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Ocasio-Cortez Responds to Photo of McConnell Backers Groping Cutout: 'Is This Just Standard Culture of Team Mitch?'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/06/ocasio-cortez-responds-photo-mcconnell-backers-groping-cutout-just-standard-culture


[Deleted by author.]

Just clarifying
… the young white men support Mitch McConnell - the MAJORITY LEADER OF THE UNITED STATES SENATE 2019.

I hope every young woman (or man) who knows anything about these potential rapists and murderers( that is seemingly what they are advocating in this photo and caption) speaks up.
Do they have guns in the home, has anyone been sexually assaulted by them, have they been threatening anyone past or present etc.
I see these young men as potential rapists and shooters. I would not one anyone I care about anywhere near them.


Are these members of the Hitler Youth Congressional Interns? If so, they are on track to become future Senators, Congressman, and Captains of Industry . . . God help us.

This is exactly the same mindset that leads less affluent, less connected, young White males to commit White Supremacist mass murder.


Yet McConnell will win re-election by a comfortable margin.

Forget it, Jake, it’s KentuckyTown.


These are not “young men” these are racist white boys emboldened by a culture of impunity toward women in general and women of color in particular.


I see the incel on “her” left and think of the song I kissed a girl and I think I liked it.


Nah… these dead-eyed monsters will soon be their bosses, preachers, kleptocrats, lawyers&prosecutors, EZ Creditors, used truck salesmen, bail-bondsMEN, Induction Center 2nd Lts, POs… whiskey, opioids, sinsemilla, ciggys, chaw store owners, absentee landlord agents, EMTs & morticians? They’ll doubtless be abusing & raping the deplorables’ kids, however


Another total WTF!!! moment, bitch mcconnel is such a bastard, I, personally, resist feeling the term “hate, hatred”, and gotta say, it is not an easy thing to do these days. This country is getting close to hitting the skids and it will not be pretty, convienient, or comfortable for any of us when it starts, feeling very badly for the grand kids!


Notice McConnell’s spokesman says McConnell “in no way condones any aggressive, suggestive, or demeaning act toward LIFE-SIZED CARDBOARD CUTOUTS of any gender” By that, are we to assume it such behavior is OK when aimed at REAL people of any gender?



I-Wanka and Melanoma ARE plastic cut-outs. Any one of our heroic new congresswomen would simply kick these simple-ass Nazi twerps’ crank-abusing inbred empty heads off? I can however SEE why Ofay Murika’s skairt of being replaced; just looking at these virile peckerwood specimens? USA, USA!


Time for Doxxing, for sure!


I’m so glad that, in almost 40 years of voting, I have never cast one vote for a Republican. I’m sure I never will, either. What a disgusting group of people.


I hope these racists thugs just shot themselves in the feet when it comes to finding a job. I’d love to be the interviewer when they seek work only to say, “Hey, weren’t you in that racist, hate photo? This job interview is over.”


I saw a headline that Trump wants to bring back asylums to lock up potential shooters. This group should go first, along with Mr.Fifth Avenue.


The real injustice of this photo is that “Moscow Mitch” will not decry this behaviour nor speak out against it. Shame!!!


Unfortunately, the opposite is probably the case. The photo will get them hired by Mitch McConnell’s pals.Otherwise, why would they be wearing an advertisement. Mitch is probably chuckling it up on his wife’s yacht over a few lines of Colombian cocaine.


And one more thing:

Where were these boys’ fathers?


We should get the full names of each one and repost the photo with identifying each individual and their town or city. Along with any other pertinent bio information - what schools they attend, where they work, etc. Announce to the world exactly who they are - and who their proud parents are, too.

I wonder if AOC can take legal action. Their response is so smug and nasty about how “we don’t condone doing this to a cardboard cut-out.”


McConnell’s campaign has apparently been dishonest about whether these young men are already employed by McConnell. The same young men were seen at a different China Mitch rally holding up large photos of the reich-wing SCOTUS judges.
McConnell’s liars say the young men have no official connection to the campaign.
I disbelieve that. A real journalist should identify these kids, find them, and get the real story.