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Of Course College Admissions Rigged for the Rich. The Whole Economic System Is


Of Course College Admissions Rigged for the Rich. The Whole Economic System Is

Leo Gerard

The children of working stiffs learned a brutal lesson this week as federal prosecutors criminally charged rich people with buying admission to elite universities for their less-than-stellar children.

The lesson is that no matter how hard you work, no matter how smart or talented you are, a dumb, lazy rich kid is going to beat you.


Course it’s rigged ,the rich created the system and stand by any change to alter it for the highest good of all or the common good .

But there comes a time that we must ask ,when do the rights of the few impinge upon the rights of the many ?
This is the question facing every civilized society.

Does there come a time when the higher good of all supersedes individual rights ? Does society have a responsibility to itself ?

Get money out of politcs …no more billionaires and give everyone a living wage even those that do not or cannot work.

The purpose of the economy is to create and share wealth not hoard it. The economy must become totally transparent. Visibility is just another word for truth.


These richie riches are being charged. Let’s hope they go to jail and they throw away the keys!


OMG you sound like a socialist, Hemp. I love you. The question is: what is best for the herd, not what is best for one or two members of the herd. This goes to vaccination, as far as I am concerned. One member of the herd doesn’t want to get vaccinated. Ok, then, leave the herd. Stop benefiting from being part of the herd because that stupid decision threatens the health of the entire herd, particularly the weakest, most vulnerable members of the herd.


I mean, everyone would like to see movie stars and Wall Street bankers who break the law suffer the punishment that the rest of us would get. But you know they won’t. You know they aren’t going to lock up rich, white, female movie stars. They get a pass denied to the rest of us. And that is what we’ve got to stop.


And that is why we have to stick together and demand that they get what they deserve unlike the filthy rich Wall Streeters who skated during the recession.


Until we learn to live in community we cannot know the divine .
If that’s socialism so be it …

You can’t legislate morality or mandate fairness ,the change must be made in the hearts of men.
Communism failed because it had to be forced .Soon everyone will wake up and choose what’s in their common interest not by force but by observing what works for the collective called humanity.

Then we will become literally a new species homo universalis.

And then humanity’s future will be interesting.


Aren’t these rich people saying to the world…“My kids are too dumb to make it in life without cheating”.


I take some pride in the knowledge that over 20 years ago my alma mater, Bowdoin College of Brunswick, Maine (chartered in 1794) made the taking of SAT exams optional. In January 2008, Bowdoin’s Board of Trustees approved the elimination of loans for all new and then current students receiving financial aid. Loans were replaced by grants. Barry Mills, then President of Bowdoiin explained the college’s new aid policy so:

"This decision is intended to greatly enhance the college’s ability to attract and retain students of great promise, regardless of their economic circumstances. It reduces significantly the barriers to a Bowdoin education for students from low- and many middle income families, while permitting our graduates tp pursue career paths and graduate education based on talents, interests, and promise in a particular field, not on their capacity to repay student loans.

We are the first college in Maine to institute a “no-loan” policy for all students on aid. And Bowdoin’s policy is among the more ambitious announced thusfar, given the size of our endowment, the percentage of students at Bowdoin who receive aid, the size of the aid package provided, and Bowdoin’s committment to meet the full demonstrated need of its students for all four years."

The 2019-2020 all-in cost for a student at Bowdoin College is $56,000. Student grants under the Bowdoin no-loan policy range now from ±$5,000 to ±$25,000 per year.


During the seventies, my father’s store profit was entirely reinvested in new inventory yearly due to the high, high inflation rates of the seventies. Our family had almost zero income. I got a grant for my years in a college. I had the profile they needed.
But others found other ways in. Our football team was famous for being the worst in the league for years. Still with a poor team, there were special easy jock classes that weren’t open to the student body. Most of us presumed that these students were entitlements.


Leo, what you say is true, but only for the short term. The revolution is coming, and it will come more easily because of the cheats who cheated all the way up. They are incompetent. Taking exam cram courses doesn’t substitute for studying the mastering a multitude of subjects. Faking your way into a name school assures that you don’t have the ability to learn almost anything they offer. Leadership opportunities, extracurriculars, all will be beyond these people. They will tumble before too long. Or hide in obscurity in a paid-for office somewhere.
Students who were not provided a slot in a name school due to their lack of pull will excel at a slightly lesser college where they practice leadership and develop many enriching skills.