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Oceans '16: Sanders Blasts Dinner with the Clooneys as 'Obscene' Extravaganza


Oceans '16: Sanders Blasts Dinner with the Clooneys as 'Obscene' Extravaganza

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

The $353,400 price tag attached to a Hollywood-Hillary Clinton fundraiser is raising eyebrows.

"It's a sum that would require an employee making the federal minimum wage to work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, for more than 5 years."
—Jeff Weaver, Bernie Sanders campaign manager


Perhaps Hollywood will nominate HRC for an academy award for her performance, that is her acting the "progressive"?


Sadly, I think they're betting on the wrong horse here. And in a questionable fashion.

Especially if you're in it for the long haul i.e. with it in mind to sustain life on this beautiful diverse and ailing planet.


That's a great idea. HRC is very good in deceiving the common people.


Well, I had thought better of both George and Amal, separately and together. But this is really overboard. The last thing Clinton needs is more funds, especially high-dollar funds from tiny numbers of funders. She already has too much of this bribe money. Sorry to see this.

Note on the 5-year 24/7 figure. Drop the 24 hours to 8 hours and the years go to 15 years. Then add in weekends and any vacation (if) and you have anywhere from 15 years minimum to 20 years or so for the average wage earner to earn (before taxes and all other living expenses) so much money which just one rich so-and-so will throw Hillary's way in a few hours all while eating "rubber" chicken.

Just rich people's bling: politicians, philanthropy and more.


Too much is never enough...take that money and invest in inner city PUBLIC schools and programs such as any and all PUBLIC pre-school programs; fund arts, music, and humanities K-12; maintain/repair/update school buildings; build free clinics where those in need can seek medical and dental care; provide clothing/housing/food to the homeless on a wide scale; establish 4-year scholarships for university educations nationwide (academic); invest in rebuilding crumbling neighborhoods; pay the back water bills of thousands in Michigan; ...just to name a few more worthy causes than giving a millionaire money to buy the presidency.

The gluttony just keeps growing. Ugh!


lets face it, these are her real constituents and who she cares about. A clinton presidency will see nothing but escalation of military actions and more people in the US slipping into poverty and the income inequality ratios getting even worse. Thats not my idea of much of a future. Maybe it appeals to you , but not me.


I have liked George but this is really low and his political sense highly questionable to put it mildly. The TV ad with Danny DeVito and George has become weird - Danny endorsed Bernie and Clooney Hillary.....


Okay, Bernie and his campaign need to shut the fuck up

Wow, who are you to tell Bernie and his campaign to shut up? That sounds pretty arrogant. We still have a primary race going on. Hillary has not been coronated as the nominee yet. And since that is the case, Bernie should be going after his rival in the primary, which is Hillary. He can go after the GOP, which I have no doubt whatsoever that he will, after he gets the nomination (if he does). You are getting way ahead of yourself.

In a recent interview with the LA Times, Bernie explained his strategy for getting his proposals put into place. He not only repeats his tax proposals for paying for it, he also states that it will take sustained grassroots pressure on Congress to get it done.


Exactly - I was going to say that this amount (multiplied by however many diners and political canoodlers) is obscene, but that word barely covers it, and I can't think of one that would.


I thought Clooney was a progressive. No way, he is as progressive as HRC may be, false and money-worshipper. I didn't miss a film of his, now I will miss all of them. He has disappointed me with this obscenity.


Aside from the unnecessary profanity I did a simple search and voila' this came up: https://berniesanders.com/issues/how-bernie-pays-for-his-proposals/

As far as the conspiracy goes with regards to voting problems, the the Supreme Court should be held responsible for gutting the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

An article that highlights a group affected who are known to be Bernie supporters: http://www.motherjones.com/politics/2016/03/native-american-voting-rights-lawsuits


For a Canadian you use some very rude and unnecessary language there sport. Maybe you should be more respectful when posting here and get some basic info on Bernie's platform and how he will fund his program for millions of Americans. The uber-wealthy have stolen trillions from our republic and the 99% over decades and its time to give it back. Between restoring fair taxation on the wealthy, making corporations pay their share, usually evaded, and Wall Street paying for their gambling addiction & usury, among other budget savings Sanders will be able to pay for his programs.
If you believe little Justin is a "liberal", I have news........


For $33,400 you can get a photo with candidate.

WOW... WHAT A DEAL! Where does this figure come from? Is it firm? Could one barter a bit, or would $33,350 simply not suffice? I wouldn't pay a cent to stand next to her, but if I were offered $33,400 to I'd do it. I'd wear my 'I'm with stupid' t-shirt.


Actually over five and a half years.


Hillary's campaign is funding Democratic Congressional candidates, which Bernie's campaign is not.


Right now, Keith, he's running against HRC, though there's very little difference between Hillary's and the Rs' policies, so that tosses your first complaint.

As to paying for his proposals, if you had paid attention, you would have realized that his proposals are in effect all over Europe, among other places, and are entirely affordable in all these countries that don't have GDPs remotely approaching the US.

They do this by not giving their GDPs to the 0.01% at quite the pace that the US does and by not devoting more than 50% of their budgets to the military.

Now it's your turn, keith, to STFU.


Again, Bernie stated that a sustained grassroots movement would be needed to keep pressure on Congress to get it done.

Btw, Johnson - your hero - did the few progressive things he did due to this same type of sustained grassroots pressure from the civil rights movement, for example.

You are free to believe that Bernie's proposals and candidacy are a pipedream and to oppose them, if you want. However, you don't have the right to tell him and his supporters to shut up.


Cool, let's not fight for anything worthwhile!

EDIT: You're a perfect Clintonista: "No We Can't!"


Yeah, the first person historians think of as a model for the political persona of Hillary Clinton: LBJ! You truly do make me laugh out loud.

You are giving a great lesson in perfect Clintonista trolling:
Do not say ANYTHING about Clinton's actual record; just write baseless declarative sentences about how great, progressive, etc. she is, and act like you just made a strong argument.