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Occupation, Schmoccupation: And Propaganda Shall Cover For Everything


Occupation, Schmoccupation: And Propaganda Shall Cover For Everything

As part of Israel's increasingly desperate PR campaign to counter opposition and prove it has justice on its side, a settlers' group has released a booklet to teach future generations "the right facts" - like "There's no such thing as Palestine" and price tag attacks are actually committed by Arabs against Arabs. Its jeering title, "Occupation, Schmoccupation," reflects a country in abiding, pathological denial.


It is sad to see dehumanization proceed as if it were normal. This kind of blind propaganda locks in hate and fear and locks out peace and mutual respect. It is sickening that political leaders would twist young minds rather than encourage a clear mind and free thought.

Where is peace in this booklet? Where is peace even mentioned? Where is there a future that can have peace in it with the things said in this booklet?

The claim that Israel wants peace are belied by this booklet.

How shameful it is to teach the young hatred. What psychological cost will they bear in their lives?

The myth that Israel wants peace is destroyed by this booklet.

There is no peace within its pages… nor in the future when children are taught hatred in school.


Please, let us all be aware they are using our play-book. At least the natives of Turtle Island had somewhere to go. Those over there have nowhere to go but into the ocean.


Are you speaking of the Palestinians or just the Israelis? You aren’t speaking of both. Our play book towards the Native Americans? Um a couple of centuries ago I think.

But of whom do you say they have nowhere to go but the ocean? It sounds like you mean the Israelis but they keep the Palestinians imprisoned and they don’t even have the ocean to go to.

Please clarify and explain why teaching hate to children is justifiable in your mind? I do not think it can be excused.


What do you call Hillary? Just curious as to your ‘reasoning’


Wow, you miss read me completely and I do mean Completely…just where are the Palestinians going to go? The playbook is still being used today against Natives here. A reservation is a reservation no matter where it is on the globe…again, WOW…is that clear enough?


Wow yourself. I asked didn’t I? You phrased things thus>>>
First you say they are using our playbook. Okay I got that.
Then you mention Turtle Island for some reason but I got that too. THEN you say

Who? Since you started by saying they (israelis) I needed to ask whom you meant. Which I did ask, so what is your problem?

I can only assume you meant something other than a justification when you said

But it wasn’t clear. I gather you were asking for understanding because they are using our play- book? The Please let us all be aware is what confuses.

And If I got it wrong so the f what? I asked you for clarification what a big crime that is huh. Your ego is resentful about something. Why don’t you just cool it and stop with the wow drama. Your writing was not clear and you expect much from a couple of sentences which refrained from specifics.


What are they gonna’ do with all that money & weapons and, etc., etc., etc., the US bestows upon them to keep cranking up the genocide against the Palestinians!?!

Obama just offered them and even higher bribe than they have been accustomed to taking!


Ah, that photo of the brave Israeli soldier taking on three deadly Palestinians single-handed…What a hero!


You were very clear Onedman.


If you think our inhumanity towards the Natives stopped at any point since ‘we’ made contact with them, you are unaware of what’s been happening.

Look at the stories in Canada about the missing aboriginal women. Look at the incarceration rate of Natives in Canada. Look at their income levels.

Other than that, I agree with what you say.


Everyone should take a look at the illustrations that are in that book.

Mondoweiss has them, to call the book propaganda misses the base racism in that thing. I’m surprised it was in Hebrew script, it looked like something that was originally written in German.


Thank you merf…I am deaf and didn’t learn how to read until I was a freshman in high-school, writing short concise sentences is all I know how to do it.


Glad to see you’re in complete agreement with the article!

Pity about the picture. Perhaps one of the Israeli’s destruction in Gaza, or maybe of the thousands of dead bodies from last year’s Operation Protective Edge would have been better.


Yup, just an ordinary soldier, on an ordinary day during the occupation. Every neighborhood should have gun toting soldiers and tanks just hanging around doing nothing. It would make us all feel more normal.