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'Of, By, and For the 1%': Sanders Condemns Trump Budget as 'Immoral Document' Designed to Hurt Families and Children

Trump and his Billionaire Buddies don’t want to waste any tax money on the Commoners.

Sadam was our guy.
We do prefer one person leading a country because it is less expensive to bribe one guy than hundreds of legislative types.

Do not overlook our army casualties from Desert Storm.
The cottonbalers, 3rd Infantry Div., 3rd Brigade, 7th regiment, 4th battalion
Died and dying = brain cancers, kidney failures, parkinson’s disease.
Battle of Medina Ridge can be viewed on youtube. This is only one element of their problems. Gas masks without delivery to them of the filter cannisters needed.

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I have relatives in the military who have been deployed in both Iraq and Afghanistan and my Nephew lost most of his hearing when an IED exploded near him in Iraq so I would never overlook their sacrifices, but what I hate is the fascist’s and the war mongers using their patriotism and bravery for nefarious reasons like: " we are bringing them freedom and democracy".

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In well oiled moments of honesty, I have actually heard a couple of republican friends (one 50 years) say 'it makes me fell better about my self" that’s where I got that phrase from. Sick, I’ve stopped seeing these people - at 69yrs old life it too short

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Here’s another way to describe it:

Bill Clinton was Horny Reagan
Obama was Black Reagan
Hillary Clinton was female Reagan
Biden is gropy Reagan
Petey is gay Reagan
Bloomberg is Rich Reagan

Hello Huston…we have a problem

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