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Ocasio-Cortez Hits Back After Right-Wingers Drop Big Cash on 'Wack' Times Square Billboard Blaming Her for Amazon Taking Its Ball and Going Home

Ocasio-Cortez Hits Back After Right-Wingers Drop Big Cash on 'Wack' Times Square Billboard Blaming Her for Amazon Taking Its Ball and Going Home

Jon Queally, staff writer

After a right-wing lobby group unveiled a billboard in New York City's Time Square on Wednesday blaming Rep.

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From AOC’s Twitter post:

‘Billionaires paying to put up anti-progressive propaganda in Times Square is like the obscenely rich version of the scene where Michael Scott points to the Bubba Gump and saying “This is it, this is the heart of civilization, right here.”’

Please Alexandria note that you are being used to vilify socialism on a national level. You have been targeted because you are very visible and very memorable (especially to the incel crowd–Matt Gaetz, anyone). Take this in stride and keep your dignity and pride in tact. Don’t swing at their every errant pitch. Ignoring them will drive them crazy and they will step all over themselves trying to get “creative”. The high road for you, in my humble opinion, is discretion. Let them keep revealing themselves as the bed-wetting scaredy cats that they are. They are beneath you. Please stay true to your instincts which seem to be to focus on society, as any good socialist would.


Socialism gives back; capitalism takes and keeps its profits from you.
One important piece of information that billboard intentionally neglected to include: Those 25,000 jobs were 25,000 $8/hr jobs. And people are expected to be able to live in one of the most expensive cities to live in on those wages? Yeah New Yorkers have no use for that.

WiseOwl, My apologies, I didn’t mean for this post to be a reply to yours.


Now it is plain to see why corporations are people and $ is free speech.


No problem for Amazon to find some other public prostitutes in another state. There is an endless stream of freebies from state and local tax coffers (debt). In my improvised southern state in an improvised county that can not afford to maintain its roads … along came Goggle. Oh what ecstasy, giddy with joy … Goggle is going to build a ‘plant’ in our county! We have arrived in the digital age. There is going to be hundreds of high paying jobs and all we have to do is pay for it, suspend any taxes till Jesus comes back and provide free water… for a Server Facility to house the Cloud where all that personal information, gathered by the police security state, will reside. A few maintenance jobs will be created to keep the water running. Some people are just slow learners. Now the county has donated four hundred acres of land to build a solar power system to power part or all of the facility. The solar system cost will be subsidized by tax payers. Don’t you just love FREE enterprise American Style?


Right, the “job creators”, there’s a real republicon/“conservative” crock of shite! - " The vast majority of the rich in this country did not inherit their wealth; they earned it. They are the country’s achievers, producers, and job creators." _ quote from that great humanitarian Rush Limbaugh - trump has used that BS blather lie as well!

AOC fights for the people, trump and his ilk steal from the people to serve their crony 1%

“Job creators” is a right-wing euphemism for the super rich who promote vulture capitalism and monopoly everywhere and corrupt government and legislation to their own greed-driven purposes…they hit the jackpot with the trump regime and its malignant head! Small business are the job creators, not the uber-wealthy and their “trickle-down” economics. They piss down our backs and tell us its raining as they evade taxation but demand billions to move operations to some locale, playing us against each other! Screw the MoFo "job creators! We could use a new CCC, not their brand of usury and piracy selling Chinese cheap crap after moving production out of America!!

. Amazon over the past two years paid ZERO federal taxes - on profits of $11.2 Billion last year alone! No wonder Bezos is so fuckin rich! They really needed the behind closed doors “negotiations” with Cuomo, et al to move here?? Amazon refused to respond to questions about how their operations would affect rents, traffic, and much else _ THAT’s why they took their marbles and went home to screw someone else!

Those super-rich aren’t “job creators”, they are wage-slave perpetrators and robber-barons, parasites on the republic and people!


We will constantly be attacked about “jobs” and “job killing regulations.” The oligarchs and their henchmen hate it when people disallow their economic rule with low paying “jobs”. “Jobs” without unions. “Jobs” without power.
Corporations providing the “jobs” that offshore their wealth, and employment too, pay less % taxes than the poor, and control politics thereby undermining democracy; these are the “jobs” guys. Driving up real estate prices with their big $$$, workers can’t find decent places to live. Corporations insist the top percenters are entitled to the bulk of the wealth and workers should be happy with a small piece of the pie. _

They are very mad that we are being bad saying these silly things._

According to the “jobs” giants, we should just comply and shut up, because we are really annoying. And boy oh boy, are we ridiculous, expecting a living wage, a home, food to eat, clothing, medical and dental care, after working 40 or more hours a week.


