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Occupation Tourism: Enjoy AC, Wi-fi, Heated Pool, Breakfast Buffet and Picturesque Views Where Disenfranchised People Once Lived!



How about a group of activists get together and do one of these IDF tours and tell the soldiers what we think of them and their nation's treatment of the Palestinians? Or at least ask them some very pointed questions.


I'd love to, if I could afford it, but the Zionists would get wind of it upfront through some stooge and refuse visas.


Wouldn't it be great if the Legislature put Netanyahu in Coventry?
* Imagine him speaking to an empty house with the cameras and recorders turned off!
* In fact, since nobody is home, the government could save money by turning off the heat and the lights. Only the exit lights left on.
* Ah, well, I can dream, can't I?