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Of Course Somebody Took Close-Up Pictures of Suspected Bomber's Van: Here They Are


Of Course Somebody Took Close-Up Pictures of Suspected Bomber's Van: Here They Are

Jake Johnson, staff writer

After federal authorities on Friday arrested a Florida man in connection with the explosive devices that were sent to nearly a dozen public officials and critics of President Donald Trump over the past week, a Twitter user posted close-up photos of the suspect's van, which is covered in photos of President Donald Trump, American flags, and bizarre right-wing paraphernalia.

The photos posted on Twitter show the same covered bike on the back of the van that was seen in video footage after the suspect was arrested.



What is wrong with this picture? The MSM networks post 24/7 ad nauseum about bombs that have not exploded but hardly mention the bombs that have exploded in Yemen killing a school bus full of innocent children.



Yeah, the Democrats are “the mob” and communists, socialists, baby killers and all around god hating homosexuals, BUT the “conservatives” have got a genuine TERRORIST as their latest hero.

If this wasn’t such sick hypocrisy it would be downright hilarious.



Wonder what the “leader” will have to say about this at his “rally” in Charlotte tonite?



Are you endorsing the bomber, OW? Because both sides do it?

Is that your way of saying that the right can’t help but be violent? You know, just like the hippies?



Yea, but those are Yemeni children not American politicians. Remember the rich and powerful count in the USofA. Children in the USofA and particularly those in other countries don’t seem to count so much to our elite. They are amoral people.



Oh, dear little cry baby. Big, bad democrats are gonna hurt the MAGA idiots. You are so, so scared and gonna go cry on the Commondreams site.



With Facsism on the rise under Trump, those who know what comes next when Fascists take control of a government, will take measures to stop it.

Do you agree with that Ocramed Wynne?

Or do you see Hate for Democrats justifiable?



Thank you for saying it out loud.



Why the animosity? Did he say something that was untrue?



Yes both branches, that’s why the bombing suspect appears to be a right wing loon so far. It’s also why Trump continues to call political opponents and the press enemies while his state level goons are doing everything in their power to make it hard for people—particularly those they don’t like—to vote. It’s both sides, truly.



It is only a matter of time, courtesy of the Patriot Act and the NDAA:




Yes, although Trump and the security state will be so sorrowful and resolutely against this type of thing - it is actually their wet dream - their dream come true. They are constantly looking for excuses to advance their power and destroy people’s rights in the name of security. Althought they showed such sadness, I’m sure that behind the scenes, Bush and Company were salivating with joy over the 911 attacks.



The link I posted also mentions the ‘Enabling Act’ in Germany (which is the equivalence of the Patriot Act) and gave Hitler dictatorial powers. Isn’t that what Trump is after?



As Chomsky has said (quoting Orwell), such victims are “unpeople,” so their deaths and misery doesn’t even deserve mention in our corporate media or by corporate politicians.



Do you mean we should not vote and allow the more racist, misogynist, homophobic, fascist, violent, warmongering, fear mongering, anti-science, white supremacist, plutocratic, vote suppressing, torturing, imprisoning, drug warring, environmental destroying, liberal hating, etc. to take over the world?



This action by the angry trump mob he incites almost by the hour is what he advocates repeatedly,; violence!! He, Der Trumpenfuhrer, malignant psychopath and pathological liar, is daily inciting violence against any opposition to his madness and destruction of our republic, violence against the media/press/journalists - most dangerously defending and attempting to whitewash the premeditated assassination/murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi by trumps business ally, and war crimes military hardware customer, Saudi Arabia and the “royals” (yet another enormous conflict of interest between trumps private business dealings and public federal policy!!)

Our version of the “royals” are trump the first and his crime family, padding his regime of criminals, usurers, education, health care, and endless war profiteers! Jared Kushner is a smarmy little shit who, like the rest of treump cabinet and advisers, have little to zero experience that makes them the least-bit qualified for government Of, By, and FOR, the people!! Most are like John Bolton reviled as extremist nutters who would destroy the world for their mad beliefs! The people surrounding trump exist to shield the Idiot of Orange and/or further his treasonous business interests that directly affect US foreign policy, wars, racist/“religious” slaughter and war crimes in Yemen, and everywhere he and/or his “empire” does any business! That MO includes inciting his Hitler youth angry mob morons to commit acts like this damn bomber fool…responsibility for which can be directly laid at trumps door! Indict, impeach, imprison! Major crimes against the nation, people, environment and world we all must live in! POS!

And where the F has the Mueller investigation disappeared to? I suppose on-hold (at least publicly) until after the so-called “elections” when we get to “choose” (guffaw!)

"They’ve got a set of Republican waiters on one side and a set of Democratic waiters on the other side, but no matter which set of waiters brings you the dish, the legislative grub is all prepared in the same Wall Street kitchen." - Huey Long



The atrocities in Yemen need serious media attention, but isn’t that an entirely different subject?

And yes, many mainstream media outlets have been critically covering events in Yemen - just not the past few days.

The left is not going to go anywhere until they learn to the value of casues celebre. We are in the middle of two big ones right now that the left could seize the discourse about.

But no. If it were 1920, you-all would be saying "What’s with all this undue attention to this “Sacco and Vanzetti” whaddabout other thousands of workers getting killed by the bosses in the mines and mills. And whaddabout all those dead people in the trenches of Europe a couple years ago??? But while, unfortunately, many workers died in the labor struggle in obscurity, it was the attention to just a handful of individuals - Sacco and Vanzetti, Joe Hill, Haymarket Seven, that galvanized the labor struggle. A struggle that you all would no doubt be pooh-poohing and making up conspiracy theories about if you were around back then…



And I think most of us fall into that category of “unpeopled” per the political class.



But not to worry — "What goes around, comes around . . . "