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Ocasio-Cortez Rips Bloomberg on Stop and Frisk: 'Just a Billionaire Trying to Cover Up Authoritarian and Racist Policy'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/02/13/ocasio-cortez-rips-bloomberg-stop-and-frisk-just-billionaire-trying-cover


“first stop and frisk, here he is defending redlining and blaming fair housing legislation for shackling the real estate industry…this white supremacy in billionaire’s clothing”



“Unless there is restorative justice, there is no ‘moving on’ from stop and frisk,” added Ocasio-Cortez,

Bloomberg’s apology about stop and frisk are just more persiflage. AOC you are like a breathe of fresh air!, Not only young and beautiful, but politically intelligent.


I always called it stop and fascist but hey that’s just me. Maybe we should call it stop and Jim Crow.
In any case the idea of the choice being between two racist billionaires makes my skin crawl.



It’s worth noting that the Clintonites have moved on from Russiagate to shilling for oligarchy. Delicious irony. Over at TPM they’re in a frantic circlejerk to praise Bloomie as they transition out their losing impeachment fervor. Andrea Bernstein makes the connection:



Maybe we should consider that urban environments with over 11 million people is not the blue print for social justice issues. Seriously, it seems like a civil rights violation just having to live there.

Alexandria nails it on billionaire bigotry.


AOC is such a breath of fresh air. It is such pleasure to have someone speak from the heart and tell the truth. Her no BS attitude is uncommon within politics, and we need more like her.


Mine too! Bloomberg will be the less, racist,evil?


Bloomberg is Trump without the tweets.


YEP! “The Squad” needs many more new recruits!
As Captain Picard says: MAKE IT SO!!!


Thanks PB, and thank goodness the girl’s talking, because
Bernie boy isn’t.

Woefully inadequate “reporting” here.
The big scandal in Bloomer’s quote is twofold: one that he enthusiastically supported stop and frisk, two that he said that in every major city, 99% of the criminals are male persons of color between the ages of 16-25.
So when AOC and others only call him out for his support of the fascistic stop and frisk, they’re forgetting to call him out for a blatantly racist misandry comment.
The other scandal is that Bloomer is lying about this now. His “apology” for the quote is a lie and not an apology, and his team is working hard to suppress the audio clip and slag the reporters and others who provide it to the public.
CD: ALL of this should have been in the article.


Show some respect, twit.
I’m sure Bernie has done more good in one day than you’ve done ever or ever will do in an entire lifetime.
He’s not “Bernie boy” and he has been calling out Bloomberg for a long time.
Get a clue.


Bloomberg is Trump. He will buy everything and everybody. Do think you will see his taxes? Hell no. Are his statements any less Racist? Hell no. Will he divest from his business? Hell no. This evil bastard will have a God like status among the press. Which is why he is running millions in ads. Remember how the CEO of CBS said, Trump would be bad for the country but great for them as ratings soared and the coffers filled with cash?
Bernie 2020


Yes, I posted the same thing.


I just hope AOC, Bernie, and the entire campaign have adequate security and protection for themselves. Strange things have happened in Amerika’s history.


Any body language experts floating around here today? Look at that of him, those cold heartless steely eyes and smirk of a smile - what is he thinking there? To me it is like, I own you. You will do what I say. My opinion of course, based only on what I feel seeing that. Draw you own conclusions.

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Bloomberg, in walking back his comments on stop and frisk is essentially saying “Do not believe anything I might have said in the past. I change my opinions on a daily basis”.

Why vote for this guy?


I heard some city or poll, it doesn’t matter that detail, but what matters is 20% of the black people living in that city, or state according to the poll are all in for Bloomberg. WTF???

How f****** blind do you have to be to ignore the facts behind this so-called Democrat who had such a racist policy of Stop & Frisk??? Or have these people sold their soul to the devil, so now we all go down with them???