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Ocasio-Cortez Rattles Pundits Across the Corporate Media Spectrum


Ocasio-Cortez Rattles Pundits Across the Corporate Media Spectrum

Alan MacLeod

Few freshman members of Congress cause as much of a stir as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has. Articles about her are consistently the best-performing on right-wing news sites. The charismatic 29-year-old Bronx native has seriously ruffled the feathers of conservatives, unused to debating a Democrat with a genuinely progressive agenda. Her proposals include Medicare for All, a Green New Deal, free state college tuition, a 70 percent income tax on the wealthiest Americans and federal legalization of marijuana.



Media Matters for America sez:
“Fox News spent more than two hours covering her first five days in Congress, in comparison to 96 minutes for CNN and 52 minutes on MSNBC.”

Impressive. That may be more air time than MSDNC gave to Sen. Sanders throughout the entire 2016 Democratic Party primary.



This statement says it all.
The media exist solely to make money for their elite owners by selling stories, "aka “news”.

Mafia Don Trump has done as much for increased ratings & revenue for CNN as he has Fox News.
Ditto for Ocasio-Cortez.

The largest institutional owners of Fox News are similar to those of CNN, MSNBC, even HuffPost.
Don’t believe it? Check sites like morningstar.com and take a look at the largest shareholders.

“Partisan” politics have become mere entertainment.
Followers of the “left” and “right” remain busily distracted, blaming & fighting each other over which sides “leaders” are most corrupt, whilst ignoring the corruption of their “own” side, allowing the TRUE ELITE to continue making ever-greater profit as they pit the two sides against each other.

Ocasio-Cortez comes from a family that lived a much more privileged life than the average American family.
• They lived in the relatively upper-class Yorktown Heights neighborhood, which enjoys a median family income of over $137,580.
• She attended the relatively prestigious Boston University, considered by many to be an ELITIST school.
• She worked (intern) for the wealthy U.S. Senator Ted Kennedy, who’s net worth topped over $50 million.

One of the biggest problem with American politics today is that followers refuse to hold their own “leaders” accountable first.

Et tu, Ocasio-Cortez?



Why? Why? Why? Why can’t journalists explain in clear terms what a marginal rate is? Once again we have a failure here.

This sounds like it is saying AOC’s proposal is to tax 70% of all the income after deductions of those making over 10 million dollars. But that’s not true.

The proposal actually is to tax 70% of their income over 10 million dollars, not all their income.

I think that’s weak, myself. I think the top marginal rate should by 95% and it should be on income over a billion dollars. Between the 70% rate on income over 10 million and that top rate there should be other brackets. Maybe 75% for over 50 million, 80% over a 100 million, 85% over 333 million, and 90% over 667 million?

All that was needed here was a few more words:

The standard $174,000 congressional salary falls well short of her proposed top tax rate, reserved for all income above $10 million for those making over $10 million per year.

Five more words to insure readers who don’t understand marginal rates may start to. If every article on marginal rates added a few words like this, eventually folk would understand.

Oh well.



“The media exists solely to make money for their elite owners by selling stories”. That doesn’t quite tell it all. A more accurate account of the corporate media is that their sole purpose is to “distract, misinform, demonize, marginalize, mock and attack anyone who doesn’t accept the Great Western Narrative so as to reinforce corporate America’s dominance over the government institutions of the United States.”
Make no mistake, if the biggest story of all was that a ‘medicare for all bill will be our country’s greatest social achievement of all time’, the story would never be aired regardless of whether it is true or not or how many viewers would tune in. The problem with a story like that, is that it runs contrary to the corporate narrative. However demonizing AOC or misinforming people about what AOC stands for, never detracts from that same narrative. It’s a bit more complicated than just selling stories to make a profit. Instead it is a complex system of manipulating public opinion to prevent the 99% from recognizing the root of our collective despair. After all, if everyone suddenly became attuned to how they’re being manipulated and by whom, we would be well on our way to a domestic ‘regime change’… corporate America’s worst nightmare!



Hi LibWingofLibWing. I think you know exactly why journalists don’t “explain in clear terms what a marginal rate is”. Whatever the journalists write, it will be edited to fit the mainstream narrative. The whole point of covering AOC by the MSM in any instance, is only to discredit her. By explaining something like a marginal tax rate to the public in clear and precise terms, the journalist and their editor are at grace risk of losing their jobs. People like AOC are viewed by corporate America as the greatest threat to “their” concentrated wealth on the planet and are digging deep into their bag of dirty tricks to change public opinion of her. I will never expect a fair and unbiased assessment of AOC or anyone else like her from corporate media. Would you?



I don’t.

But I have to keep speaking out on this and other stuff that matters to me.



