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Ocasio-Cortez Says Cruz and Hawley 'Must Resign'—or Be Expelled From Senate

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2021/01/07/ocasio-cortez-says-cruz-and-hawley-must-resign-or-be-expelled-senate


In terms of the Senators involved, the phrase “Confederate Sedition Caucus” would apply. Seems like there was one from WYO, but the rest of the Senators involved in this attempt to overthrow the constitution hold seats once held by former Senators from Confederate states who were also expelled for insurrection against the Constitution.


I wish there was some way to not allow the Republican Party to be allowed to be an US political Party anymore. The Republican party proved with the failed coup d’etat on 01/06/21 they are the party of treason. In my view the whole Republican party needs to be expelled from the senate and the house.


Gee AOC, did you clear that with Nancy yet?


Agree AOC ~

Best of luck.


Yes, and while she boldly declares that "Cruz and other lawmakers who challenged the results ‘must resign,’ one has to wonder why she did not also say that the person who incited that mob to storm the Capitol building, one Donald J. Trump, should not only resign but should also be arrested and prosecuted in order to demonstrate that those in power should be held accountable for their actions. It would appear that putting fascist presidents in jail is not very high on her list of priorities. But then her cowardice should not be all that surprising since AOC was also not very keen on withdrawing her vote for Pelosi as Speaker until Pelosi pushed for Medicare for All.

“If you can’t be a good example then you’ll just have to be a horrible warning.”-attributed to Catherine the Great, Russian Empress [1729-1796]


I love the shite out of AOC, her posse, and all those in her camp, but this will never happen.


Can’t ignore and brush under the carpet the direct line between Hawley and Cruz and the Trump violent rioters.

Pic of fist raising Hawley signaling to the insurrectionists is exhibit A.


Notice that Mittens is wearing 2 masks in the photo.

His new Mob name is 2 Mask Mitt


I’m all for the justice of expelling Cruz and Hawley, but to do so could mean secession of the states bases with whom these brown noses pander toward.

Mitt Romney looks like he would like to take a bite out of Hawley. Anyway, definitely is thinking bad thoughts.

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What difference would it make, the majority of the right wing democratic party are pretty much on the same page with the GOP? Wars never ending for the moola moola.


Oh, please. We already have Pelosi and Schummer dealing with Trump, both calling for invoking the 25th Amendment or impeachment it Pence doesn’t move his ass asap. She is rightly calling to deal with the main ring leaders of the co-conspiracy. No one will be sorry to get rid of Cruz, anyway, not even the republicans.


When Mitty “two masks” speaks now, does he sound like the adults on the old Charlie Brown specials?


There we go again, the knee jerk left assassinating the character of one of the few real allies we have in the Congress. AOC is worth so much more than your post indicates.


We should note that in all the uproar caused by the republicans, not a single one has produced one iota of evidence of election malfeasance. Not. One. Sixty or so court cases thrown out, multiple recounts and audits in a variety of states and more, none of which has produced any evidence whatsoever of any fraud or wrongdoing. Trump’s Dunning-Kruger covidiot cult can believe whatever they want, but that doesn’t make it so. Show us. If you have something besides baseless accusations, show us.


Hawley from the “show me” state where I currently reside. The irony never ends.


More arm waving and whining from the #fraudsquad! Expect nothing but show and B.S.

AOC rebuked #ForceTheVote and showed us all she’s just a Twitter Clicktress, careerist and devoted to her Queen Pelosi. AOC and the rest of the #fraudsquad will never serve the people unless it serves the party and her power.


Hey Lindsay, didn’t you say earlier that no one would care if someone shot* Cruz on the Senate floor? Does that mean you would support his expulsion now?

*This is in no way an endorsement of political violence against Ted Cruz. No really, it isn’t.

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Have compassion for Trump supporters. Empathize with them. They have been cheated & taken advantage of. You can’t have unity in America if we don’t care about half of the population of America.

Face it, they are fed up with politicians like you are fed up with them. They want change and fairness in government as you do. It is likely they would love Medicare for all.

They are not your type. Their behavior & expression is not to your liking.

So many people voted for Trump, they were falsely led to believe he would “kick the bums out” and Maga! He stole their dignity and hope from them. We are all outraged about DC. Our politicians can’t wait to tell us about their great love for our democracy and constitution & how it inspires them to do…nothing for the covid millions, or the poverty millions, nothing for the “to be evicted “millions, or M4a BUT they have billions of dollars for mega-millionaires & every excuse for all their political corruption.

Trump’s lot charged DC to take over government but 70 million voted for him. We cannot throw away half the nation.

When you voted this election was it to ensure Biden & Harris could love Israel more than us? Give us nothing again but they get us ready for war again, deceive us again, lie to us again, give all our money to the rich again? We, the people are all in the same boat in slavery to corporations. We all want fairness in government and life but no one is giving life to us. We are all getting fucked by the same corrupt political system, better we get hold of our unity through empathy and compassion and change the system for all of us.

Are you a hero or a slave?