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Ocasio-Cortez Rips Bloomberg on Stop and Frisk: 'Just a Billionaire Trying to Cover Up Authoritarian and Racist Policy'

Because these idiots aren’t really thinking, they are ridden with fear. Fear is destructive.

These are the people in our country that think, “My dirty billionaire is better than yours”. Next question: What…WHAT?! BILLIONAIRE GIVES A CRAP about the struggling American? Especially if you are poor???

Answer: “My” means own. You dear voters, don"t own any billionaire. THEY OWN YOU.

Anybody who votes for a billionaire is a true braindead moron. They can just bring us all down if we don’t get out the vote now and fight them. As if fighting Combover Caligula and his ilk aren’t bad enough.

Who needs a corrupted Rethuglicon when you"ve got a corrupted Dem to deal with?? Btw: Corrupted laws create billionaires.


Machine politics and street money is a real thing.


This lady is a gift from God, she has an unmatched ability to formulating her sentences and phrases which makes her words extremely powerful and effective. I sure have my eyes on her After 8 years of Sanders, God willing!


What DavidCarson said, plus AO-C is a full-grown woman.


Replace Russia with Israel and Jewish billionaire racist Zionist lobby IPAC and you will have gotten it right. There was never a Russia involvement and the DCC new all was a lie and a distraction from Israeli lobby.


We, the People, must volunteer, donate, get out the vote.

It’s up to all of us to turn things around. We have a mountain to climb. But, we can win.

Window is closing, though.

Where is all this headed? Inquiring minds would like to know. Tentacles of the agitprop machine keep conducting polls along the lines of voting for “the one representing your views, or the one most likely to win?” – this is infantilization of voters: get them confused by inviting everyone to be an amateur future-forecasting pundit. As confused as possible. It’s new evox-populi wine in the old shoe of the traditional infantile strategy: treating the voting booth like a slot machine where you get some psychological reward for picking the winner.

Does it work? OMG, USAmericans would have to be unbelievably dimwitted to fall for the exact same electoral song and dance, decade after decade. Wouldn’t that be just awful?

Okay, I’ll break the unbearable suspense for young folks: yes, this hackneyed old idiotic crap will keep working just fine for many voters. That’s why you see absurdities like Bloomberg (or, for that matter, poor clueless old Joe). Here in CA, we’re subject to constant ads about how black folks all love billionaires. Laughably to the ears of Bernie voters, but credibly enough for the ordinary idiot to peel off some votes from everyone else.

I don’t think Bloomberg has a chance of getting more delegates than Bernie. All the non-Bernies will fight over the 60% or so left over, right up to the convention, which (imho) Bernie will not have enough delegates to claim on the first ballot. The question before us is whom the DNC will choose at that point. I don’t at all appreciate that Bernie has said he’ll support the candidate (implicitly no matter what), as this promise deprives his voters of any leverage at that pivotal juncture.


Bloomberg is certainly giving Donald Trump a run for his money. Here’s what his Wikipedia article reports about Bloomberg’s misogyny:

“He reportedly said if his Bloomberg terminals could provide oral sex, it would put female employees out of work.” – Wikipedia

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And she can dance.

So now ugly season (Bloomberg et al,) joins silly season. Let the real America show it’s fangs.

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Spitting image of D.J. Trumpenstein. Except that the crook trump holds his chin higher than any stuck up English Royal ever has.

He made a bargain in 2016 and kept it, as one would expect an honorable person to do; however, the Clinton-owned DNC was never going to repay him in kind.

In 2020, as I’ve argued elsewhere, the corporate Ds, having already put their thumb on the scale with worse no doubt to come, have zero claim to the moral high ground. He’d be well within his rights, when he (and his supporters!) are once again robbed, to run as the independent he has always been.


A O-C is telling it like it is. And some 5 million NYCers were directly affected by this policy. Imagine that. Something hard to get your head around; that’s 60+%, and unbelievable in scope.
Bloomberg has made many atrocious and disqualifying remarks on all manner of issues. Before Super Tuesday these will come out, they’ll be talking points at the debate, commercials in S. Carolina and.beyond. Sen. Sanders has the $$$ and the surrogates to do this. He will, too.


White collar crime, including billionaires like Bloomberg evading taxes and illegally hiding money off shore, are more costly to the nation and society than street criminals. There are almost no resources going to investigating and prosecuting these criminals. They almost never go to jail. Wonder if Bloomy might have a few words about that?


Which chin? 1st or 2nd?

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Good one. I have to go out in the very cold to shovel a bit of snow. Later.

I would bet that a lot of the things, nasty, amoral things these billionaires are doing with the money they all have been stealing from us middle-class and poor is okayed by law.

The billionaires own politicians so that they can cover their asses and pass their own laws. Too many laws that we, the struggling people in America, don’t even know about. Opacity is another tool of the billionaire class. Simple.

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I would have preferred if the title of this article was “Ocasio-Cortez Rips Bloomberg A New One”

Yeah he the 8th richest guy in the world compared to Trump at something like 700. Trump cares nothing about the working class and Bloomberg cares nothing times 20 which is still nothing.


Does anyone know if Bernie made the same bargain in 2020? If he did in my opinion, Bernie will have to support Boo,berg the one that knee capped him and is just another oligarch that he rails against and says is the whole problem. Pleeease Bernie get the hell out of the corrupt Democratic party, can’t you see they are using you again in 2020 like they did in 2016?

The Honorable Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ROCKS!h

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