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Ocasio-Cortez, Omar, Pressley, and Tlaib Lead Call for UN Probe Into Alleged DHS Human Rights Abuses

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/23/ocasio-cortez-omar-pressley-and-tlaib-lead-call-un-probe-alleged-dhs-human-rights


This Proud Progressive Independent loves The Squad!

Make America Moral Anew!


The Squad Rules.

Make Lying Wrong Again.


Great move, but they must be rattling the DISHONEST congress critters and administration hacks.


Trump campaign spokesperson says parents of separated children don’t want them back


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Sure, Trump’s policy got a lot of parents murdered. So, to be more accurate, Trump should note that many parents don’t want their kids back because these parents are dead.


The four first-term progressive congresswomen collectively called the Squad led a letter

Love these progressive girls that call themselves the SQUAD! But no doubt their excellent letter will end up in the round file!

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This morning TV news advised that US gov’t is not providing the not for profit lawyers to them that is needed to return children to their families.

Here, we think this is an ongoing adoption scheme.
2.2 million couples wanting to adopt.
111,000 american children waiting for a family to love them.

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We already have a travesty on our hands, let’s hope these children and young adults are going to be accounted for, tracked, and followups conducted. I would hate to see them end up in any sort of use and abuse situations.
Like the ones Hillary Clinton was accused of being a part of.

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Not so sure of that, the letter is to the UN Human Rights commission which currently doesn’t contain any Trumpist sycophants or corrupt foreign representatives likely to be favorable to his administration. Now, Biden might not appreciate a UN investigation of American politicians, 'cause fascists gonna be fascist, but that’s what happens when you play the LoTE game.


There ain’t no parents like your own parents. My father died when I was nineteen, the oldest of seven. Save for one all of us were abused in one way or another, some by relatives! Yes! Follow up on these children, for Mercy’s sake! And talk to them privately ( take them somewhere for a treat) lest sincere disclosure in the presence of their adopters render them vulnerable to retribution.


Sorry you had to experience that. My wife’s dad passed away when she was 17.
Can be a financial hard time too. Thankfully she was not abused.


To note that just last week the election of new members to the UN Human Rights Council made the news: Cuba, China, Russia, Uzbekistan among them. All are notorious for their abuse of human rights; China particularly so.

To expect any kind of objective report on US Human Rights abuses out of the UN Human Rights Council is serious lunacy. - And it shows serious lack of judgment and integrity on ‘The Squad’'s part that they sent a copy of this request to the UN Human Rights Council.

Furthermore any country which has military troops in any country other than those with a fact finding mission role has no right to be on any council for human rights. I suspect some member states which have troops assigned peace keeping role are in the same league as regular military.
What a world we live in ! World Wide Security State with advanced methods of tracking and control.

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Article II of the UN Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide specifically lists “instituting measures to prevent births within the group” as one of the kinds of acts of genocide prohibited by the Convention.

“The Squad” are well within their rights to appeal to international bodies to investigate the conduct of the Trump Regime.

But unfortunately, President Trump has refused to allow the United States to join the International Criminal Court, perhaps because he is afraid of what its verdict would be on his crimes.

Thus, I don’t know what recourse is available to Americans who want to challenge the Trump Regime on the world stage, except to appeal to the UN itself.

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“Two wrongs don’t make a right.”

Pointing a finger at other people whom he accuses of the same misdeeds as himself is an old trick Trump uses. He points to Hunter Biden when his own family–including Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump–are egregiously and obviously corrupt.

He should remember that old saying cautioning finger pointing: “Remember that you’re pointing three fingers back at yourself.”

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We could all carry assault rifles into our state houses to let the PTB clearly understand that we will not go quietly into that good night,…any bets on how long it would take them call the Naughty Girls (national guard) on armed leftists occupying the nation’s state houses wearing Labor-Power patches on their fatigues?

Yes well said, the LOTE is a game, a con game!

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The International Criminal Court (ICC) has existed since 2002, so it predates Donald Trump’s presidency by quite a bit. Pres.-s GW Bush, B Obama and D Trump, and every Congress since 2002 have rejected making the USA subject to the court’s jurisdictional.

There are people, most prominently Noam Chomsky, who believe that the ICC is an imperialist sideshow until it can and does indict, convict and jail top US Presidents, officials and generals for the “crimes” that they have committed against world peace.


I find myself, increasingly over the last decade, differing with Chomsky’s perspective, though we once shared much more common thinking and goals. In this case, I’m heartened to see that he holds a similar perspective to mine which was shaped by what many still feel to be the worst, most criminal, most deadly administration of modern U.S. Politics, 43’s administration.

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