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Ocasio-Cortez's "Audacious and Bold" Commitment to Climate Action Is Just What the Planet—and the Democrats—Need


Ocasio-Cortez's "Audacious and Bold" Commitment to Climate Action Is Just What the Planet—and the Democrats—Need

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who recently won her Democratic primary to represent New York's deep blue 14th Congressional District—defeating a longtime representative who was a poweful player in the party—is running on a climate platform that is exciting scientists and constituents alike.


I’ve been somewhat troubled by the progressive Left’s buy-in to consumer capitalism and goodies for all, because everything we have, no matter if we’re rich or poor, ultimately has come from harm being done to the biosphere and innocent animals.
The Green New Deal is definitely a way to harness consumer capitalism and techno-utopianism to help people.
Instead of our tax dollars subsidizing interstates, fossil fuels, bulldozing and paving, and other earth-rape, they could subsidize solar houses, solar cars, ripping up the urban hellholes, planting trees and gardens, ecological restoration, etc.
The truly big leap for a progressive like Ocasio-Cortez is to mention that advocating for free, safe and easily available contraceptives, vasectomies and abortion rights are part of anything Green, because every baby born is a nail in the coffin of the biosphere and the less of us the better.
I’m glad she’s proposing something that would slow down the anthropogenic mass extinction event our species has become, and improve society.
She’s one of few.


Half-baked just means there is more that can be done!
Doesn’t go far enough, isn’t enough, more of the same. Ok so we can do more.
Someone go first!

I speculate that the half-baked accusation is also in understanding all of the causes of global warming. I HAVEN’T got a source, just a hunch, that those ice breaker ships break ice, probably more than just by pressure, possibly microwave? melting them. I HAVEN’T got a source, just another hunch that satellites can melt ice too.
I HAVENT for a source, but I suspect that those who say things are heating up faster than expected,well they didn’t try very hard to look for anything!
We have to stop wanting the Arctic to melt so we can drill and ship!!!


All of this is mostly talk unless the Democrats can retake the House and Senate. Tulsi Gabbard’s OFF Fossil Fuel Act has gained a number of cosponsors but clearly can go nowhere in a House controlled by the Republicans. As Jennifer Francis points out technology needs to be developed to remove carbon from the atmosphere.This is what the IPCC says to be under 2C in 2100. Right now Ocasio-Cortez’s plan is unrealistic in the present political situation. What we are seeing now at the federal level is an increase in oil and gas drilling measures. Coal seems to be on the way out but that is occurring slowly. The real action is at the state and local levels. When it comes to climate Ocasio-Cortez is not the relevant because she will probably elected to federal office. It is people being elected to state and local offices who are going to make a difference unless the blue wave is a tsunami.


You want tax subsidized solar cars but privatized (or none at all ) interstates? Money for pretty gardens but not bridges or mass transit?
Babies are coffin nails? Yeah, the Green Party can sure sell a program.


Environmental action that gore far beyond the timid and co-opted “plans” are doomed, as are many life forms, unless we get money OUT of politics and electoral processes and get science back-in! Politicians and corporations or religious pie-in-the-sky unconscious adherents should NOT be making environmental policy!

Ocasio-Cortez supports common sense changes, but without massive support - not likely to be forthcoming from the DINO sellout wing - we will still be a nation under threat from the worship of Mammon rather than respect and stewardship for Mother Earth!

As long as “the goal” of government is more “development”, and “growth”, destructive exploitation, and consequent pollution in the blind quest for profits uber alles, we will continue the corrupt slide into oblivion…


the worlds peoples and the US could do things to halt that slide but the will and leadership isn’t there, and like so many other civilian priorities, the “defense” budget and the interest on the ever-expanding national debt eat-up precious resources…gifting the wealthiest more trillions doesn’t help either!


Here’s a string of three (3) comments in the NY “Times” that I posted with the hope of educating (Americans as well as Mexicans) about the promise and dangers of (respectively) good democratic progressive-populists vs. bad Imperialist-populists:

Oh, BTW, here’s that second comment I made to the “Times” regarding the 4th of July 1776 — it took a little longer to clear in, because I foolishly wrote it as a reply to another “Times” reader who ended her commentary by asking, “What would the founding fathers do in this mess?”

Anyway, I answered Patricia, with a much more Revolutionary reply than she may have wanted, but I’m always pleased that the “Times” allows me to publish fairly radical and Revolutionary stuff like this comment — even though it’s the kind of comment that I often have trouble getting into even left-leaning, progressive, alt-media sites:

Fortunately, the string of my three (3) comments on the 14th Amendment being terribly misused and the two (2) comments on how we Americans “Can get America Started Over Again?” were all accepted and printed without any censoring by the “Times” ---- which openness by the “Times” should give their alum Chris Hedges a hint at what great good his stuff could do in as powerful an ‘opinion-setting’ national paper and megaphone like the NY “Times” (or “The Post”, which uses the new 21st century mast-head slogan “Democracy Dies in Darkness”).

HEY, Chris, these leading newspapers are perfect for you (more than anyone) to leverage, leverage, LEVERAGE, Now, with truth, truth, TRUTH!

I’ve posted these Second American Revolution starter comments on the NYT, TD. CD, and PR for what it’s worth ---- and assuming anyone is interested in actually starting a Second American (non-violent) “Revolution Against EMPIRE” — but what the hell doing that would take away all the useless fun of debating shit, eh guys??


It’s nice to see her get into the box so she can think outside of the box. To make a move is bigger than to fail without trying. Old Rolling Stones song, You got to move!


