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Ode to the SiCKO Decade and Single-Payer Power


Ode to the SiCKO Decade and Single-Payer Power

Donna Smith

When Michael Moore’s documentary film, SiCKO, was released in June 2007, the nation was yet to elect our first African American president, and the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA/Obamacare) was yet to be introduced or debated.


Thank you Donna for your work on behalf of the American People.

Michael Moores films will continue to impact American politics for many years to come.


Yes, thanks for reminding us about how things actually get done. For a minute I was afraid your review was a prelude to a goodbye. The spirit of absolutism and ideological purity often possess my being also, and your personal history here is real proof that isn’t the way things work.

edit: the Sanders’ incident is also instructive in that the communication between a staffer and the Senator was so… real, that Bernie understood that he needed to get his ass out there.


I absent-mindedly clicked the wrong reply button. No real reason to attach my comment to yours.


One of the Fox twits, Hume, made a comment meant to disparage forcing insurance companies to accept preexisting conditions on the same basis as everyone else. What he said strongly implied that the only solution was single payer where everyone is enrolled at birth so that there aren’t any people trying to game the system by waiting until they were sick to enroll.


Imagine that, even a ‘fox twit’ can be brave enough to say something in favor of Medicare 4 All! [s/]


The PDA represents one of the best ways forward in the flawed two party system we have to endure.There still isn’t enough will of Congressional members to actually work toward a universal healthcare for all just yet. To de-privatize healthcare goes against the capitalist grain as the corporate profit extortion racket controls most members of Congress. It will take a great effort to move forward but in the end folks will be much better off than they’ve ever been. Good hard working people shouldn’t face financial ruin if/when an illness sidelines them for a while. It’s bad enough that many don’t get sick pay but then it’s compounded by staggering medical bills. I believe healthcare costs are still the #1 reason for bankruptcies in the US. Why this is so remains a mystery to me as the ‘people’ want universal coverage. At least the majority do anyway.


Few members would actually go out of their way to meet the people. The recent no-shows of Congressional members to avoid the crowds seething for a modicum of care is just one example of how corrupt most of them are.


A GREAT movie, in my opinion:

If you have never seen it please do! There is this limited edition on YouTube (sans beginning and ending)