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Ocasio-Cortez's Climate Genius Stroke: Her #GreenNewDeal Is the Most Serious Response to the Crisis Yet


Ocasio-Cortez's Climate Genius Stroke: Her #GreenNewDeal Is the Most Serious Response to the Crisis Yet

Bill McKibben

Ruing the day that they mocked her clothing or dancing, some critics have decided to train their fire on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s brain instead. She didn’t know the three branches of government; she overstated how much the Pentagon had wasted.


Dear AOC,
There is no need to espouse a number for each an every cause you champion. Those in the audience do not carry calculators on their hips. Stick to principles and passion–those things in which you excel. Let others choke on their own gaffes. We the people need your messaging skill. Please stick to your A game, Alexandria. It can serve us all well.
-An Admirer


McKibben sez:
"If, a writer in the Washington Post suggested, this kind of imprecision persists, ‘responsible self-government becomes impossible.’”

I’d suggest the Minister of Imprecision occupying the Offal Office has already done the heavy lifting in establishing proof of this hypothesis.


Definitely “Hat’s Off” to Alexandria for her passion and courage.

"Hat’s Off" to the Green Party for their vision of their Green New Deal before the Democrats chose it as their own.


It will take the energy of AOC and other bold leaders to keep the Democratic Party from green washing the GREEN NEW DEAL !


We do not have that much time.



This article is, as usual full of the same flawed logic that has got us into this position. AOC is just another tool in the one party system, designed to distract us. IF she actually was a progressive, she would talk about the MIC, our foriegn policy funding of war pigs and the issues that are truly driving the destruction of our planet. Instead war funding and planning gets glossed over, even thought those are the largest users of carbon, as well as the enforcers for the carbon gang, through military and covert actions around the planet. Nothing she has said or done address these root causes for climate destruction.
That being said, Mcgibbons also cheeses out on the facts. Who pays his bills, that he is green washing /minimizing the ongoing planet genocide and the 6th extinction?

  1. We are not emmiting the same carbon as we did in 1990. We are emitting far more, record amount way past 1990 amounts. Why does Mcgibbon minimize this fact? Who pays his bills to write these greenwashing lies?
  2. Legislation in California, in the form of carbon trade/tax laws do absolutely zero to reduce emissions. What they are designed to do is distract us into a false sense of compacency, because those darn cali progressives are doing something, darn it! In reality these measures are used by entrenched interests to avoid change, as they allow continued carbon use, with no actual change, booting the regulatory actions down the road, into the future.
    When carbon use at current levels is destroying that future, this is a fools game, forced upon us by amoral greed worshipping suicidal, dangerous people.
  3. Stop all nuclear products. These products are contributing to the global planetary destruction, especially the ongoing 4 meltdowns currently killing life in all of our oceans, as well as contributing to ocean warming, as our oceans have become the cooling pools for the out of containment, murderous nuclear particles released daily, from all nuclear plants around the world.

By 2030 we won’t have any food, because we will have killed so many species that our own food chain will consist of soylent green, if we’re lucky.

How come all of these alleged progressives minimize the danger? Who pays them into compliant “acceptable dissent”, as defined by chicken***t articles like this that toe the corporate line, and encourage us to do absolutely zero, because we are lulled into the false complacency that we have until 2030?

Real action would be, immediate installation of solar cells on every building everywhere.
Stop making weapons and selling them.
Make cars illegal, and make public transportation the only option.
Tax the rich at 90%, as they have proved they are incompetent to rule.
Print our own money, because bankers have also proved they are too amoral to lead.
Elect politicians through a lottery system, using the phone book, and allow only one term in office. We would get a more representative government from doing that then we currently have.


Never mind that the Green Party proposed this years ago, Bill. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad AOC is pushing this, but proposing a water-down (thus far) version of the main thing Jill Stein ran on in 2016 is neither “genius” nor is it “the most serious response to the crisis yet.” And your organization STILL doesn’t seem to be on board with recognizing the major contribution of animal agriculture to climate change, at least last I heard, even though the UN recognized it over 10 years ago.


One has to wonder what it will take? As long as the Green New Deal, in most of congress, means the green $$$$$$$ new deal, I do not see much change despite well meaning people like AOC.


Mark that on your calendar, November of 2021. I am pretty sure you will be around then to check how badly (or not) we’ve extincted ourselves and everything else.

[Mean this ironically] Such a wimp.
Public transportation also consumes fossil fuel. Real action would be to make bicycling or walking the only option.
& Taxing the rich at 90% is so short. Instead seize all their property and means of production, and send them to the slave labor gulag death camps.
Also send the bankers to the same camps. [/Mean this ironically]



Spot on evil ,we are living backwards just turn your name around .

Our solutions are spiritual and can only be found in our Oneness as a species with Life as prime value .
Solar is the future .Shut down the military all over the planet .Use the money on programmes that benefit the poorest ending the need for war .All the resources of the planet rightly belong to all the world’s people.
For further reading Awaken The Species is right up your alley way.
We Are All One



I’m sure Cortez is fully aware that the attacks against her come from those who oppose her agenda. The attacks come from those who are in the pocket of big oil. They come from those who choose not to act or in any way mitigate the effects of the catastrophe that they, and those they represent, have brought against us. We did not directly request to be driven to extinction by these “attackers”, nor did we ask them to destroy the futures of our children and their children. It was our inaction, our indifference which enabled them to do it without our requesting it, and now that we chose a candidate who will help us to reverse our mistake, they protest by way of these attacks. They still don;t understand that we chose her precisely for this reason, not by accident such as in their case.


Really an excellent response!


We all need a Happy Ending Medical Plan.

HEMP for short.

Your ideas are spot on.



Some religious nut (Yisrail Hawkins) out of Abilene, TX was predicting a similar event a few years ago in 2006. He even had countdown on his cult’s website. Abilene was supposed to be spared this event.

And that gentlemen, if why climate alarmists are not being taken seriously.


I mean it also doesn’t help that at the end of the post it essentially says, “we are all fucked there is nothing we can do”. Not exactly the most inspiring message, even if what the blog says is true. Frankly I am personally skeptical of this blog. But again that is because if it is true then there is nothing we can do anyway.


“We do not have that much time.”

Ah…peer review?


They have been displacing far more destructive alternatives for decades.

“especially the ongoing 4 meltdowns”

Zero ongoing meltdowns.

“currently killing life in all of our oceans,”

Have you ever found even one actual marine biologist who has been able to identify even one marine species harmed by radionuclides from nuclear power?

“as well as contributing to ocean warming,”

Clearly, you did not do the math on this.

“as our oceans have become the cooling pools for the out of containment, murderous nuclear particles released daily, from all nuclear plants around the world.”

You are living in a world of make-believe.