I see from some of your other postings that you’re not a progressive and you’re a troll, so this is the last time I’ll engage you.
Facts are facts. Every human born will be fed, clothed, housed and otherwise supported by actions and materials that unavoidably harm the biosphere, especially if the human isn’t vegan.
We are an anthropogenic mass extinction event.
Likely you have no clue what a mass extinction event is. But we are one. And unless we stop making new humans and stop living as we do, we will erase a large portion of the biosphere and the species we share the planet with.
The truth is hard to market to the one species that is wholly deluded and has the power to ruin life on earth.
But it’s still the truth.
Get a clue.


Step ahead of the game in WA State…



“How will energy be stored as an economical cost if only using wind and solar? What is the role for nuclear power in such a plan? Who will fund this transition?” is about all you need to know about Emily Atkins. Her priority is money. Keep the conversation around this tech: EVs + rooftop & neighborhood PV arrays. Ignore the ‘fraud’ self-driving car, hyperloop and highway tunnel hype, a ruse to distract public attention from actual solutions. Search “The Walking Communities of 2040” my token essay.


All of Ms Ocasio Cortez’s programs are all well and good and a step in the right direction. But unless industrial capitalism ends and with it all the imperial wars for resources with a rapid transition to sustainable living the ecological systems we all depend on will continue to deteriorate. Human population is too high for sustained living in the environment. Alaxandria’s plan would have been a good start in, say 1973 when oil started to be a concern. I’m afraid now it’s too little, too late. At least she sees the climate crisis as the threat to all life that it is.


Seriously, David, stop it with the Malthusian crap. You can fit the whole population of the Earth in the state of Texas and the population density would be less than some major cities. The end is not near, not even close. Religious nuts ave been predicting it for ages, the “greens” are fairly new to this game.


David, You can’t or won’t face differing viewpoints fairly, so it appears you’re not a part of the overall solution that must include more than just population control. That argument is more a rightwing authoritarian view than the leftist Right to Choose. Population growth is a borderline racist issue. Oh yes it is! Rightwingers agree with you but have their own way of dealing with excess population.
You’re not helping. You’re complaining.


"How will energy be stored as an economical cost if only using wind and solar?

This is an important question. Recently there has been increased interest in suing the batteries of all electric vehicles. There has been a proposal to used commuter cars for this purpose. They could be charged during the day when solar provides excess energy and demand is lower and then in the evening feed energy into the grid when demand for electricity is high and solar is lost. There is an experimental program underway to use school buses for this purpose. After school is over these buses sit in parking lots and could be used for energy storage. This is one type of solution to the economic aspects of the energy storage problem. Of course hydro, which is renewable energy will continue to play a role and the use of geothermal will increase. But the critical thing, and I don’t see it in Ocasio-Cortexs plan is to improve energy efficiency. About 40% of greenhouse gases are attributable to buildings and there is tremendous potential to improve energy efficiency in many buildings, particularly when it comes to residential building and stores. As far as I know Ocasio-Cortez has limited knowledge on climate change an energy. She only graduated from college about 6 years ago and I believe was involved with publishing. There is no reason to be looking at someone like that for answers. It is more useful to look to scientists and organizations such as the Sierra Club and Food & Water Watch that have been studying the problem in depth for years.


No coffin nails in your home, I assume. Clutch your truth tightly to your breast.


It is not generalized “people” who threaten the biosphere, it is the system of capitalism. You’re statement lets the real crooks off the hook. Generalized “people” didn’t decide not to pursue renewables, it was the fossil fuel and banking industries (two of the most powerful sectors in the world economy). And this ideology - blaming everyone for the crimes of the few - and that’s what it is, ideological, has a long and sordid history starting with Malthus (who’s theories were proved wrong in his own time). It’s misanthropy masquerading as “progressive” thinking. It’s reactionary.


In oil refining, petroleum is burned to heat crude oil. First the natural gasses—methane, ethane, propane and butane-- are removed and compressed into cylinders. Propane cylinders of varying sizes abound in every community. At higher temperatures, gasoline boils off for use in automobiles. Internal combustion engines have many moving parts; the friction generates heat and wear. Lubrication with motor oil that boils off at a higher temperature than gasoline, is essential. Even electric cars have a power train—transmission, drive shaft, differential gears, wheel bearings and wheels. The weight of a vehicle is suspended on at least four wheels. Polished steel bearings also generate heat and must be lubricated with a petroleum fraction—called wheel bearing grease—that boils off at a still higher temperature than motor oil. The eighteen wheel trucks on our highways carry about 26 tons of cargo and require axle grease that is still thicker than that used for passenger cars.
The steel, copper and aluminum that are used to make trucks and cars require amounts of energy that require fossil fuels and cannot be supplied by wind turbines and solar panels. Solar panel construction starts with melting sand and they have a 30 year lifespan. One needs to ask what the break- even point is—when the energy saved by the device equals the amount used for its construction; it will be measured in years, not months.
Taking all of the above into account , Ms. Ocasio-Cortez’s pronouncement seems like delusional thinking. She’s not alone in this regard; Bill McKibben has made the same pronouncement. It’s not fraudulent; merely uninformed. Neither of them know what’s under the hoods of their cars. (In another incarnation I was an auto mechanic). In the meantime, when 53 per cent of the country’s discretionary spending—not Medicare and Social Security—goes to the Pentagon, we can kiss the planet goodbye.


Is it industrial capitalism or just industrial? What about Russia and China?


I am not sure what your point is. Motor oil, grease, etc are not combusted and therefore do not release greenhouse gases.