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Ocasio-Cortez: If US Has $5.7 Billion for Trump's Border Wall, What About Education, Healthcare, and Green Jobs?


Ocasio-Cortez: If US Has $5.7 Billion for Trump's Border Wall, What About Education, Healthcare, and Green Jobs?

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

As President Donald Trump continues to throw a temper tantrum and threaten a government shutdown if he doesn't get billions of dollars to build his infamous border wall, Rep.-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) turned to Twitter on Friday to challenge the GOP trope that the federal government simply doesn't have the money to implement bold progressive policies such as Medicare for All or a Green New Deal.


Ocasio-Cortez makes too much sense! She is the sane one trying to work with insane ones!


Also, for a Green New Deal we need to swap Climate CHANGE for Climate CATASTROPHE.


The Dem leadership needs to make it perfectly clear that any bill which includes language related to ‘border security’ or ‘immigration’ and does NOT include permanent resident status for the Dreamers is DOA. And any Dem who votes for it gets no campaign support, no committee assignments - the cold shoulder, the big freeze.


If the US war-machine could spend $6 Trillion over the last decades, how about all those and many other civilian priorities!?

The Grand Con is, and has been increasingly, the theft via manipulated “needs” pushed by the thieves with complicity and collusion of elected officials that work together with the criminals to commit the robbery from our civilian nation to military and corporate welfare, banker bail-outs, wall street, and the “tax-cuts” that are a major part of the “Grand Con” and theft from our republic & people to the top 1% and their connections…the greatest theft in history committed right under our noses, all via mostly “legal” means…ENOUGH!

We must claw-back the wealth stolen from millions of Americans! Their ignorance and/or diversion from the crime must be remedied to help them see the ways the powerful pull the various wool’s over their eyes, whether “defense” spending and endless war (already partly, and soon to be even more privatized), rampant tax evasion by powerful corporations, “incentives” to corporate interests like the fossil-fuel conglomerate in its entirety, nuclear industry, and many other complicit aspects of the Con that gifts the wealthiest by taking from the poor and middle class, workers, students, and the vast for-profit health “care”/pharmaceutical/hospital scam costing and diverting billions/trillions more to the wealthiest, while millions struggle just to survive, have food, and a roof over their heads.

There will likely always be “richer” and “poorer”, given ambition and life-style choices, but the disparities are now obscene regarding wealth distribution, vast income inequality, and opportunity possibilities, now the domain of the few…


Clearly it all comes down to priorities and much of the spending is done by using borrowed money. Since Republicans no longer care about balancing the budget the money for virtually anything is there as long as nobody is concerned about the size of the debt. I think the US owes about $2o trillion give or take a couple of trillion. That could be bumped up a few more trillion and lots of things could be paid for.


It must never be forgotten that they’re only able to do this with the knowing complicity of the corporate media, who tirelessly push the official story—instead of simply reporting the news—for their wealthy owners.


I wonder if when Alexandria finally realizes that Nazi Pelosi and her band of inbred corporations will never allow her progressive ideas for the masses to materialize, how long will she fight them, or will she splinter from the Democrats and form a third party worth supporting.


Since when are we having people outside of government deciding on government
projects which government/taxpayers would have to maintain?

And this is a right wing which just lost the last elections!


Since the advent of the political lobbyist I believe, so at least as early 1850.


Yet another stupid post by Common Dreams. Cortez is a Newbie and has no clue with who she’s dealing with. Does anyone actually think she can take on the Pelosi Monster and the rest of the Slime? She needs to understand how things work on the Hill, but as of now, she does not! Everything she will try to do that’s good will result is a pie in her face. People think Cortez is our meal ticket, but she is far from it even tho she means well. She will be confounded as to how deep this shit show really is. She may even quit or become one of Them! All of what’s happening here is on US… We conveniently hand over OUR problems to a new so called leader, who is not a leader at all, to do the job WE should have been doing all along. I keep saying it over and over…It’s up to the People, the Cowards, to wipe these people out, but we refuse every time. Instead of hitting them back hard, our brave organizers do Sit Ins? Guess we are not Mad enuf yet. Sad!


I think it’s more likely she’ll inspire more people to vote the bums out. Nothing like a little sunshine on the corruption to disinfect it some, and she’s focusing lots of sunshine on the corrupt party power structure.


Rocky –

Believe you, but can you make that a little clearer – I’d guess Federal Reserve Bank 1913 …
CIA (right wing backing/Council on Foreign Relations being main force).

WWI - ?

This wall is actually being funded by sources outside government – at least at the moment.


Well, that’s what Trump’s moronic base think is going to happen. Let’s say they raise a billion dollars and give it to the US government “for the wall.” That money goes into the general fund, if it can be received at all. From there it has to be appropriated by Congress who can do whatever they want with it. So far, building a wall isn’t one of things Congress seems willing to do with government funds.


And if democrats and republicans can find $1T for “defense and intelligence”, what about everything else?


If AOC ever gets to the point where she realizes the Democratic Party and the DNC’s corruption is so bad that it can never be reformed! Maybe we can hope, but no doubt…a long,long shot.


The weirdest thing about anti-immigrant policies is the US ranks among the top ten fastest growing populations on Earth.

Advanced educated nations tend to have very low population growth or are in a slight population decline.


The wall is a classic " shiney object ", though A O-C has raised very good points. Trump just gave 6 Billion to wealthy farmers ( more Billions earlier ) for a tariff/trade issue he created. The Trump tax bill will come back to bite the 99s like a rabid skunk soon, as well. Where’s the money for that?
The wall funding is d.o.a. And, a big wet kiss to Congressional Camouflagers, mostly backbenchers in the now " shit out of luck " Republican Freedom Caucus. These redneck renegades are toast in the next Congress.
Just watchin’.


The Astro-Turf T-Party knows the best way to kill S.S. & Medicare, et al is to end ( responsible and reasonable ) immigration policy and keep the cap on payments by the wealthier into S.S. et al.
That’s their long game.


The more appropriate question:

If the US has $750 billion for it’s killing machines, what about [INSERT YOUR CAUSE HERE]?