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Ocasio-Cortez Raises Over $100,000 in Just Four Days Following Anonymous 2020 Primary Threat

Ocasio-Cortez Raises Over $100,000 in Just Four Days Following Anonymous 2020 Primary Threat

Julia Conley, staff writer

After The Hill reported that some of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's (D-N.Y.) fellow House Democrats were already working to recruit a primary challenger to her 2020 campaign—just four weeks into her first term—the congresswoman sought to find out whether her supporters planned to back her in the next election. They responded with a clear "yes."


AOC digs in and Depends fly off the shelves, especially their Grumpy Old Pachyderm line.


AOC would raise millions if she sought support nationally.
This ol’ geezer would support her from $oCal.


She posted ads on Facebook? Just a short time before her account gets deleted.

Whoa! nephewsam-----her account was deleted—by facebook??? Are you kidding or is this just some fake news? I can’t tell from what you wrote. : 0

AOC’s work is recognized at a level that a deleted facebook account would be a bump in the road, not a deal breaker.


We are unutterably grateful that AOC has come to Congress, and can only wish that there were MANY more like her in both houses. You rock!!


Looks like Sam was saying that it would be, not that it was.

Honestly, I doubt that FB would be so obvious, considering what it might cost them.


I’m one of the most fierce detractors of the Democratic party around here, and I’d send her some loot to fend off these vultures.

Sister deserves a chance to prove me wrong. I’ll happily do my part to help her get that shot.


Dam near need one my self after reading you’re post, beyond funny.


I feel that she is a breath of fresh air and fully support her domestic program. That being said, however, I am disappointed to see her dodge this particular issue.


Fuck all these “establishment” Democrats.


I agree. She responded something to the effect that they are preparing a statement. What’s there to prepare? Naked aggression at its fiercest is being displayed right before our eyes. If you’re the real deal, AOC, then what are you waiting for?


Thanks, WiseOwl. When CD first started its comments section (2007?), one writer, “Mordecai Shiblikov,” used to entertain us with comments such as yours! Funny!

Any relation?

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“Speechless” is so right! I think that little video is about the most damning and revealing evidence I’ve ever seen that really shows what a bunch of idiots we have in Congress, and it also reveals their true motivation for being there–it has nothing to do with promoting democracy, justice, or peace in this world but only about their own personal ambition. I’m just blown away. Thank you Countryrds for that video.
While AOC does appear to be a breath of fresh air, read this article. You might want to reserve judgement for a while longer.

“The Political Role of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez”

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Humor, the best medicine.

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What? She has been in office for four weeks and you expect her to be up to speed on all of the frickin chaos. She gave a great answer, she didn’t just shoot from the hip.

The others obviously don’t know much and are too afraid to say that the US is meddling and leading the coup with the right wing billionaires of that country who want to privatized the public ownership of oil and other commodities. It is the right wing in Ven that has thrown the country into chaos along with US sanctions.

I applaud her


HI bardamu, thank you for that. Although with FB, it seems like whatever under handed thing they do-----nothing ever seems to cost them—even after APPLE found out that they were spying with that app. : 0

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Not to my knowledge but thanks for the vote of approval. In times like these I need all of the chuckles I can muster.

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The only thing worse are the establishment republicans.

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