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Ocasio-Cortez: Living Wage for Staff Is 'Common-Sense' Policy Not 'Communism'

Ocasio-Cortez: Living Wage for Staff Is 'Common-Sense' Policy Not 'Communism'

Eoin Higgins, staff writer

Add Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) paying a living wage to staffers to the ideas Fox News considers "communism."

On Sunday, "Fox & Friends" host Pete Hegseth railed against a report that Ocasio-Cortez will start staff salaries at $52,000 a year and cap salaries at $80,000 a year. The cap will allow the Congresswoman to pay interns $15 an hour, a pledge she made in December.

"Everyone's between 52 and 80," said Hegseth. "It's actually socialism and communism on display."

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“When they go low, we go high.”

When they cry, “Socialist,” We cry, “Elitist Thief.”


The simple response to this so called “Socialism” shaming from the right, lets be honest and remove all subsidies to businesses and corporations, the largest form of socialism.


I do believe the GOP will continue to go after her, at their own risk. They give her so many opportunities to point to their idiocies, and she’s really good at it. She has enough of a following to ignite new conversations, and the Repugs will go viral as the Thugs that they are.


Yes, we can be sure that anytime the corrupt, cons and political, elites use the dinosaur of communism or the demonization of socialism it means they are in fear of having their money taken back that they stole from all of us!


FOX News Dictionary

Living Wage = Communism.

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AO-C is dropping the ball on Venezuela. I’m extremely disappointed.

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I guess she doesn’t have the “plantation” owner mentality that so many of our leaders on capital hill seem to have. Way to go AOC - crashing in on the country club party that most of us aren’t invited to.

Progressives and socialists need to start dishing back what is being dished out. We cannot let the right (conservatives or corporate democrats) determine the narrative.

We need to communicate the “truth” of Capitalism. Here is an example:

"After the real estate bubble popped, taking the U.S. economy with it, more than 9 million homes were foreclosed or sold at a loss, leading to fears that tracts of abandoned neighborhoods would become “ghost towns.”

While this happened in some areas of the country, elsewhere, the empty homes were an opportunity—most of all for Wall Street investors that swooped in to buy properties in bulk and rent them out at a profit.

In the decade since the crash, 7 million more households have become renters, while only 1 million more have become homeowners, according to Census data. And “institutional landlords,” as the Wall Street investors are called, have become a major driver of the affordable housing woes many Americans are now facing—from steep rent payments all the way to eviction."

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She prolly has a staffing budget of $X. She can hire 5 staffers at $X/5 or 10 staffers at $X/10. Not sure where the problem is. If 5 can do the job, by all means pay them better. Noting socialist about that, on the contrary.

Yes - everyone in Congress gets a set budget of $944,671 (last year’s budget). They are not allowed to use campaign or donated funds for staff salaries though though they can use their own money in some cases. The law also limits them to no more than 18 staffers to be paid from that budget to serve in either their district office and their Wash D.C. office.
Staff salaries are public information and you can see the complete list of salaries at legistorm.com (but note you have to wait 5 months before salaries for new members go online).
Importantly Representative Ocasio-Cortez is raising the salaries of typical lower paid staff - not by hiring fewer people - but by having less salary inequality in her office (i.e she is paying her chief of staff at her DC and her district office much less than other chief of staffs are paid).


It really is a wonderful move by Ocasio-Cortez. Just want to add, in addition to congressional staff getting paid more, it would be great see congressional advisory offices like the Office of Technological Assessment get reinstated. Republicans decimated scientific advisory staff and I think it would be a great thing for the country, especially as we deal with issues like climate change, for it to make a comeback.

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