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Ocasio-Cortez: 'I Was Sent to Here to Safeguard and Protect People,' Not the Profits of Private Equity

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/19/ocasio-cortez-i-was-sent-here-safeguard-and-protect-people-not-profits-private



The $100+ Trillion that is needed to fix our planet from the ‘negative externality costs’ of dirty and phony profits that the UNHWI and the ‘Ruling Elite’ EMPIRE; stole, looted, hoarded, monopolized, and ‘took out of productive use’ will have to be ‘clawed-back’ from the 0.1% who stole it — and because of the scale of this two century looting, this is the only method to rectify the looting of our world with ‘WEALTH REFORM’ after our fast coming Second American people’s peaceful and complete “Political/economic & social Revolution Against EMPIRE”.

How things will work when ‘democracy-thinking’ rather than “Empire-scheming” controls the US government:

OK, here’s what it involves and here’s also why it is essential to grasp the authority of the US government back from the EMPIRE to the People, and to get this (and many other corrections in the system done quickly):

  1. The people of the US have to use their thin and fleeting ‘voting rights’ to grasp the power of their Government away from the Disguised Global Empire and its two Vichy facade parties, the ‘R’ Vichy party and the ‘D’ Vichy party — both of which are exactly the same and BOTH of which only represent the EMPIRE and never represent ‘the people’.

Of course the only way to accomplish this non-violently is for the Green Party to overtly and loudly promote its true and unique platform to being the only Pro-democracy Anti-Empire Party — and also focus the attention of growing public disgust with both lying Vichy parties as totally corrupted and bribed by the wealthy (the "Economic Royalists) of the Empire — and campaign the Greeen Party as the only ‘party of the people’ that takes NO corporate, banking, media, extra-legal, or wealthy campaign funding bribe money! (let’s say any donations over $50).

  1. IF, just IF, the American people are pissed-off enough, awake enough, and bright enough to know that they, their children, their country, and their world is getting totally fucked more each year by BOTH of the lying, spying, illegal, war-mongering, looting, and environment killing Vichy ‘R’ and Vichy ‘D’ Parties that ‘front’ for the EMPIRE — which are both the same f*cking thing with different names — then the people will have their last chance to confront, expel, and surgically ‘excise’ this cancer of EMPIRE from our land, our country, and our body politic.

  2. Once this sole possible survival path is taken and the actual people as citizens of the US expunge the EMPIRE and have thus won the right to actually run the government, then the Green party ‘Shadow Government’ of highly capable and honest experts in international relations, foreign policy, fair economics, health care, administration, justice, education, and all other government functions will take-over the posts previously abused by the EMPIRE’s previous pawns, pimps, privatizing pricks, and crooks will actually start doing what the public wants (which is almost always exactly opposite what the EMPIRE wants) and the government will actually start to properly operate in a balanced and cost efficient manner all the functions that were previously perverted to the interests of the Empire and wasted massive amounts of tax-payer money to pay-back the EMPIRE’s corporate, financial, militarist, media/propaganda. extra-legal, and political bribing favors that the ‘R’ Vichy and ‘D’ Vichy crooks owed to the EMPIRE for the billions in campaign bribes that it took to get these non-representative crooks and con-men elected in the past.

  3. With an honest and true representative government ‘of the people’ in office, then all of the powers of the very powerful US government will directly be ceded to ‘the people’ and be available for such much over-needed functions as; using the highly developed NSA intelligence gathering powers to work for the people by identifying all of the wealthy pricks, ex-CEOs, Hedge Fund Whores, Private Equity Pirates, and other corporate and banking ‘Empire-thinking’ arrogant crooks who have nearly bled our country dry – and then use the very powerful global reach of the Treasury Department to ‘claw-back’ from these crooks’ Caribbean shell companies, and Swiss bank accounts, and various tax loop-hole dens of inequity all the hundreds of BILLIONS that these pricks have already scammed and stolen from OUR country. And the best part of ‘the people’ actually controlling the levers of legal power in the US superpower is that if the looting bastards resist the painless Treasury’s efforts to ‘CLAW-BACK’ the Billions that the Disguised Global Empire and its sociopathic pricks have stolen from ‘we the American voters’ there is always the superbly equipped and quite expensive US Global military organization that can be employed by the newly empowered “American people” directly in charge of their own government for the first time to (in the words of AT&T) “reach out and touch someone” — by making life as dangerous and painful for the elitist looters and liars as the Empire has made it for us for the last half century!!!

