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Ocasio-Cortez Rips Dem Leadership for Treating Planet-Saving Green New Deal as 'Controversial'


Ocasio-Cortez Rips Dem Leadership for Treating Planet-Saving Green New Deal as 'Controversial'

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Incoming Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez took aim at the Democratic Party on Monday over the newly-announced climate crisis committee—a body she and other progressives say lacks the teeth needed to avert planetary disaster.


So much for working w/in the Dem wing of the Duopoly. So much for reforming it. AOC has enough of a voting base to declare herself independent while there’s still time.


The Democrats response to the New Green Deal is not surprising.

Earlier this week, in reporting on Elizabeth Warren’s announcement that she would run in the 2020, NPR mentioned that Warren’s role in establishing the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and earlier work protecting consumers was “devisive”, not just between her and the GOP, but also within the Democratic Party.


They can ignore climate change but it will not ignore them.


I love and respect AOC, but this is just more proof of what she is up against in the GREAT PRETENDER PARTY.

That is too controversial?


The Democratic Party may just have guaranteed the re election of Donald Trump, and the subsequent re occupation of a republican majority in the House in 2020.
The differences between the republican and democratic parties have never been more stark. The republicans pander to their base, and win. The democrats ignore theirs, and lose.
Face it, had it not been for Trump and the hatred, fear and loathing that he unknowingly cultivated, causing progressives to march en masses to the voting booths, the GOP would have easily held the House in 2018.
Since the mid terms the Clintonite wing of the Democratic Party has acted like a drunken monkey with a loaded gun. They have already fired one shot off into their foot (Pelosi) and appear prepared to empty the rest of the clip.
Unless Trump drops dead, resigns, or the GOP have no choice than to turn on him, he will at least survive the next two years. And unless things change dramatically, the next two years will have us all bare witness to last gasp of the Democratic Party. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, but unless it’s replaced by a well organized left winged progressive party, come 2020 the USA will fall into the same fascist trap that has afflicted Brazil (we may have already)


I wonder what these dems do stand for - if it isn’t climate and protecting people is it all Wall Street? Nothing but rethugicans not even in disguise.


This is what we need to see –

We’re not trying to send liberals to Congress and DP in order to retain a status quo –

And would be sad to see these liberals just “going along for the ride” with the leadership –

This is the way to start this New Year!


Get and stay involved with your community and do not just rely on the US congress and administration. Ignoring state and local issues is not smart.


We seem to forget that these folks are our employees just like teachers are employed by a school board. Just “debating” and complaining will not cut it. Get and stay involved and stand for something.


I don’t know why they choose to ignore unless they are the party of complainers and lazy rear ends. Wrting letters to the editor, exposing online and sticking together well we can try- also do not forget state and local issues. Very important- this is who you see every day.



That does not surprise me, because the Democratic Party guaranteed the election of Trump in 2016; and what makes anyone think it will change in 2020? The corrupt DNC will probably nominate Biden a political, hack and insider.


If you look at this objectively, I don’t see how one can draw a different conclusion than what you say. The last thing the DP wants to do is face real issues as far as working people are concerned. The Dems are still peddling there’s-no-there-there Russiagate narrative…


I’ve been wondering for a long time about Pelosi and the other power elites. Don’t they have grandchildren? Are they so power hungry and greedy that they don’t think about the future they are leaving for them?

I know they are all heartless bastards… I guess I can’t comprehend people like this - putting money ahead of your grandchildren?


Either they think their kickback-millions will save their grandchildren from harm or they think that their grandchildren would prefer to be on the top of the heap of suffering masses or they don’t think at all of their grandchildren or their grandchildren are also secret Reptilians.


As of today, J1, the sea ice extent is at a seasonal record minimum simultaneously in the Arctic region and in the Antarctic region.

The deep ocean has gotten too warm now and now it’s getting warmer faster with all the extra solar radiation that the ice packs used to stop. We’re starting to have an Arctic meltdown. If we can’t put the pin back in this grenade, 1.7 teratons of carbon can be melted and then released into the atmosphere, raising atmospheric greenhouse gases from the current 409.45 ppm as of December 31 to about 1000 ppm. This information is not controversial.

There’s no way that I can convince Congress to hold the grenade while I run for my life.


Thanks for posting that!


This should be no surprise to anyone here. It was pure fantasy to think a small handful of dem socialists were going to achieve anything substantial inside the dem party when no house cleaning was performed. There will be no forward movement until most DINO’s are ejected from the party, and they’re not giving up that power and access to free corp. money. The party is not going to reform itself, the DINO’s in charge are going to make sure of that, exactly why the handful of us here have tried to tell you, get out and let the party die.


When AOC lionized war criminal John McCain, the writing was on the wall that she was just another political opportunist. After many years I have come to the conclusion that being a “progressive” politician is just a marketing strategy.