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Ocasio-Cortez: 'I Was Sent to Here to Safeguard and Protect People,' Not the Profits of Private Equity

Finally, a Congress person who doesn’t think it is the duty of the government to ensure the profitability of corporations.

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Re #4 I think dreaming of sending drones to listen to absconders (or just using Xkeyscore) sort of emphasizes too much that they have something that will help us. All they have is a bunch of zeros and ones on the right hard drives [I have no problem with giving the zeros & ones back to the folks they stole’em from, though, if it’s not too complicated a process]. As they used to say, it’s value on paper, the paper economy, etc. Well, if we were to get Treasury (instead of Fed) to create some money (type it in), it can’t be for something that won’t employ and that won’t create value objects (F-35s don’t meet this criteria). The created object/technology must end up with a value more than 1 X the money created ex nihilo. I say we create our objects that are worth a great deal in terms of utility and monetary value. Dwarf their zeros and ones. That’s my idea of a Green New Deal. I would do another version of your conversion. Convert all the computing power (or dedicate most of it) to the task of determining who can work for what sustainable industry where. Of course, this is super-planning, and conservatives right now would scream about such an idea. And, yes, Merf’s criticism would apply. Your idea of replacing quislings all down the line would have to become pretty much a reality in terms of the tech giants…big order. But look where we are with Bolivia. The only lever you’ve got is Medea Benjamin asking Michelle Bachelet (UN) to come on down to said country and see for herself. Conversion digital wise would also have an interesting feature when informed leaders took the helm–you could trust them with backdoor keys.

Personally, I am going to hunker down here in nowhere Arizona and wait for the collapse of civilization as we know it.

8645…wracking my brain and still don’t get it! Help please?! lol

8645 Could mean Dump Trump.

86 is slang for get rid of it. i think it comes originally from the Navy, i learned it in the restaurant biz: “86 that chili, it’s moldy.”

And 45 is Trump, the 45th President. So Gandolf is right, 8645 means dump Trump.

Come on web, it’s more fun leaving a bit of mystery. But it was your comment so it should be you that explains. I would have identified your code number the exact same way as you did, almost word for word.
Anyway, I guess I’m okay with not having any private equity to protect. Actually, it’s a relief.

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Chris Matthews just uttered the words “Center-Left.” I pictured in my mind a can of worms.

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More than Trump needs to be fixed. https://www.thecollegefix.com/universitys-student-government-removes-pledge-of-allegiance-from-meetings/

100% agree. $1,000 in most banks will get you $1 in interest for a year, if not compounded. $1,000 on a credit card will cost you about $136 in interest annually. Government is all about the almighty dollar. They make sure they get it and you don’t. Here is a good example of a financial crime against the 99%: You take your NET PAY to cover an expense on behalf of your employer who has agreed to reimburse. The employer reimburses you for that expense. The employee breaks even, right? Wrong! The money you used to pay the expense is AFTER TAX. Since the amount you paid is too low to claim on your taxes, you wind up not claiming it. The money your employer paid you to reimburse you for your after-tax expense on behalf of your employer IS fully taxable. Double taxation at its sneakiest, if that is a word. Here is how it goes: Say all income taxes equal 20%. I earn $1,000 and pay the 20% tax, taking home $800 in net pay. I take that net pay and spend it to cover an expense my employer promises to reimburse. It does, giving me a check for $800. Now, because the $800 spent does not meet the threshold for itemizing on my tax return, I cannot claim it. Meanwhile the employer sends me a W2 for the $800 which is fully taxable. I now have to pay an additional $160 in taxes. Overall, I have paid $360 on the initial $1,000 earned. That is 36% and a clear case of double taxation. Good luck getting out of it, you are not a 1%'er.

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