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'Of Course' Hillary Clinton is Qualified to Be President, Sanders Says in Reversal


'Of Course' Hillary Clinton is Qualified to Be President, Sanders Says in Reversal

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Bernie Sanders on Friday retreated from comments he made earlier this week questioning rival Hillary Clinton's qualifications to be president.

"The Clinton campaign has changed its tone" after losing seven of the past eight presidential nominating contests in the lead-up to the New York primary, Sanders told NBC's Today show.


Joker! The list of negative reporting and scrutiny is yet small but getting to be very potent.

Naïveté of Sanders supporters on his greatness and electability will disappear very soon when negative attacks will start from Republicans , as oppose to his own mistakes.

At least Sanders will still vote for Clinton unlike some of his supporters.


Good. Clinton never said he wasn't qualified and now Sanders says she is qualified. Maybe now they can move on and stop beginning to resemble the immature battling Republicans. Unfortunately however for Democrats who will support Clinton if she is the nominee Sanders left some potentially damaging video out there which the Republicans certainly are likely to use. Sander's anger apparently got the best of him in his speech in Philadelphia. Had he checked what Clinton had actually said during a TV interview this would have never happened. It was a big mistake probably attributable to Sander's lack of experience with this type of campaign. Now he knows better but it is too late since it was televised.


Bernie, Bernie,

Don't let up. Hillary may not have stated that you are unqualified in those words, but she used a cheap distorted set of quotes lifted piecemeal from a transcript of your interview by editors at the Daily News (who themselves were trying to sandbag you) to say :slight_smile:

“And he’d been talking for more than a year about doing things that he obviously hadn’t really studied or understood, and that does raise a lot of questions,” she said. “And really what it goes to is for voters to ask themselves, can he deliver what he’s talking about? Can he really help people? Can he help our economy? Can he keep our country strong?”

“Well obviously, I think I’m by far the better choice,” Mrs. Clinton said.

“I think that what he has been saying about the core issue in his whole campaign doesn’t seem to be rooted in an understanding of either the law or the practical ways you get something done,” she said. “And I will leave it to voters to decide who of us can do the job that the country needs, who can do all aspects of the job — both on the economic, domestic issues and on national security and foreign policy.”

That could be summed up as saying Sanders is "not qualified." And Clinton knows that the article she referenced was a hit job. Even the NY Times said so in an analysis.

So don't go backwards. Your criticism of Clinton, that she is unqualified because of all the money she's drumming up from huge corporate interests, is spot on, and it is not attacking her as a person. It's attacking her as a politician raising money (bribes). If you can't do that, what's the point of even having a campaign? You're not criticizing her personality, her looks, or even her honesty (though god knows that should be fair game too), because you don't want to do personal attacks. Fair enough. But as you so clearly explain all the time, when a politician takes big money from corporate interests and wealthy capitalists, it inevitably affects their policies, and in a very undemocratic way. That point is essential to make, and should be made every day of this campaign!

Dave Lindorff
founding editor of ThisCantBeHappening.net


And now Clinton will clarify her earlier failure to answer a similar question, and state that "Of course" Sanders is "qualified" to be President...


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Hillary clearly said she didn't even know if Bernie was a Democrat. It is amazing how the Clintons parse words, like I NEVER HAD "SEX" WITH THAT WOMAN. Oh, gawd...I've become a Bernie Bro.


Your above quote from the Daily News proves again that the corporate media's rules are not about truth, but false objectivity.


Kinda disappointed that Bernie retracted his statements about Clinton being unqualified, when there was not one thing in his mini-rant that he said that wasn't false. And he wouldn't have been wrong to have stuck with his words because if Hillary says he is unqualified - implied or otherwise - then it's fair game to turn her allegations back on her.

Though in fairness, it's not like he had a choice, if he doesn't want to alienate Hillary's supporters should he win the nomination, much in the same way that it would be ill-advised for HRC to alienate Sanders supporters with her vitriol. And if the corporate media had done their jobs and not play as if they're in Clinton's back pocket (they are), then I'd say that none of this would have even taken place.


Mr. Lindorff:

I agree with your analysis and opinion on this affair completely. Please send this to Bernie Sanders campaign directly, although I believe you must have done so already.

p.s. I greatly admire your journalism.


You mean "nothing... that wasn't true" not "nothing... that wasn't false." :slight_smile:


"nothing that was false", I meant. Thanks for catching my slip-up. :slight_smile:


Don't forget false neutrality, where they pretend like every issue in the U.S and worldwide is debateable. Even in places where it's not.

Also don't forget false PC outrage.


This is not a response to Mr. Lindorff, I am just using the quote he provided.

Someone should ask HRC whether she really studied all the intelligence reports carefully to conclude that Iraq had WMD. And if she did, then what does that say about her study skills?

Can she help people outside of Wall street/MIC/Israel?



For a moment I thought you are describing Hitler


Of course Clinton's qualified, by the stagnant standards of those who've held the office.

The question is why Sanders won't hold her to a higher one

And what that says about his own fitness for the job.


But that would require actual good judgement on Hillary's behalf. It wasn't convenient then because it would prove what most of us already know: there were no WMDs and Iraq was not our attacker. Come on now, you know better. :wink:


In other words, she is an unprincipled opportunist.



Recall Kerry being swift boated in 2004. No good deed goes unpunished in big money nationwide campaigns that are organized around putting opponents in a box at every turn...its a full time job to stay out of the box.

You are not in Vermont anymore Bernie !


Shucks, a lot of his supporters claim he is not, but an "indy" just running as a Dem for "pragmatic" purposes ...