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Ocasio-Cortez Demands to Know Why Wilbur Ross is "Violating the Law" to Include Citizenship Question on Census

Ocasio-Cortez Demands to Know Why Wilbur Ross is "Violating the Law" to Include Citizenship Question on Census

Julia Conley, staff writer

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) left Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross flustered on Thursday during a House Oversight Committee as she refused to accept his attempts to meddle with the U.S. census.

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That photo of Ross looks like the Grinch, with a heart two sizes too small. I don’t suppose anything will come of his being caught lying to Congress, any more than lying to Congress kept Boofin’ Barfin’ Brett Kavanaugh off the SCOTUS.


These conservatives lie on their forms, they lie to congress, they lie under oath and no one holds them accountable. Rough questioning, give me a break, these clowns should be held in contempt and jailed until they provide legitimate answers.


It’s about time Congress stopped pandering to the people it calls in for hearings. With AOC firmly in place, it seems a time of reckoning is on the rise. Top officials, of either party or any corporation, Do Not Deserve to be treated gently. It’s long past time for party ‘elites’ to do their jobs!


“Is this person a citizen of the United States?”

I used to think that everyone should answer “no” to this question if it makes it to the census, just to throw a wrench in their plan. Now, maybe that’s not enough. Maybe as many people as possible should bombard ICE with fake anonymous tips along the lines of “there’s a bunch of Mexicans living in the dumpster behind the local Safeway.”


Jimmy Dore & Co. absolutely priceless yesterday! Breaking bad on socialists claiming to be capitalists, criticizing critiques of creepie cronies


“an item that has not been included in the 10-year accounting of U.S. residents since 1950.”

Umm, no…

From 1970 to 2000, the Census Bureau used a long-form and short-form.

Most households received the short-form questionnaire, and about 1 in 6 households received a long-form questionnaire that included a question on citizenship.

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If this question did somehow end up on the census form, I wonder what would happen if the question was just left blank with no answer? Would the entire census form simply be disqualified and no persons listed on the form counted?

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God bless AOC, may she be protected from the wicked. Anyone know if she’s Catholic? Finally, someone we Catholics can be proud of…

…which means 5/6 of Americans were not required to state their citizenship. I do not believe the Constitution requires the census only observe citizens, and if that citizenship question can be demonstrated to result in an undercount, then that question can be construed as unconstitutional.

No a simple resignation when caught violating the law of the land is not good enough. Prison time and a hefty (relating to the net worth of the individual) fine is appropriate.

It probably does not. That’s why everyone is counted whether a citizen or not.
Most Americans are pretty ignorant of immigration issues. So here’s a primer.
The US gets about one million of legal immigrants evey year. They are issued green cards and are considered LPRs (legal permanent residents) with same rights as citizens except they cannot vote.
After 5 years they can apply for citizenship. So doing some simple math we see thay at any point in time ther’s at least 5 million non citizens in the US.
Then there are refugees and,the majority, illegal immigrants (undocummented, whatever the PC term du jour is).

The current hoopla is caused by illegal immigrant right activists and various special interest groups.
Thank you anyway for the intro to constitutional law.

Most people will prolly either answer yes or no. The blanks will be discarded and a statistical method used to determine the totals. Just like it was in all previous censuses when only about 18% of the population received the long census form which included that question.

He actually came out and said “I would rather vote for the despicable Human being that Trump is then vote for a Socialist like sanders” . This a 250 million dollar guy speaking on behalf of the working class. Incredible clip and I encourage all to watch it.

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Trump aside, Ross is the poster boy for the $ociopathic fraud being visited upon our country.

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W-iiillll-burrr, if you stop lying to congress and the rest of America, I’ll eat all my hay, and stop making long distance calls.

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AOC is:

  1. productive
  2. energetic
  3. very good at getting the spotlight
  4. excellent on stage
  5. commits few serious errors
  6. is very quick-thinking.

May there be more like her.