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Ocasio-Cortez's Revolt Against DCCC 'Exactly What We Need' Say Progressive Democrats

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/01/13/ocasio-cortezs-revolt-against-dccc-exactly-what-we-need-say-progressive-democrats


I back AOC 100% against dnc & dccc


The Dem “leadership” needs to be seriously challenged. They have sold out the working people of this country. They cry and whimper when challenged by their constituents when needed opposition to truly stupid economic or foreign policy decisions are made behind closed doors.
Unless the “leadership” opens up the debate on how this country should be led then they are finished. Caput.


Wow, AOC continues to hit home runs.
Many people squawk and screech about the corruption of Nancy and the other corporate Democrat sellouts, but starting by running for office and winning, and from day one since she won, AOC has done what needs to be done to overturn the corporate Democratic establishment. She’s an example to us all. Don’t just squawk and screech–go out and work for change in the real world.
The Hillary, Biden and Pelosi bots are stealth Republicans who are only barely progressive on a couple of social issues such as LGBTQ and maybe abortion.
Otherwise, they’re consumerist, capitalist, American exceptionalism, status quo-affirming, statist, militarist human sheep.
They’re the enemies of Bernie and AOC and progressivism.
Those clowns would vote against FDR if he was running for office today.


First a bit of snark. So NYT, how did that article on AOC towing the party line age? I think you wrote it 7-8 weeks ago. Another big lose for the “Paper of Record”. I guess Russiagate continues to cloud your mind.

Anyways, this was a brilliant move by AOC as it kicks the legs from underneath the corporate wing of the democratic party (DCCC and DNC in particular). The latter will continue to kiss the a$$
of the rich but when they can’t deliver the legislative goods for the top 1%, the donation well will dry up. Money is power and AOC (and the 99%) now has a battering ram to go after these corporate sellouts. Make no mistake about it, AOC has declared war of the corporate wing on the democratic party. You go girl, I’m dropping 50 bucks today.


Yes, many people, women and minorities, have been outright rejected by the Republican party and are primarily in the Democratic party because of social issues. Ironically, they support Reaganomics trickle-down supply-side nonsense which primarily preserves the status quo.

As for economic policy, they are Reagan Democrats. If being called a Reagan Democrat or a Neoliberal, doesn’t upset individuals, It’s a great way of separating the New Deal Dems from actual economic Republicans. IMHO, Hillary is the best example. No, it’s Log Cabin Republicans. No it’s Biden supporters. No…

I continually surprised at how many there are out there at Wonkette, Eschaton and Queerty.


WOW indeed !!
I’m equally excited and fearful for her safety considering all the nut cases that see her as a danger to exposing their lying racist gun toting capitalistic planet destroying asses.


Yes those people are against AOC. But I find those INSIDE the party to be much more dangerous. Our party has been infested with Reagan Democrats who ensure the passage of Republican economic policy.


One hundred years ago today, the NYT published an editorial in which they insisted that the rockets designed by Robert Goddard could not travel in the vacuum of space. On July 17, 1969, as the Apollo spacecraft headed to the moon, the NYT published a retraction: “The Times regrets the error.” The full story is here.


AOC continues to impress. She has used her power to drag the party to the left despite the establishment kicking and screaming against her the whole time. The biggest thing she has done to impress me was to endorse Bernie Sanders while he was laying in a hospital bed after having suffered the heart attack. I can think of very few people who would put doing what she believes is right ahead of her political career, as I know that almost all politicians would have chosen to wait to see how Bernie recovered or would have moved to endorse someone else. She showed remarkable political courage to endorse him when his fate was uncertain and she did so at a crucial time for Bernie’s campaign. It is embarrassing to me to think of what I was accomplishing at the same age as this remarkable woman.


This is exactly what a super delegate system is designed for, the trash can.


There is neoliberal and then there is neocon. In both cases the prefix “neo” is the key to the phenomena of “uniparty.”


AOC is the best thing that has happened to progressive politics since Eleanor Roosevelt. I hope she can maintain her energy and fortitude in challenging establishment Democrats. Alexandria and Bernie vs. Goliath!


yes!!! Go AOC!


While I absolutely support this move by AO-C, I have to caution commenters here about how much this PAC can accomplish. Remember, only three incumbents lost their primaries in 2018. And I’d argue that one of “the Squad,” Ayanna Pressley, isn’t any more progressive than the guy she replaced

Which means I’d call AO-C’s effort a success if four candidates supported by “Courage to Change” win. And realistically, that ain’t much.


This is very significant. The establishment has to be challenged if we are ever to see any thing resembling positive change. Thanks and I will be sending a few dollars to the Courage to Change PAC, it is about time too. Well done Representative Ocasio-Cortez, this move takes courage!


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (I typed Cortex first- A great Freudian slip for a smart, dedicated progressive who doesn’t suffer fools, liars or hacks) is just what democracy needs.

In 2006, the DNC, DCCC and DSCC all went against party rules and got involved in nonincumbent races, supporting candid who were against a timetable for getting out of Iraq. The three headed D-Cerberus went against candidates who were grassroots, had run well previously and in some cases, were trying to get wealthy Republicans to run as Democrats rather than, God Forbid, have a progressive possibly win.

That Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez is again calling the Democratic machinery on its (pick your own excretory epithet) AND ACTING ON IT is what the People of America need. Notice how the Republicans have had their Contract On America (1994 w/ Gingrich), the Koch-funded Tea Party and now the Kleptocracy et al of Trump. And the Democratic Party overlords have been playing checkers when the Republicans have been playing chess and don’t want to play any other game.

Didn’t they ever hear of the middle of the road is for yellow lines and dead armadillos (Thank you, Jim Hightower.)

She’s A-OK with me!


WooHoo! I love that girl and will be donating to it. The start of the take down of the elites but know they won’t go away quietly. I’m dancing a jig!


Watch those decimal points!


In another “time and day”, we the masses might have had the luxury to wait for the democrats to reform themselves. With the climate emergency, endless war, housing and health crisis, and everything else, we can no longer wait.

If people are to run for elected office, they need to do so as third party or independents. Be 100 percent truthful, bold, uncompromising.

Support Sanders, AOC, and others of similar position if you want; but, oppose the democrats and republicans in total.