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'Occupy' Spanish-Style... Big Lessons for Us?



Its very interesting to do a search on quotes about 'the impossible' - the upshot being that its essential meaning is the opposite of one's first impression of the word. Only the impossible IS possible. The inner ear can practically hear the clanking of an ancient bronze key unlocking a door inside - both 'cast' in the heat of melting preconceptions.


The huge difference between Spain (or any European nation) and the US is the relative ease with which a new political party can be formed there, and the virtual impossibility here.

However, the Occupy movement has had a similar outcome here, in the role it's played in Bernie Sanders' campaign. This Guardian article details how the Occupy movement laid the groundwork for Sanders' campaign, by coining the 1% vs 99% meme, by energizing and organizing the grass roots, and by providing key staff in Sanders' actual campaign as well.


Will the Catalan independence vote create a fissure within Podemos though?


"Like two magnetic fields that neutralize each other, could the
independence process and Podemos weaken one another in Catalonia at the
risk of both losing their decisive punch? Are both present ways out
incompatible? Do they trace hopelessly divergent lines like two canoes
carried by opposing undercurrents? Are they merely two parallel paths?
Or is it possible to articulate them in convergent ways?" - Josep Maria Antentas



The US occupy movement followed the Arab Spring, Spain's May 15 and Madison, Wisconsin by about six months, it used the same identical occupy tactic as the others but claimed the idea in the brand name.

This is not meant to imply Occupy was not important, only to be realistic and point out the imagination came from around the world. American exceptionalism did not invent Occupy. The point needs to be made so that new imagination can be free and untethered from dominance by an old brand name.

Today's democratic leadership fountain is centered on the Kurds who have studied and consulted with the Zapatistas of Mexico. Both people's have concluded from experience that real democracy does not require a nation. Such an idea rests on information-age science that sees democracy as a tool for focusing distributed human intelligence.

Should US citizens decide to focus distributed intelligence and choose a first step away from endless war and corporate pollution? Would such an effort energize participation from the majority that boycotts fake elections? We the people do not need the US government to take the first step.

Democracy is an ancient human tool humans have used since sitting around a fire deciding what to do tomorrow. Distributed intelligence of humanity is entangled with the accelerating cosmic expansion of big-still-banging. Distributed human intelligence is zooming through the cosmos at life speed, it has ample power to reign in fake democracy and endless war. Distributed intelligence is writing a new story and we will know when it is ready to be lived.


Grassroots Online Democracy (G.O.D.), is working in Barcelona, an historic city, filled with tech savvy young. It bodes well for US.


Love your post.


Thanks. You are helping write the new story.


Good question, it's gone through my mind as well, we'll see. My guess is that the Catalan constituency of Podemos will retain its party unanimity as a regionally independent part of Spain or an independent nation if either comes to be.

I don't think the EU is dead yet, although the refugee chaos and the Greek economic imbroglio are severely stressing it. Will an independent Catalonia seek to become part of the EU. Not being as wealthy,economically independent, and socially stable as Switzerland, it could be questioned if Catalonia can stay outside of the EU. An awful lot of questions will have to be addressed with the option of full independence. I suppose using Andorra as a model could work, or the Lichtenstein model, or that of the "Duchy of Grand Fenwick".


If we don't pay our taxes we go to jail. If we boycott elections, the tea party wins. Specifically, what can distributed human consciousness actually accomplish? Please write another post, explaining the concept in more detail. Thank you!


Autonomous democracy as described by the Kurds of north Kurdistan and the Zapatistas of Mexico. It fits with information-age as the closest to ideal efficiency of focus.

Have you read Brian Greene, the astrophysicist? Very interesting. At one time he was expressing that consciousness is expanding as fast as accelerating big-still-banging. The idea is entanglement of distributed human intelligence with big-still-banging reduces US style totalitarianism attempting to direct a portion of big-still-banging according to central plan is too laughable to call hubris.


Hypothesize that the majority who boycott are energized by Bernie's electoral revolution to come out and vote yet he is somehow derailed. Having a plan b should Bernie falter is not boycotting elections. The act called creating a more perfect union may at times involve boycotting or repurposing elections.


Saying good-bye to Miguel, I sensed his determination and clarity of purpose.