  4. And finally, to the specific question of how a fairness policy of “Capital Reform” would be implemented — the ill gotten gains of the Empire’s previously immune and ‘above the law’
    “Masters of the Universe” would find that their stolen loot just magically ‘disappeared’ one morning, just like all our ‘privacy’ and email, and texting, and web-searching just disappeared when the f*cking EMPIRE controlled the NSA.

I know it sounds like a dream world of real liberty democracy, equality, and justice to us now — but as Lennon said “Imagine” if the world was peaceful, and free of EMPIRE — we can do it if we organize and try!

However, it will not be long before the EMPIRE takes away even the currently useless ‘right to vote’ — which is only wasted today by voting for either one of the EMPIRE’s DUAL-Vichy parties!

Best to all the true 99% of Americans in the fast expanding ‘Pro-democracy Anti-Empire’ educational and non-violent revolutionary movement (and Green Party) against this deceitful and Disguised Global EMPIRE, which is “Occupying” our country and yet can’t so easily be identified as wearing Red Coats, Red Stars, nor funny looking Nazi helmets ---- quite YET!

Liberty, democracy, justice, and equality
Violent (‘Vichy’ disguised)

Alan MacDonald
Sanford, Maine

We don’t merely have a “Big Money”/Citizens United problem, or a domestic tyranny and NSA SPYING problem, or an NDAA Secret Detention problem, or a corrupt unSupreme Court problem, or a gun/fear problem, or an MIC problem, or an ‘Austerity’ problem, or an EXPANDING WARS problem, or a ‘drone assassinations’ problem, or a vast income & wealth inequality problem, or a Wall Street ‘looting’ problem, or a Global Warming and environmental death-spiral problem, or the world’s largest political prisoner problem, or a crappy un-healthy insurance problem, or shitty over-priced and exclusive educational access problem, or, or, or … ad nauseam — but what we REALLY have is a hidden VEMPIRE cancerous tumor of GLOBAL EMPIRE which is the prime CAUSE of all these underlying, related, and mere ‘symptom problems’ ---- but not even the most progressive voices in the alternative media agree or raise a United Voice against this dangerous EMPIRE.

BTW, the above article is over half a decade old, and I would only add this one current comment about cowardly and anti-Revolutionary Obama’s gutless quote from last Friday to torpedo Bernie, AOC, and even the less Revolutionary Warren:

Despite what the lip-spital and gutless ex-president Obama says — this is the REVOLUTION, and it’s “OUR REVOLUTION” — “Yes, boomer, Obama” it’s out of your grasp, out of your control, and you’re out of your effin mind if you think we’re going to stop this REVOLUTION AGAINST EMPIRE!


This is from a couple of years ago, but it will give you an Idea of who is in control of the ‘Democrat’ Party


Love you Cortez. Sorry you have to be alone out there with no allies on either side of the isle, save three or four. You have millions of allies out here.


There’s a big education job ahead’o us. Ponder the Evo dropouts and the Zelinsky dropouts.

Re Zelinsky https://consortiumnews.com/2019/11/19/in-ukraine-volodymyr-zelenskiy-must-tread-carefully-or-may-end-up-facing-another-maidan-uprising/

You could also call the empire DCPOSID…disaster capitalism preying on self inflicted disasters.

Could you check the DiEM25 approach, come back with a summary, and compare it to yours? I punch in at 6 AM.

