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Occupy Had Its Shortcomings, But It Was Hardly Forgettable


Occupy Had Its Shortcomings, But It Was Hardly Forgettable

Kate Aronoff

Last week, Quartz’s Shelly Banjo wrote an article obliquely titled “Remember Occupy Wall Street? Probably Not.” Her first point of evidence is that a longitudinal search of headlines reveals that those about “Occupy Wall Street” more or less dropped off by 2013.


I think if our little dick-traitor had opened his mind and his eyes to see what is really going on in Amerikkka instead of being so quick to assist in the removal of Occupy more people would still be talking about it. Also, many of the current movements found the strength to fight back b/c of Occupy.

Pwr 2 the OCCUPYING peons!


My comment takes the form of a would-be political cartoon. So if the reader would imagine a movement of young, idealistic kids, and all around them, firing squads lined up while out in front, a typically smiling, attractive CNN pundit says:

“As you can see, this movement has failure written all over it.”

This “cartoon” makes an important point about the way Ms. Aronoff buys into a frame that castigates Occupy Wall Street as having “failed.” Then she goes on to defend it… more or less.

The top-down typically male leadership model that’s been so crucial to patriarchy leads those who have not yet liberated themselves from this political-social “religion” to think only in terms of ITS formation.

Without a clear leader and a clear message, the authoritarian taught to only see value and virtue in this effete model CANNOT recognize the efficacy of any alternative to it.

When seeds are planted into the silent soils, no growth shows (above the surface) for a time. Some will never be able to connect the harvest of the future with the seeds planted earlier, but that doesn’t change the facts of life or how evolution happens.

There are so many things wrong with modern civilization:

  1. Its emphasis on force first, militarism, uber-masculinity and aggression
  2. Its emphasis on racism and maintaining an order that is preferential to white males foremost, and then persons with lots of $
  3. Its emphasis on conquering, owning, controlling, damning, damaging, and reformatting the natural world
  4. Its lousy wages and soul-deadening jobs for the vast majority
  5. Its lies told often… a phenomena made ubiquitous through the corporate capture of mass media
  6. Its new pharaohs, the corporations, that go about the world decimating human rights, liberties, livelihoods and quality of life
  7. Its medical model which simulates war
  8. Its focus only on immediate stimulation and loss of any sense of process, connection, and the Sacred
  9. Its energy system that are burning The Mother/Earth

I didn’t list all of the outrages, and they are many. As Ralph Nader spent his long career pointing out, what all hold in common is the hegemonic dominance granted to corporations. And since corporations tend to be owned and ruled by the very wealthy, Occupy Wall Street’s pointing out the defining distinction between the empowered 1% and the disenfranchised (think–TPP and TIPP rendered into law through almost total secrecy) 99% was a vital game-changer.

When any large group of persons confronts a bevy of problems, some will feel more passionate about specific issues rather than others.

Using the amorphous nature of human outrage and its many “targets” as cause to apply “defeat” to a movement is identifying with the frame of those who wish to make it all just go away. It is a tactical error.


Occupy what now?
OWS was not killed by big business or their conservative sock puppets. Oh no, OWS was eviscerated by a democratic president, his justice dept, and many a democratic mayor in the major cities throughout the USA.
Let’s hope the OWS people learned a valuable lesson from their foray into politics. That lesson being, the Democratic Party has no liberal faction in it anymore.


The fact that we have candidates in both parties that cozy up to Wall Street executives now talking with a populist tone to their speeches means nothing. A pig with lipstick is still a pig! Until we sever the connection between the 1% and elected officials bonded by big campaign donations, nothing will change. Politicians will follow the rich pied piper wherever he wants them to go. The Occupy movement may have lacked the perfect strategy, but they knew full well who was poisoning the well. If we are to have any hope of a brighter future, we need to follow through on campaign finance reform.


Recall Gandhi’s words: “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, and then you win”.


As OWS became more visible in the waning days of 2011 the “democratic president” even accelerated the signing of “trade deals” with South Korea, Colombia and Panama, just to rub in how he really felt about OWS and let OWS know who is boss.


The shameful way in which Occupy was treated by the Mayors, Obama, The Justice Department right down to the police and Campus Security revealed to us beyond A doubt just how far this Nation has slipped into the Fascist mode-


I miss the Occupy Willimantic spinoff from Occupy Wall Street. Many of them were really interesting people to hang out with on their protests–didn’t really occupy–mostly just stood on street corners for about an hour waving signs protesting big business and what they were doing to the economy. My signs mostly protested fossil fuel and global warming.