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Ocasio-Cortez Holds 'Biggest Get Out the Vote Rally of 2020' as Nearly Half a Million People Watch Gaming Stream

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/21/ocasio-cortez-holds-biggest-get-out-vote-rally-2020-nearly-half-million-people-watch

Dear AOC: Your own party has more than once told you they care less for you than for the former Republican governor of Ohio, who is now being vetted for a position in a potential Biden administration.

Does this bother you? Have you had time to think much about it? Is there a reason you are shilling for Joe, one that jibes with your being leashed to Nancy “don’t call me Nancy” Pelosi and other party conservatives who repeatedly trashed you and threw you under the bus long before Joe was nominated?


Nice to see AOC do this type of event. This type of connection to people that gets out the youth vote is what will be needed for progressives to beat corporate Democrats in the 2022 primaries.


Keep it up and you will change everything.
Keep on them gamers to go out because they will forget.
Remind them every day.

Gaming is a time sink to relieve all the anguish of life in the real world.
Help us AOC, this is your quest!
Be the hero! Save the world!


Yes, the same reason that Bernie was a shill for Hillary and Joe.


How sweet
Trumping for what’s left of the burning world

Yeah good idea, let’s talk about being dissed,
It’s so important

Personally there are plenty of things to work on TOGETHER

But it’s obvious you’re worried about feelings so that is REALLY critical

Sure let’s go waste time there, I mean like there’s nothing else to do

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Do you think she’s stupid? There’s a couple of possibilities here. She’s looking to the immediate dilemma - catastrophe in all spheres or biding time.
She knows the difference between the creative possibilities inherent in responding to Reality v. reacting to Reality. The latter is the difference between choosing a course of action (involving rationality and feelings) and reacting - reflexively and emotionally. Which in your lights would fall in the geography of wisdom?


Get out and vote for the Biden Crime Family.

Thanks dpearl, that is what is presently all about isn’t it. The whys and wherefores are not as important as “Do It.”

Right now we have cure the disease (trump), and practice a wellness regime after. Will we take the right medicines to make us healthy again? Time will tell.


Disclaimer: i don’t live in AOC’s congressional district; far from it, in fact.

Regardless, i am getting anti-AOC, pro-Cummings propaganda sent to me by the GOP: they’re that desperate to silence her ASAP.

I’ve never gotten any notification from the GOP entreating me to “help defeat Pelosi,” im just sayin’🤷

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AOC is the greatest. Always smiling, upbeat, responding to criticism with intelligence and humor. Shaping the future with new ideas.

What a contrast to the Orange Sloth and his followers who pretend to have a better health plan but never get around to explaining it because: twitter; golf; hamburger and chocolate cake. The most dangerous man in the world must go for the sake of the country and world. Global warming and the US nuclear arms buildup may end civilization as we know it. Pick any topic, the orange sloth will claim to be an expert in it while failing miserably, whether the Covid-19 pandemic, North Korea,China trade deficits and the national debt, food stamps or simple record keeping for parents and their children… The GOP plan is alway to fail and then blame all our troubles on the gubmen, all the while pilfering what they can.

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