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Ocasio-Cortez Hits Back at Liz Cheney: 'What Do You Call Building Mass Camps of People Being Detained Without Trial?'

So according to Cheney, these detention centers are Not Death Camps? Maybe she’s confused as no Gas Chambers have been put in there yet? Put her in there and let’s see if she will retract her definition.

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Pelosi knows exactly what she’s doing, while Cortez still has much to learn…

Dems remain in hiding and hate to be in the Spotlight because it may reveal something about their… Skeletons in their closets…wearing MAGA HATS.

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Exactly what the 1% want?


AOC will get her chance after Pelosi is smothered to death by her illness… having too much stolen money.

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Isn’t she one of them already?


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Not my Generation…I’m a Senior and did my part helping end the ‘Nam War. Pin what’s Not being done today on someone else’s Gen…


They are both a little fuzzy. Cheney uses the most extreme example she can think of and AOC uses “civilian” as the broadest possible example. The use of, by definition, concentration camps to separate one group from another fails to mention that every other country uses some form of this for undocumented immigration. Australia uses an off shore island. (and they don’t have thousands of willing participants every month)

Fascist, racist, nazi - someone who disagrees with my views
concentration camp - a place we keep people without trial

Pretty soon we’ll more or less trivialize everything.

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And, in L.A. in California, home to over a million undocumented immigrants, the homeless population increased from 50,000 to 60,000. So, yeah, we need a better plan when it comes to alternatives.

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Does this “Liz Cheney” have anything to do with W’s VIP Dick Cheney, the architect of 911? Just wonderin

Yeah, pretty much the same:

"The men began their work at sunrise, and except for a half-hour break at noon, when the prisoners were fed cabbage and turnip soup, they worked until 6 p.m. For dinner, the men were given an ounce of moldy bread made from “ersatz flour and sawdust.”

" Those who died had been dumped, with another approximately 105,000 bodies, into shallow trenches around Birkenau. As they decomposed the earth rose like a yeasty mixture of dough and bubbled up nauseating gases, which spread for miles.”

Here’s some debunking of AOC’s bartender history knowledge:


That kind of crap is expected from a former bartender but most of you are educated people.

Learn what, how to lie cheat and do it all over again everyday to ensure your millionaire dream goals are met before leaving congress?

Go watch VIP the Cheney’s genetic makeup, she has got it from both parents especially her daddy the most cold blooded mass killer in human history. BTW, i knew the culprits of 911 way before the movie VIP was made.

She is his daughter. Quite a record for spreading her brand in foreign based free trade zones.

Edit: I didn’t see your posts I see now it was rhetorical.

What a bitch. The daughter of Satan.

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While the national socialists were putting Jews in camps, the USA was putting their Japanese citizens into the same. Now the national socialists in the USA are forcing brown people into concentration camps with seeming impunity and little push back from Democratic leadership. Seems AOC, much like Ilhan Omar, tossed Mr. Hanky into the Republicrat racist punch bowl and the snowflakes can’t take it.

Let’s also not forget that more than 11 million non-Jews were sent to camps with 5 million dying. Romani (1.5 million died-the second largest group), homosexuals, twins (one twin was the control and the other the experiment), the mentally ill (very subjective), non-christians, actual criminals, prostitutes, plus millions of Poles and Ukrainians. So what happens when the US government starts to expand the list of those who should be locked in cages or sent to tent “cities” for “national security”? They already use prisons as free labor for rich capitalists so what is to stop them from expanding the same economic model?


So your “centrist” position condones the atrocities occurring? I think you are closer to Stephen Miller than you would admit. Just a hunch.

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Where did you get centrist? Where did you get condone? WTF are you talking about?