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Ocasio-Cortez Dismisses Centrist Attempts to Blame Left for Dem Losses, Calling on Party to Listen to Progressive Demands

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/06/ocasio-cortez-dismisses-centrist-attempts-blame-left-dem-losses-calling-party-listen


AOC should be speaker of the House.
Bernie should be Senate Minority Leader.
Updated FDR New Deal policies and programs should be the platform of every Democratic politician and candidate.
The Dems should smash the GOP in the face with progressive program such as national health care and a training/free college/infrastructure jobs program.
Then the GOP would never win anything again.


OAS delivers magical words to her critics, smooth, pure joy and truth.


If the Democratic Party were a basketball team they would lose to the Washington Generals every time and blame the refs.


“The embrace of progressive policies led to lackluster election results for the party.”
Hardly! It was the failure to embrace progressive policies which prevented real democratic headway. That’s clear all the way to
Western Canada, for heaven’s sake!


When the milquetoast pushes of the Democratic Party try to replace issues with social events fail, it’s time to blame the Progressives?

I want more than “pictures of Joe eating ice cream and wearing aviators” as the Biden website promised. In contrast, Bernie Sanders was gathering experts and local people to talk about issues from the Green New Deal to Healthcare to Income Inequality.

The whole kit and kaboodle of mainstream Democrats need to be replaced – maybe why one of my organizations of choice after 2016 was Brand New Congress.


Completely agreed! AOC should become our House speaker. She really gets the issues, communicates them very effectively, and motivates the people around her, and not just her immediate constituents. Brilliant speaker and super intelligent, just the prescription for the ailing (and losing) Dem. Party. We desperately need more leaders like AOC to help save our republic. Dr. and professor Richard Wolff, progressive economist, also said it well by correctly pointing out the Centrist Dem.'s self-defeating trap they’ve construct for themselves; and that is, how can Centrist Dems. claim to represent the working class when they go hat-in-hand for cash from the same corporate overloads responsible for repressing the working class! Faustian bargain that is not working out too well for the Centrists…


Don’t dismiss it, embrace it, be proud of it and promise to tank all future elections, raze the Democratic party to ashes and bury it in a remote landfill unless they adopt a progressive platform. Bowing and scraping to these cretins and destroyer of worlds is weak and embarrassing.


Time to oust the elitist phony Pelosi, a do-nothing self serving impediment to unleashing the potential of the progressive agenda. And for what? For her own ego gratification, that’s what. No leader would work to stifle the future of their cause like Pelosi has so worked. What will it take to be rid of her ilk? Whatever it takes, that’s what. Her ego is as grandiose as trump’s, yet more insidious in its venality. Get lost and take the rest of the old ugly warthogs with you. Katy from San Diego for speaker. She’d rip those treasonous republicans a new asshole like they’d never felt it coming.


Alexandria is so politically astute, so long as centrist Dems and the GOP openly collaborate to continue their knee-jerk persecution of progressives and progressive issues, wall street and oligarchs will laugh all the way to the bank and neo-liberalism will reign. This is the reality and the reality of the election; Dems and GOP are partners in the neo-liberal order and will attack progressives and their issues non-stop. But now the wakeup call is upon us all, the virus is destroying economies world-wide, debt is soaring and there is nowhere for working people to hide. It is so disturbing that half the electorate is denying the economic crisis, let alone the climate crisis and the pandemic. Bernays and the Nazis combined to take propaganda to another level in WWII. Now see what the ‘art’ of propaganda has done in our homeland, produced half an electorate that denies climate, economic collapse and the virus as more people die of COVID. Business as usual taught in schools of business now includes lies, deception, theft, murder, a cult of the entrepreneur and greed galore that are destroying the planet; a la, companies like Exon and BP who have known for 50 years that their emissions and plastics are destroying us all - terminal denial.


Her critics already have half of the votes in the U.S.
Any number of things can be fought over, but should republicans be offered any quarter?

The democrats have been having lackluster elections for almost three decades now – ever since the neoliberal wing of the party took firm control. They have always found scapegoats to blame and never take any responsibility.

With 80% of democrats polling in support of Medicare for All, the radical right wingers refused to listen and wouldn’t even put the issue on their platform. Now they whine because they couldn’t bring out their base. The GOP never fails to bring out their base but they never pander to the democrat base.

Unlike the GOP who never fail to bring out their base, the democrats held a GOP convention to pander to the GOP base. Not surprisingly, the GOP base did what it always does and a good portion of the democrat base apparently stayed home again. Yet, once again the radical right wing of the party blames progressives (the Party’s base) for not being like the GOP.

What a lot these radical right winger democrats are!!!


Why are these people surprised that the Democratic Party will now turn around and take a massive dump on them? They were conned by the lesser evil non strategy, yet again.


I suppose it’s nice AOC attempts something, and she does speak well, but it’s optimistic to call a proposal a demand when you endorse people who oppose it.

We’re eight to a dozen years out from even holding ground in the electoral system. We ought to be building accordingly or moving to something else.


Nancy/Lucy pulls the ball away every time. And every time she blames Charlie Brown for landing flat on his back with a grimace.



It’s really time for a serious civil war in the Democratic Party, with no holds barred. Bernie and the squad need to be much more direct in their criticism. Take it to their side of the court.


If the Biden regime repeats the 8 years of Obama/Biden sellouts you can safely bet your last nickle that the Trumps will move back into the White House on January 20, 2025.


But wait! There’s more!

FDR’s Second Bill of Rights:


Bernie and the squad will need a lot of allies to seriously engage in civil war with the centrists. I think there are more progressive-minded pols in the Democratic Party, they just fear coming out, just as moderate Republicans feared coming out against Trump. AOC could take on the role of a house progressive whip, strongly urging the silent Dem progressives to get on the train. Or else.


Democrats, if you’re really serious about staying in power, you’ll listen to her. She’s exactly right about everything addressed here, especially the necessity of year-round canvassing. Only thing I’d add: the phrase “Defund the Police” has gotta go. No matter how much you try to educate people about what it really means, the label itself is misleading and sends a completely wrong message. With that label, the issue will never go anywhere in this country.