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Ocasio-Cortez Welcomes Help From Anti-Trump Republicans in Defeating President—But Rejects Kasich's Attempt to Define Party

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/17/ocasio-cortez-welcomes-help-anti-trump-republicans-defeating-president-rejects


Kasich will never understand what AOC is pointing out, which is that there is no such thing as being a little bit corrupt or a little bit wrong. But, then, many donkeys still haven’t figured that one out either.


Obviously the Kasich invitation is a double-pronged attack. One prong for Trump, to let him know he doesn’t have universal appeal among Republicans and the other prong for progressives, especially AOC, to say Republicans are more welcome in the party than progressives.

But certainly not surprising considering the parade in March of “important liberals” saying they might have to vote for Trump over Sanders if it came to that in the general.


715,000 state employees in Ohio!
wow and whoa.
It takes that many to have a professional football team in Columbus.

Yesterday afternoon, I made a presentation about Biden and Kasich being the same, equal democrats.

Raised in a Catholic home in Pennsylvania, dad a union member, not afraid to speak out, learn, work hard, educated, ethical.

There ya go folkes. I can vote for John, Jesse Ventura and otherts too.

Notice Ocasio-Cortez blasted a Roman catholic saint from Molikai the other day. Called him a colonialist. He served lepers and eventually became one himself.

Line in the sand time. Kasich and any other Republican allowed to speak at the convention (who I am to say who gets invited, I am an Independent) should be allowed only to say that by our bat-shit crazy Republican standards we find Trump to be vampirus loco extremus and leave it at that. Period.


maybe today is a good day to start finding common ground so that we can build a society of peace, respect, justice and charity.


In a way, Kasich really is emblematic of the Party; at least it’s leadership. As a so-called “moderate Republican”, outside of perhaps a few stances on social issues (such as his opposition to reproductive self-determination by women), he’d fit in with the Democratic Party leadership.

So the fact that such ‘moderates’ are jumping off the Trump ship is to one degree an affirmation of just how bad Trump is, but it’s also an indication of their comfort with the Democratic Party leadership- and an indication of their comfort that “nothing will fundamentally change”. .


As a moderate, if that is what he really is, he is probably pretty much to the left of the DINO leadership.


Where is the common ground between a progressive and a fascist?
Finding common ground with the modern Republican Party is like negotiating with a serial killer. Where is the spot for compromise? He says he wants to stab 10 women in the throat with a rusty butter knife. What do you do then, tell him that 10 is unacceptable but 5 would be OK?
Of course not. It’s time we started treating republicans like they have treated us. We are right, they are wrong. They and their ideology must be obliterated before they do it to us. Just in case you haven’t figured it out, this is a zero sum game.


The d-party big tent.
That’s where coherent policy positions go to die.

Newsflash, this just in, the comprehensive list of what the d-party stands for, right here:


You can now see what the problem is. If Kasich and his anti worker, anti women views are now considered “moderate” by the Republican hierarchy then there is no longer a Republican Party. They are simply fascists.
And if Kasich is being invited to dinner, just how far does that show the Democratic Party has fallen as well?
The democrats invited John Kasich to dinner. He sat down, tucked the tablecloth into his pants, chugged a glass of wine, and called our cousin a slut.
It’s a good day to be a Democrat, eh?


AOC is right, just because the Democrats have adopted the Republican agenda, and are running a senile finger banger, it’s no reason to let a Republican with low respect for women’s rights expose the Democratic Party for what it has been for three decades now. People might catch on, for crying out loud.


Here in PA the trump campaign just started airing another anti Biden ad featuring ol Joe lying about his educational background, with the end featuring leering Joe rubbing a woman’s shoulders.
And so it begins…


It’s absurd that Kasich was invited to speak while pro labor Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown was snubbed. What’s worse is that Kasich deeds that he is the one that should define the Democratic Party. As a liberal I am so tired of being taken fir granted as the party lurches further and further to the right. i wish there was a left party that had even an iota of a chance to win. They make it increasingly hard to vote for them.


I’ll be watching exactly one minute of this convention.


Sadly, the truth about the Democratic ticket will be viewed as pro-Trump attacks rather than the rejection of what the party leaders have made the party become.

If we’re really stupid we’ll believe the sleazy attacks on challengers to the chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee and the Speaker, are simply emerging facts and not diversion from their decades of manifest service to money over service to their constituents exhibited by Neal and Pelosi.

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I’m currently watching a shark movie on the syfy channel while reading a book. The shark movie will undoubtably be more intellectually stimulating than the Democratic convention.


Kasich gets prime time. AOC gets a lump of coal. And progressives everywhere are shown just how much the Dems value them. Again.

It’s a strange dynamic. The Dems left the real progressives behind, at least with regard to respecting them, decades ago. The Dems came to realize that they don’t have to respect progressives to keep them in the fold, much like people of color. And though progressives can see it, hear it and know it to be true, emotionally, they can’t accept the reality of it and do something about it. As a result, they anguish a bit more with each election cycle as they settle for step child status and thereby strengthen the stranglehold the Dems have on them. The two things we can know with certainty are that things will get worse for those most needing a progressive government and the choice presented to progressives next time around will be even more difficult.

Unless, just maybe, AOC truly intends to be of consequence in anything remotely akin to a meaningful progressive movement, so that she dumps the Dems and takes her remarkable potential for exciting the progressive mind, for leading a movement, to a third party where she might someday actually make a difference. It sure ain’t gonna happen within the unDemocratic Party. Perhaps some of her friends will come along, some of the Squad, thinking that a shot at a genuinely progressive political party is the only way and that it might be worth sacrificing their safe, little niches within the neo-liberal unDemocratic Party for something honest, something real.

They could do it on their own, call it for example, the United American Workers’ Party (the UAWP). They might want to drop in and light up the Movement for a People’s Party (the MPP). And they really could light it up. They might work to unite the MPP and the Green Party, and maybe bring in some of those other small parties of relatively like mind that are out there. Do that, AOC, and there’s a damned good chance that millions of voters and potential voters would jump on board, making Bernie’s so called political revolutions pale in comparison. Just imagine what might happen with a movement like that, led by the right person, and joined by millions just like us. You could do that, AOC.


Do we have this right? Kasich is speaking at the Dem convention? And he’s not the only Republican invited?

Paging Biden. Paging Harris.
Do you approve? Take your time in telling us now, won’t you?


Loving Christo Availis coverage of the “convention”!

He is getting really worked up-----I am too and may change my mind about what I’m going to do with my mail in ballot!


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