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'Of, By, and For the 1%': Sanders Condemns Trump Budget as 'Immoral Document' Designed to Hurt Families and Children

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/02/10/and-1-sanders-condemns-trump-budget-immoral-document-designed-hurt-families-and


Designed to Hurt Families and Children
As I have Said many times and for many years

The Republican brain has a bizarre need to see others hurt and hurting. It makes them feel better about themselves. They are emotionally broken creatures

Here is more proof. His ‘base’ will love this and won’t make the connection that it will hurt THEM also untill it’s too late


Trump and the rest of his 1% fat pigs lack moral integrity, they are in an orgy of eating off America’s carcass.


Eventually the Sadistic Bigot would get around to Cutting Social Programs that Benefit Millions of People struggling to survive.

Cutting Social Programs is Mandatory for All Republican Presidents.

First they Rob the Treasury and spread around our Tax Money to the Super Wealthy, then they boast about how great the Economy is doing after they just helped it grow by spreading around the Horse Manure they just stole from the Treasury Dept.

The “Fiscally Conservative” Republicans must justify putting the Nation into Billions of Dollars of Debt by telling their constituents that they are going to Balance the Budget on the Backs of the Poor and the Working Class, which should earn them a round of Enthusiastic Applauds.

It is Apparent that the Progressive Wing of the Country is up against a Group of Greedy Heartless Bigots and only Bernie can put this Nation on a path to Civility.



If there is to be any future for the 99%, there must be President Bernie Sanders and a Congress to match (or close)!

The neo-fascist filth and crimes against the people and planet from the orange chancre is beyond any sense of decency and sustainability.

BERNIE 2020, for survival!


Exactly—tragically spot on.


As long as it hurts black/red/brown people more than it hurts them, they’re going to be fine with it.


I don’t know how anyone is coping with the shit thrown their way on a daily basis.

Almost everyone I know is struggling financially or struggling due to damage from human induced climate chaos.

I’ve spent the morning dealing with health care bills (calling off the bill collectors!) for my college age daughter and for me.

Luckily I had time today as it took all morning . . on hold listening to horrible music with bizarre announcements interspersed while waiting for a real person. Seriously this is 1984 comes to life in 2020.

I can’t imagine dealing with this while hungry, sick or with children that are ill . . .

Then I opened my license plate renewal bill and noticed it doubled in one year because of . . are you ready for it . . .
a “surcharge for driving a hybrid vehicle as per Wisconsin statute 341.25.”



Trump is going on the offensive to attack the working class by proposing to cut essential programs while increasing the military budget in preparation for future imperialist wars.
I am working class so I take this attack very personally and I can feel the rage.
But I can also feel the Bern…


Holy bleeping bleep–do you suppose the money goes directly to the oil cartel to “compensate” it for lost sales? Sounds like ALEC’s malign influence is stiil being felt.


Using a sports analogy, Trump just served up to Bernie a beach ball he could hit out of the park!!

This is a gift.

He better capitalize on this if he wants to win the election (if the DNC, the media and the establishment don’t steal it from him first).


Take a page from the Republicans by showing Ads that Trump’s budget is going to take away their healthcare, their social security. Scare the hell out of them!!!

Go on the offensive Bernie. It’ll work.


You just got hit with a ‘carbon tax’ for not destroying the environment. The same exists in my poor southern state. Says lost gas tax must be replaced…a sop to the carbon industry. The state legislators are driving under the influence of money.


That has been the case, historically. However, to some degree, the same has held true with Democrats for the last 30 years. Things that will improve life for the average American are promised, then dropped or watered down. Then they blame Republicans, but they also don’t fight very hard. The working class has been fooled by both sides. The next election, as was the last, will be all about who they really believe.


This is merely the new face of state enforced poverty, it just got uglier.

Don’t be so quick to blame the republicans, they couldn’t be doing this if Bill Clinton hadn’t paved the way for them.


Yes, everything seems to come with a “little” raise in payment, and tons of paperwork, and phone calls. The phone calls are long, and many times designed to put you off. Doesn’t work but does waste your time, and the muzak. Sigh, the muzak is very painful indeed. Meanwhile as we people cope with the endless new paperwork, phone calls, rising prices, and endless new rules foisted on us. tRump with nothing better to do with his time but golf, and scheme new ways to enrich himself, is daily creating more disasters for the people, and the environment. It is what we can continue to expect with a psychopath in the White House nothing but shredded dreams and nightmares. Bernie is right to call out Trump’s budget as an immoral document. It is an immoral document that comes from the missing heart of an immoral monster.



Trump is also going to claim it’s fake news.


Yes, and anyone who has the misfortune to have some contact with the Republicans through workplace, community, and so on. Do not forget to remind them frequently of this horrible broken promise. Remember some of them are slow so you may have to explain the numbers to them. LOL


“ending welfare as we know it”
“the era of big government is over.”


makes me want to re-write the “proud to be an american” song with lines detailing the lies and hypocrisy of the trump administration (IE proud to be… where the billionaires get tax cuts and the poor are free to starve).

seriously though, how propagandized are people that they do not see through the ammorality of a figure like mr trump and the republican party?

is hating on LGBT people and brown people really that motivating for them that they are able to stomach seeing their own children go hungry?