,000 deaths next Wednesday, the 15th. So we haven’t long to see whether my pocket-calculator model (perhaps without quite so much input garbage) outperforms the wizards of UWash, who have Wall Street swooning. Place your bets…

I’m just kidding with the braggadocious tone. My real point is that butt-simple projection exposes these alleged scholars as inept fools. I find that provable (soon irrefutable) fact interesting. There’s something fishy about projections as absurdly unlikely as CNN’s commonly-held gloss of their findings.

If I’ve got a prognosis, I want the straight dope from my doctor, Paul, not any gilding the lily. I want to make up my own adult mind based on the best information. I can take it, whatever it is. You seem to play the condescending doctor, who knows better but holds back, considering me too tender to bear the full truth. There’s plenty of lethally hazardous optimism out there already. No need to generate more.

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