1 - Alexandria “Sandy” (I like the nickname) is absolutely right, and as usual made a concise and well-aimed shot in reply, although, as WiseOwl suggested,she doesn’t need to swing at every errant pitch. She has a strong moral and experiential core she comes from (a source of stability) rather than a set of calculated points and counterpoints (which change as the wind blows and keeps you looking for your balance).
2 - I’ve never seen “The Office” so I really don’t get the reference from memory but I do get the reference from inference.
3 - try not to patronize those who are not from NYC when noting something only non-NYC residents would visit and bask in as representative of the city, “For the unitiated(sic), the joke is that only out-of-town tourists spend any time in the city’s Times Square.” There are a lot of “uninitiated” to any area who see “the spots” which the locals often don’t bother with or don’t really see for years. Not seeing them doesn’t mean you are cool, it just means you don’t spend any time there, for any number of reasons, including because you are new but want to seem seasoned. If someone comes from out of town and looks at those tourist spots they are often seeing parts of their area which are informative and interesting.
That said, I am a big fan of food stands, whether in NYC or Mexico City or anywhere else. Often good food at low cost and, especially Mexico City, as good as or better than in many restaurants back home in the USA.
I’m also a fan of just walking, which is something cities are so good for, the bigger the better. NYC is one of the best walking cities for me. Life seems to be just about everywhere you walk. By contrast, home seemed a people desert, or seemed so until I went to a smaller town where walking really is a people desert.
4 - To get back to the point. Whether it is Amazon, the Olympics, sports teams looking for stadiums or any number of other corporate blackmailers looking for tax breaks these deals usually result in tremendous losses for the local municipalities. Often they are used to prop up money-losing big ventures while the local small businesses move, go out of business or strangle in the face of traffic blocking real customers from shopping. For those where the program is limited to a certain number of years of tax breaks, while they “get on their feet” come to the point where they start paying full taxes, those firms move somewhere else, having already ruined all the steady small businesses in the area.


Oh yeah, on “job killing regulations” - remember that the regulations the average person wants, are regulations that protect from the ravages of corporate/industrial activities.
If those regulations are job killing, then let the destructive jobs go and create jobs that develop well being for people and the planet. Their extremist, economic ranting is all part of the denialist and deceptive messaging of a capitalism that is anti social, anti equality and anti democracy. Divide and conquer - yes, let’s divide and conquer the corporate-industrial complex! Their anger is the anger of kings and their divine right to rule.


Yup, more peasant positions. More vassal positions.
More galley-slave positions. It’s good to row.
“It’s good to be king.”


Unfortunately, if the violent histories of left-challenges to the entrenched oligarchies of countries like Chile, Argentina, or Colombia are any example, then it won’t be very long before we need to be prepared to face much uglier reactions from the oligarchs than just billboards and angry rhetoric.


Amazon claimed that all the 25K jobs would be “professional” occupations making “at least $150K/year”. I’ll leave it to you whether to believe them or not.


True - but they did not promise the jobs would go to New Yorkers. Just as likely a scenario … Bringing in higher paid current Amazon employees from elsewhere to run the show while hiring New Yorkers for lower paid positions - with those lower paid employees unable to afford the rents as they are driven ever higher.


I understand what you are saying, but the reality is those are still jobs voters often want. In my city, we made a deal for a basketball arena I was adamantly against. There’s no bigger multi-millionaire subsidy than a publicly supported sports complex and the numbers made that absolutely clear in this case. The city council was divided as a result and, ultimately, it went to a public vote. The reality: my side lost by a fair margin. I wish I could say it was because the other side had more money, but the issue was widely covered with frontpagers in the local paper on the complex’s funding challenges. The jobs offered were mainly janitorial and security oriented, event dependent of course.

This, sadly, has been the case in other venues as well.


Can these Right wing slime be anymore dispicable.
They are terrified of a tiny woman with a huge heart and mind that refuses to be bullied by cowards.
AOC and others of compassion and wisdom will be the demise of these fools.


I’m adamantly anti-Amazon but I need to correct your assertion about their pay scale.

They start their lowest paid employees at a little over $11/hour, and they claim that this will soon rise to $15/hour, which Bernie pressured them into. Of course, by New York City standards, that’s peanuts.

The reality is, you’d have a hard time finding New Yorkers who would take an $8/hour job.

As for the Job Creators Network, why are they cheerleading for New York instead of other worthy cities who might be a better fit for an Amazon HQ?

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Just an FYI: The minimum wage in NYC for a company with more than 11 employees is $15/hour.

Salaried employees at Amazon currently average just under $100k/year. That average of $150k/year Amazon is claiming it would have paid in New York is hard to swallow – the additional $50k per 25,000 employees would cost Amazon $1.25 billion extra in New York.

I know I was inaccurate but I knew the jobs weren’t more than $15/hr.
So, I low balled the number. Let’s let Jeff Bezos correct me. That’ll be fun.
Nonetheless, $15/hr in NYC is still poverty IMO.


We certainly agree that $15/hour in NYC is absurdly low.

Which is why I wish the d-party leadership and unions had fought for more than that figure instead of patting themselves on the back for locking in poverty-level wages. And it’s also why Bernie and others are aiming too low with a national minimum of $15/hour. I hate to tell him, but in most of the country, that isn’t a living wage.


Queally sez:
“… a right-wing lobby group unveiled a billboard in New York City’s Time Square on Wednesday blaming Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez alone for the decision by retail and technology giant Amazon to ‘take its ball and go home’ …”

If the woman actually had the power to single-handedly evict the Amazon moneychangers from the temple, I’d be lining up tomorrow to pound the pavement for the AOC2028 campaign.