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Ocasio-Cortez Warns Biden That Just Throwing Progressives a 'Couple of Bones' Will Not Be Enough

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/04/13/ocasio-cortez-warns-biden-just-throwing-progressives-couple-bones-will-not-be-enough

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I still love hearing from some dingbat progressives who have deluded themselves into believing that, deep inside Joe Biden’s political soul, lies a George McGovern liberal waiting to burst out.


Nicely dissonant response.


This is the same AOC who’s already endorsed Uncle Joe, yes?

The same AOC who voted for the mega bailout for Wall St, and for a measly $1200 for us?

The same AOC who’d been on board with the DNC’s Russiagate canard from the beginning?

Yes indeed… meet Sanders 2.0, just another sheepdog for the phony opposition that is the Democratic Party.


Americans just want jobs that pay enough so they don’t have to carry around a self shaming beggars cup to make ends meet.


I am glad to see AOC continue to put progressive issues before the public - even if former Vice President Biden isn’t likely to do much with them.


not to worry. there won’t be even a single bone thrown your way. dude didn’t even do it when the election was still in the air (sort of). He ain’t doing it in office.

So do something intelligent for once: prove you can say “no” to these lunatics and force them to account for you and let them know that, “yes, we can go somewhere else”.

It’s an easy lesson for everyone else, but Democrats have hell trying to figure this one out.


Where is sleepy crooked uncle Joe, he’s hiding because he doesn’t really want to embarrass Trump for totally fumbling the corona virus response sending tens of thousands of people to their graves. The US under trumo mismanagement and chaotic schizophrenic response has made the USA number one in covid-19 deaths and number of infections world wide. Sleepy Joe meanwhile is again playing politics with a deadly pandemic with potential to kill millions.


Let’s all keep beating a “dead horse” so we think that there is actually any hope left. Delusion is the American way.


As if having mf45 in office isn’t sufficiently fraudulent, the Democratic machine not only kept Biden in play after he greased the skids for the far-right Clarence Thomas, but even throws him up as “presidential” material.


My daughter (active—from afar— in the democratic socialist club at her college) shares sights like the one below with me. I find it helpful to delve into what the under 30’s are reading and writing . . . some great posts in the thread on the link below.

Student groups that supported Bernie are rejecting Biden nationwide.




Those student groups’ reaction confirm that Biden better get every last one of those demographics who voted for him in the primaries to the polls in November if he wants to beat Trump in November.

If past DNC performance is any indication, it won’t be Biden "throwing progressives a couple of bones’…more like a couple of crumbs.


Nothing self-shaming about holding out a beggar’s cup. Just be sure to have the name of a corporation on that cup. Republicans do it all the time! Don’t have a real corporation? Who cares? Make one up and say the business’s address is in the Cayman Islands.


Soooo damn true! I think Sarah, the lady from my state said it best about Obama: " HOW IS THAT HOPEY CHANGEY THING WORKIN OUT FOR YA".


Yup. Just a matter of time before Trump brags about making the US NUMBER 1 in Covid deaths. And his minions will chant: "USA! (cough cough) USA! (I have a fever) USA!


At the same time, she said elsewhere in the interview, “people need to feel hope” when it comes to looking towards the next Democratic administration.

If Biden gives anyone hope it means they do not realize like I predicted over a year ago, that Bernie was just being used in 2020 just like in 2016 to give the naive, progressives false hope. Biden was selected because he is a corrupt, corporate, Democrat and if that gives progressives hope!


His aides wrote an op-ed for him in the NYT today then woke him up in the basement and showed it to him.


You’re right. In the unlikely event that Biden would go so far as to appoint some true progressives to his prospective administration, only then will I consider voting for him. But the more likely outcome is that he pays some insincere lip service to progressives in order to dupe some to vote for him.


From The Real News:

Noam Chomsky analyzes the coronavirus pandemic in the context of neoliberal capitalism’s failures, climate change, potential nuclear disaster, and Donald Trump’s authoritarianism.

Noam Chomsky On COVID-19 And His New Book: Internationalism Or Extinction


From author, Neil J. Smith:

The dark consequences engendered by the theft of this “land” from its native people has created a backlash over the centuries, i.e., more than simply a ripple effect but a tsunami effect, and we see it played out every day in the acts of hatred perpetrated on different ethnicities and immigrants all around us. And its insidious economic form of capitalism bears it out more surely than any argument I might possibly make.


“Nothing will structurally change”. That is what he said. I wont vote for him because I am tired of the Establishment Dems pulling the same number each time: narrowing down our choices to candidates the corporations and 1% want and then say “if you dont vote for us, you get the fascist”. It is like we are being held hostage and they are acting like fucking terrorists :“either vote for us or we will unleash the fascist on you” has become the new normal. And what gets me is that it didnt have to be that way if they hadnt spent the last 18 months maligning and slandering Sanders as a dangerous, antidemocratic, sexist and toxic piece of shit, we wouldnt even be having this discussion and they wouldnt already be setting up the narrative of blaming us Bernie Bros for the inevitable loss.

If we lose to Trump, it will be squarely on every single person who voted for Biden and believed the lies and all the Corporate Dems and their character assassins in the MSM who ran 24/7 negative coverage on Sanders while propping up Biden and treating him with kid gloves to make him more palatable to the ignorant, stupid masses.

I voted for HRC in 2016 but this time, I will not make the same mistake again. At least under Trump everyone is still on their toes and fighting. Once Biden gets in, everyone will think everything is finally ok again in never -never land under the Bidens, and ex Clinton and Obama staffers of the world. No way. You have to earn my vote. And going around having nothing but contempt for the progressive movement, calling Sanders toxicand dangerous and destructive cause he wants to give people healthcare so they don’t die and cancel student loan debt so they don’t drown is not my idea of earning my vote. You didnt wanna end up with Biden, you shouldn’t have shoved the sexual predator and corporate shill who said nothing will structurally change down our throats. The bloodshed and all the dire consequences of a second Trump terms is going to be 100% on the Democratic Establishment.