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Of Caesar, Guns and Trolls: The Evil that Men Do


Of Caesar, Guns and Trolls: The Evil that Men Do

Michael Winship

Over in New York’s Central Park, just a short distance from our offices, the curtain came down last week on The Public Theater’s controversial production of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar. Controversial because the actor playing the assassinated Caesar looked and sounded like Donald Trump, right down to the overlong red necktie and clownish orange-blond nimbus of hair.


Theater, folks! Street music, art and lotsa informative imagery. On every street corner, every weekend, every month. Every. Every. Every efin' chance we get to tell John and Mary Q. Public, who pretend that "consumerism" is okay - is NOT OKAY. Fun, playing "outside the box" with We the People, who are out of our cubicles and confronting the banksters where they are most vulnerable - their deeply-needed longing to be loved and not so estranged.


This is an article of reason in our new age of un-reason. Mr. Winship, you are preaching to the choir. Those who really need to heed your message are a bunch of bricks, unreasoning, compassionless, brainless bricks (which is really a slur on bricks, which are used to build. Not so the concrete-heads and stone-hearts of the right). There is no amount of fact or reason that can sway a right-winger, who prefer alternative facts and who adhere to a rigid ideology devoid of reason or the slightest notion of accountability to fellow human beings. Why expect these lunkheads to appreciate, much less understand, art?


Trump is as always a far more successful un"reality" entertainer and brand creator than he is at bricks and mortar type businesses. Trump followers with whom I am acquainted lost touch with reality years ago and wear their lives of delusion as badges of honor.