I’d like to offer that Ocasio-Cortez is not rattling or pissing off anybody. They are rattling and pissing themselves off. AOC is honoring a the vast majority of people who live here in the United States, standing up for their / our perfectly natural rights, reminding us all of where all the money is, that should be redistributed. The heap big macho far-right corporate evangelical republican media-giant mindscape… is pretending to be the victims of this obscene non-white radical left un-informed seemingly universal plot to take away all our money.

Funny how a couple of years ago, much of our enlightened media, everyone’s source of information, didn’t really seem to notice Bernie Sanders, about the most popular prospective primary candidate ever in spite of the media. Bernie Sanders who has consistently, for decades, been shouting out the same message as AOC - that this is all about the People, the vast majority of people who live in the United States.



I understand and I support you. I find myself also ‘galloping towards the windmills’ far too often.



I think the big difference between AOC and Sanders is that AOC is a product of the Millennial generation. She has more clout with the ‘younger than 40 crowd’ and that is why corporate America fears her. As more and more people turn away in droves from corporate media and instead “follow” people on social media, the Establishment is finding it harder and harder to sell the same ole BS to the general public. The great part is that the more the media attacks her, the more legitimacy they are giving her. This worked for Trump which is fine with the Establishment, but it leaves corporate sycophants scrambling to find a way to halt AOC’s popularity. This may very well be the beginning of the long anticipated American Revolution the 99% have been waiting for… and it may come with little or no violence if the surge is big and fast enough while rooting itself in strong, morality based leadership.

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Your guilt by location and association assertion doesn’t square with this post by @stardustIBID also on Common Dreams:

I guess I have the same question. My guess is you’d be disappointed with the modesty of her tax returns.



Let us dearly hope that she’s as “dangerous” as the conservatoids and the corpress make her out to be.

History would advise caution.



I’m not that knowledgeable on what people in the 0.01% (around the $10 million mark for income) do let alone what the 0.0001% (or whatever it is to get to an income 100x more), but I would be fine with an absolute maximum wage. Maybe even 70% is too much for money below the max wage (50% could be fine). One simply cannot pull out more than $X/yr for any personal purpose. Now it could be that we could allow people to control money for the purpose of creating or expanding privately owned businesses in a separate account and that money could also be taxed (as are corporate profits). Of course I’d want to see more worker owned co-ops also so I’d need regulation that made it possible for that style of business to compete as well. In my opinion somewhere in the neighborhood of $10 million/year is the maximum anyone should be allowed to spend on themselves. (And hopefully many yacht and private jet companies go out of business and we’ll have to break up some big properties too).

We’d want a lot of other tax reform because I’m sure you are aware that though tax rates were very high in the past even the very very wealthy almost never paid more than about 45% in taxes (overall, but they were way into the top bracket if they hadn’t been doing creative things to reduce their tax burden).



Yes. It raises questions, doesn’t it?

Clearly, AOC puts on a good show, and that’s worth something if you’re selling a show, as all these media are. She’s young and good-looking, but she is also rhetorically sharp and flamboyant in ways that sell copy.

We know that what is here called “the centrist establishment” includes about as reactionary a bloc as exists in the country, though I suppose Trump might indeed be more “frothing at the mouth,” depending on what one takes the phrase to mean.

Still, AOC receives quite a bit of coverage for a rookie congressperson who is not otherwise a celebrity of some stripe. Given that we know that these outlets will follow inside-the-beltway dictates, it is clear that there is, at least as yet, no dictate that they cannot provide coverage of AOC. On the other hand, the same media outlets that only mentioned Sanders to dismiss him, that declared Clinton victories prematurely during primaries, that allowed Clinton to preview debate questions, and that took dictation from the DNC in published copy also gave Trump loads of publicity, and that also partly by DNC instructions, at least early in the game.

For now, I can only wonder at the motives. Perhaps we will see a clearer response as her career advances.

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I doubt she is antisemitic, because she has corroborated the fact that she is partially descended from Sephardic Jews. What’s great about the USA is the fantastic mix of DNA that makes this country SO VITL



So, AOC has made the ‘establishment’ politicians on both sides of the aisle nervous. She has a way of sharing her opinions that wakes all of those deadbeats up - most of them have lived a comfortable life in the house and the senate - their financiers have treated them well. 1/4 of them are over 70 years old and think they still have their ‘chops.’ AOC and the millennials are showing how worn out their chops really are.



They’re past the “first they ignore you” stage and well into the “then they ridicule you” and “then they attack you” stage.
That’s progress.



We really do not have time to keep fudging around the edges.

We should confiscate all wealth over say $100 million. You know who has that kind of money? A mere 36,000 people! And if you have $100 million, does getting a few more million make you want to go out and get new towels?

The super wealthy have used their wealth to get taxes reduced and now the time has come to pay the bill. It is going to take alot of money to even try to fix climate change!

Let’s think outside the blinders that corp media would like us to consider!

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I agree with your more accurate account of the corporate media. Duh.



Thank You. "New Party- Who dis? Priceless. I used to live in DC and I consider Joe L. to be a traitor to the American people.