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Ocasio-Cortez: Maybe Wall Street Bankers 'Not the Best Authority' on Wellbeing of People and Planet

Ocasio-Cortez: Maybe Wall Street Bankers 'Not the Best Authority' on Wellbeing of People and Planet

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez reminded JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon of his bank's massive investments in oil and gas development projects after Dimon suggested the Green New Deal is not an "intelligent" solution to the climate crisis.

"JP Morgan agreed to pay out $13 billion over its massive role in mortgage schemes with the '08 recession," Ocasio-Cortez, the freshman Democratic congresswoman from New York, said in a tweet Wednesday. "They also finance major fossil fuel pipelines. It's big money."

Good on ya AOC!
And as Bernie says - Break them Up!


Dimon is a Bum and a Criminal who should be in Prison.

I cleaned up so much of his destruction after the 08 collapse, it changed my life PERMANENTLY.

Screw Him


May I ask Mr. Dimon what is his intelligent solution to the climate crisis: CALL IT A CHINESE HOAX!


Thanks for pointing this out Alexandria.

These two pathetic parties and their self-serving, establishment, corporate controlled politicians, would have better served America decades ago, by saying the same thing, then.

You, Alexandria are the face of truth.

You may want to consider organizing with other like minded colleagues, and joining a “real” progressive political party, or establishing a new one.

Your existing party will never support you fully.



HOW LONG we have waited for an elected official to MOUTH those words! Most are in a competition for the greatest lack of character!

MAYBE … what Bankers suggest … should be IGNORED … or even REVERSED.

What makes a “banker” an expert on anything but increasing money for some? What might they know about nutrition, culture, medication, agriculture, education?


What you mean-um ‘MAYBE’, Kemo Sabé?   Wall Street Banksters and the Multi-NaZional Korpor­ations that they underwrite bear primary responsibility for the LACK of well-being on our grossly over-populated planet.

I’ll second that motion!!


AOC is a godsend.

If it is the people’s Constitution, the people should be able to amend it by popular referendum.

Since it has been all too obvious that the young people are now wiser and more knowledgeable than the old guard, the Constitution should be amended to lower the voting age.

I would propose lowering the age of Presidential Candidacy to at least 29.


Contrast with Status Quo Wall Street whores Like Beto and Biden - she is a major breath of fresh air.


The only thing they know about those subjects…"How can we maximize our profits on these things? "


I don’t follow you. Care to elaborate?

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LOVE IT !!! Thank you AOC – !!!

Now, if you get time will you please challenge just why the Federal Reserve – a private
bank – is running our economy and deciding how many Americans will be employed –

INSTEAD OF OUR CONGRESS – our elected officials running our economies by debates
in the open on the House and Senate floors – in full view of the citizens of America.

Instead of “full employment” where every American is worthy of a job – we see that the
FED has moved employment levels down to the 50% range - probably improve now with
Obama recovery – but be dropped quickly again to low 50% range.


Would you buy a used car from that man?

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I along with so many was captured in the foreclosure crimes of 08

When 50% of your business is protecting people from the illegal foreclosure of their home, it affects you. Trying to do it while loosing your OWN, makes it REAL PERSONAL.

And this punk just keeps smiling.


I would be quite happy to let Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Edward Markey, Bronx, Queens and Massachusetts go first on the Green New Deal, zero carbon consumption (except whole foods) and zero carbon emissions, by 2025.

And the rest of their agenda, in their own sandbox.

Bumper sticker seen decades ago: “Let them freeze in the dark”

I ask Shantiananda “What is the climate crisis?”
– After years of observing, my broad conclusion right now is that it is a “roll-up” of every ‘man pollutes’ complaint.

… “We have met the enemy, and he is us.” Particularly the pollution of more babies on the planet.
– In the past year I have seen several statements, in effect, for a modern eugenics program, this time to eliminate all white people from the planet, for the evil they have done. (I am reporting. I don’t know if the statements were sarcastic)

Didn’t see your Intelligent Solution
Unless “Let em freeze in the dark” is supposed to be intelligent.

And no, the Enemy is the Cannibalistic Capitalism practiced by Dimon and the rest of his ilk.
The common person is not the culprit here, they are the victims.

And having worked with NOAA for a decade, Climate Change is REAL.
Plotted the equations, refined them decimal place by decimal place.
The main problem with NOAA Scientists is that they are right.

But if you’re happy, what the heck, right


Jamie Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan thinks the GREEN NEW DEAL could hurt the economy if implemented.

Yes it certainly would hurt the Bottom Line of JP Morgan since they are heavily invested in the Fossil Fuel Industry.

The GREEN NEW DEAL would create millions of Green Jobs in the Solar and Wind Industry and help reduce Carbon Emissions and give us a healthier Planet.

Mr Dimon does not give a damn about improving the decay and pollution the Fossil Fuel Industry is creating.

He only cares about the PROFITS his corporation is already invested in and does not want to switch to investing in ideas that will save us from the destruction of Climate Change, which the Industries he is invested in are causing.

So what will happen to Dimon after the collapse of industrial civilization? Will his stocks be sold off as food when it’s too hot to grow crops? How much money can he count while holding his breath while being submerged in toxic waste? Why was his corp only fined $13 billion? It should been enough to have hurt their bottom line for 10 years. The bonuses should have been confiscated by the govt and given back to the taxpayers. Having Obama gripe on TV didn’t do a damn thing. He sold out Americans. So did Wall Street. AOC’s truth to power is so refreshing the stale world of politics.


This woman is ready for Prime Time.we just have to wait a few years for her to reach her full potential.But she will be ready.Give them Hell AOC

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Thanks for sharing that information. With the help of a friend, who had a good deal spare time than I did at the time, I followed those crimes–thank you for calling them what they are–on a daily basis. You are probably aware of the chronicles by Bill Black, Frank Partnoy, Matt Taibbi, and many others inside the industry and outside, of those crimes. I can’t recall what person or entity made public the fraudulent signings of thousands if not millions of foreclosure papers who had no access to knowledgeable legal assistance.