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Ocasio-Cortez, NY State Progressives Call on Cuomo to Pass Billionaires' Tax to Support Immigrants Left Out of Covid-19 Relief

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/16/ocasio-cortez-ny-state-progressives-call-cuomo-pass-billionaires-tax-support


We do have various categories of people coming to USA as immigrants.
H1B1 employer sponsored workers have 6 years to acquire a green card and work toward citizenship.
Most in this group did acquire the $1,200 payment and those laid off receive unemployment - same as everybody else.
Refugees - these are folks who cannot go home due to violence, political opposition, no food there, etc.
This is a very large group depending on our charities, government assistance and work.

The billionaires gained supposed wealth because the markets (gambling) crashed in March and have recovered their thought of value. If taxed, it goes to all of us, not just immigrants and not just NY.

So many have debt acquired to buy back shares to keep the share price up. This is a ponzi scheme and it does not take much of a recession to put them into dire straights.

AII these workers need to be cared for too! When aII people have health care and IivabIe wages—then housing becomes unattainable and a people can have a decent Life.
Here’s an interesting example: I have a friend who went to Cannes for the fiIm festival, and he drank too much and coIIapsed by a bus stop—AND he woke up in the hospital and was fine but e paid nothing for the care. Wow, the French care about their citizens and visitors too. Maybe the French were sending a message to America way back when they sent the statue! : )

Since there is no one I can vote for for president, I think I am going to write in the Statue of Liberty--------- there’s a Iady, Iike AOC who accepts, “the poor— the tired— the huddled masses yearning to breathe free.”


From the article:

“Gov. Cuomo, we need you to pass a billionaires’ tax in order to make sure that we’re providing for our working families,” [AOC] said.

The governor can’t pass S8277. He can support it and he can promote it, but only the legislature can pass a law or a tax. After the legislature passes the bill, the governor can sign the bill into law.

A few years ago, a Senator running for reelection claimed that he had “passed” a law that benefited his constituents. He may have introduced the bill, he may have sponsored the bill, and he may have made the sausage-y deals that lead to its passage, but he did not pass the bill.

Expecting C-critters to know the basics of law-making is asking for too much, I guess.


Cuomo needs to start embracing AOC so he will be on the right side of history.


Sounds like legislation has at least been introduced, so, it is potentially useful to promote the bill to Cuomo so he will sign it if passed – or even encourage the legislature to support it.

“[S]tate Sen. Jessica Ramos… sponsored a bill to tax billionaires. The Billionaire Mark to Market Tax Act (S8277) is currently in committee.”

I appreciate AOC’s determination and speaking out for the truly disenfranchised.

Remember - billionaires are mobile. They will vote with the feet, as they have been for the past decade. NY’s loss will be FL’s and TX’s gain

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You miss the point - they will simply leave, take their money with them and you will have NO tax revenue whatsoever. New York is already experiencing this as Cuomo has admitted in the past.

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Representative Ocasio-Cortez is New York’s equivalent to: Mr Smith Goes To Washington.

She is a rare and very special progressive woman trying to teach Legislators that they actually represent We The People and not their Corporate Donors.

Cuomo is a lost cause and a Big part of the Wall Street Tycoons and the Let Them Eat Cake Greedy Bastards who would rather see New Yorker’s die in the streets before he would entertain raising Taxes on his Wealthy Donors.

The Government demands that small business owners close their doors but they refuse to find ways to help them survive the hardships they must endure.

Big shot Cuomo tells struggling entrepreneurs that they cannot do this or that, but does not tell them how they to pay their Rent or put Food on their table.

New York is probably the Richest city in the history of the world yet we are allowing our fellow citizens to perish and rot and very soon become one of the millions of Homeless while Cuomo and his Billionaire cronies play their Fiddles as Modern Rome burns in disgrace.

I realized some time ago that the rich don’t mind that much in sharing the wealth. We just need to stop expecting them to just pony up on their own.
Means test all billionaires, right the regulation, and they will comply for the most part.
Without a push most of them aren’t going to just give it away. It’s in their blood to take full advantage of situations. That’s why they lobby for deregulation. To keep making more money. It’s not so much about keeping what they already have.
That’s the lawyers game, keeping as much as they can for their rich clients.

OK, at least now we know where you stand - in favor of armed robbery.

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As I said - we know where you stand. The fact that you don’t like the way someone behaves doesn’t give you the right to initiate force against them.

WW If they are wrong, why not?

No one has the right to initiate violence against someone else. If you do, they are fully justified to defend themselves. Also, I find the vast majority of people who claim that what someone else does is “wrong” have amazingly elastic morality when it comes to their own acts.

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The fact that you are in open support of communism is downright scary.

And to further support WWSmith, not only would many of these wealthy people simply pick up and leave the country, others would just quit and retire. There would be nothing to confiscate anyway if the millionaires and billionaires simply quit. Good job. Now you’ve stopped all the successful people from working. Imagine if early on we warned Bill Gates not to be too successful with his new company because we’d confiscate all of his wealth if the value of the company eclipsed $1 billion. He probably would have let the company reach that point and then retired. Or just quit altogether. We never would have had Microsoft and the myriad of benefits it has provided to human civilization. Microsoft has helped to eradicate poverty all across the world by boosting human technology. So Godless, your idea is not only morally repugnant but also logically void.

There’s a reason why communist East Germany was a hell hole while market-based West Germany had an economic miracle.

Plus your idea is an insanely slippery slope. First you’d go for the “billionaires.” Then that wouldn’t be enough. You’d say that half a billion is too much. Then $100 million. Then a million. And before you know it, you’d recreate Cuba, Venezuela, Vietnam, USSR, China, Cambodia…the list goes on. Only a despicable person could support such views.