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Ocasio-Cortez Tells Small Donors to Cut Off DCCC Donations and Give Directly to Candidates Instead

Ocasio-Cortez Tells Small Donors to Cut Off DCCC Donations and Give Directly to Candidates Instead

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Denouncing the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee's new policy of cutting off firms that work with primary challengers as "divisive" and "harmful," Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Saturday advised small-dollar donors to stop giving money to the DCCC and instead donate to progressive candidates directly.


The DCCC’s new policy reminds me, in part, why I have been a lifelong Independent. It also shows how all components of the duopoly fear AOC and her compatriots. Party politics are not reflective of the People in this country. The ninety-nine percent are cynically seduced by the Rs and the Ds to gain advantage for the portions of the one percent for which each really represents. The People are sick of fighting among themselves over the bread crumbs that the one percent dangle in front of them while the upper crust laugh their way to the bank. The duopoly provides handsome rewards to the apparatchiks on both side through party antics, lobbying, media messaging (a.k.a. massaging) and other activities. The system needs a meteor-sized anvil dropped on it at meteor-sized velocity. I hope to live to see the fireball.


This rule by the DCCC shows us how stupid the right wing opposition is to imagine that the Dems are another party in actual opposition. Alexandria is absolutely right and so are the rest of the actual, true progressives (the handful of them).
The only reason I remain in the party (registered as, not contributing) is to have any kind of say, no matter how small and pre-forma it is (mainly for form’s sake only). Otherwise the party I’ve been in as long as I remember is long gone. I’m 71, and my grandfather before as a committee member in the 1920’s/30’s and his father in the 1800’s.
The only times I ever voted on party lines was in defense against GW Bush when it became apparent that party was more important than governing and that didn’t help, I realized even that method was useless, when Obama not only didn’t merely hold the line until someone better came along, but went to the full on dark side, claiming he was the better angel (in 2008 I actually thought he was the candidate, not his backers. That changed a week after the election at the photo op for his economic “advisors.”).
And then the massively tone deaf Hillary Clinton who rushed directly from the convention in 2106 right to a meeting of the bankers and Wall Street and wasn’t even secretive about it. Literally rushed from the convention to that meeting like the next day or so. Not even embarrassed or at least aware enough to try to keep that on the down low. Not that the “down low” would have made it better but at the tiniest least least least would have indicated some minimal degree of care or awareness of what her suckers/marks wanted to see and hear.


Is this the People’s party? Because it sure sounds like another Country Club with fees I can’t afford.




2019: the year the DNC/DCCC gets the boot. It is essential to keep in mind precisely what it was that introduced the Citizens United devastation: a F()$$$ movie about the corruption of Hillary Clinton, the practices IN HER CAMPAIGN and a bit of history w/ the bill. The DNC/DCCC engaged an outstanding demonstration of rip-snorter power on steroids. Maintaining a critical perspective, I submit that it is in fact of value to review one of the primary components that triggered this Hillarbilly fiasco:


On u-tube yesterday there was a ad from the DCCC featuring John Dean requesting monetary support from the general public. They are feeling the heat and AOC is correct, if you wish to support a individual candidate send money directly. Somehow the monopoly of the so-called two party system has to be broken, it is harming millions of people here and worldwide thru its repressive and militaristic policies. Whether there can be a takeover of the Democrat party or strong 3rd and 4th party remains to be seen, but this system does not provide for the mass of people any longer if it ever really did. Another good idea is ranked choice voting, this concept needs to be brought forward in the current presidential contest. End the political monopoly of the two party system now!


Obviously, the DCCC Leadership is made up of politicians protecting their status quo… be sure to donate directly and generously to their primary opponents. I doubt the ‘Leadership’ cares and iota about the other democrat minions filling minion roles in the DCCC.



John dean , Joe Scarborough , Bob Mueller, Megan McCain, and AIPAC, take the torch from Hillary and become the new saviors of the Democratic Party.


country - Thank you …

Am also wondering if it might be time for a Women’s Party?

And time to pressure to support and campaign for Medicare4All and Ranked voting –
perhaps by volunteering with the candidates who support it to work on the issues.

Ranked voting – which is now working in Maine – hasn’t had very much discussion
in press or by candidates. (Apologies, if I’ve missed that!)


It’s a Private Club, And YOU Ain’t in it.


Already we can see what is to come for 2020. Buckle up!!!


Just recvd DNC survey and money solicitiation doc from T Perez. What a fascinating experience. Multiple questions on directions the party should go and on issues we should be concerned about. We can check boxes affirming that Russia is a meddler in our politics, but there is no box to check on AIPAC’s meddling.

Not one check box on the wars and whether to end them. Not one box on the Green New Deal as a possible priority. Not one box on whether we should continue to use NATO to provoke the Russians. Couple of boxes on Trumps’s dangerous foreign policy in general, but none on whether we should view leaving Syria as a positive thing, or whether talking to Kim was a good idea.

I could go on but you get the picture. I have been giving to individual candidates who espouse values I share, and have no plans whatsoever to contribute to the DNC.


Democrats putting themselves in position to make sure they lose in 2020.


A Republican by any other name is a DNC Democrat.

Pause, Hell, those folks have Decades of Cleaning House before they see any of my money

Stick to Issues and the Candidates, like AOC, who have the Courage to speak Truth to Power


In a word: HELLNO!!!

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I’d just as soon vote republican than vote for a centrist democrat. At least with a republican, you know what you are getting. Keep the ball rolling, AOC. The corrupt ones are scared of you.


I love George Carlin. I have my doubts about whether he died a natural death.

Never heard that one before. He was an outspoken voice against the Oligarchy though

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NO!!! Why create yet another Progressive “divide” when we need to unite?!