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It’s really too damn bad Congresspeople such as AOC and co haven’t been there over the years as workers were left with nothing as jobs were sent overseas or assets were bought, gutted, and sold off leaving workers with nothing but memories. Neo-liberal policies have destroyed any semblance of a decent society. The wealthy CEO’s and owners of businesses are enriched at the expense of the average American. We don’t have representation in Congress unless we live in the few progressive districts where the Reps actually care about their constituents, instead of the capitalists. What we have here is what unregulated capitalism produces. A few very wealthy and lots of working poor, if that. It’s truly staggering the number of empty plants that once supported a thriving, small-town USA.


As much as I hate violence I’m fearful that may be the result of folks getting fed up with being screwed over the many years they’ve been working to overturn all the New Deal policies from FDR. Inaction politically equals aggressive action from the masses. Shut down the power grid for Wall Street for a few weeks and they might just listen a little. A little anarchy goes a long way.


Well, I get the feeling some have all this upbeat anticipation for the GND. And that some conservatives are thinking it’ll be like LBJ years, and they’ll just pass through’em hold’n their noses…but coming out OK.

Neither attitude to me can be justified much. Yes the GND gives hope. But really there are two very different currents meeting up. Glad to see AOC is right where the rubber meets the road. Maybe it’s like a drag race. Some time will be lost until all the outter warmer rubber goes up in smoke…til it’s worn away.

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Sorry, no, anarchy does not go anywhere. Stuff like that feels good, but in modern times, ruling classes actually promote it as it divides and provides a pretext to break movements. What we need is working class political power, and that train is getting up a head of steam.


Bingo, AOC.

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Early on I had my doubts about her. She has proven otherwise. I wish there was a majority of AOCs in Congress.



“Here’s the bottom line: private equity firms are putting millions of workers at risk by loading up companies with debt, stripping assets, and collecting huge fees,” she tweeted. "If the bets go bad, they walk away. I’ll keep fighting to #StopWallStreetLooting and hold private equity accountable.


Like Robo calls, this industry - Private Equity/Hedge Funds – has been allowed to
continue on despite the reality that it is a scam and threatens any company with assets.


AOC is a gem – and thanks also to Maxine Waters!

Banks and financial institutions have the ability to manipulate our economies –
put $1,000 in a bank and see what you get in interest –
put $1,000 on your MasterCard and see what you get charged in interest –

These are middlemen who “manage” the economies that citizens create.


Agree with a great deal of what you posted Alan. But cannot stomach one party rule by anyone including the Greens. All it takes is one psycho leader and we are back to square one…

Two decades ago when Enron was Wall Street’s darling I read an article in the Wall Street Journal about Enron’s plan to buy up water rights in the US and abroad after they were done manipulating the electrical power markets.

Enron’s subsequent crash only delayed those plans as Enron operatives scattered in every direction. Today private equity operatives are buying up water rights around the US and abroad so they can manipulate water markets. The Seattle Times recently exposed examples of this trend in Washington state.




Love it! Took me a few seconds to figure out 8645. And AOC indeed turns 35 in October 2024.

On a recent trip to California I saw a woman wearing an 8645 T-shirt.

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While we are all enjoying the impeachment hearings I think it is worth taking a moment to ponder what it would be like if democrats had not taken the house in the 2018 election.
How much more graft and corruption would we be suffering at the hands of the trump administration?

Which brings us to the question of where we end up if trump is reelected?
Ain’t we got fun then.

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See, this is why I love Warren: Bernie’s letter is polite and soft and confusing as to what is the problem. Liz, in a few words, hits them right between the eyes, explains the problem and raises the ire of the reader. She’s a better fighter than he is.

Private equity is the ultimate ‘can’t lose’ proposition for rich people who join and fund these companies. Since they use personal equity to secure the loans to buy a company and immediately transfer their personal liability onto the company, they lose no money. They then pay themselves huge consulting fees to purchase the company also paid by the company. Then they strip the company and pay themselves from the profits they gain. If the company sputters and fails they sell of the company or its assets and make more and more for themselves. So whether the company succeeds or fails does not ultimately matter to them. They get rich either way.

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