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Of Men, Not Law


Of Men, Not Law

William Cohn

Aristotle said the rule of law is better than the rule of men. Having law above us guides us – away from our corrupt destructive impulses, enabling greater peace, liberty, prosperity and security. The current head of the U.S. has wrought havoc on rule of law norms by inciting hate and lawlessness and sowing chaos – the antithesis of law and order. His hasty pardon of a cruel racist sheriff post-Charlottesville is simply the latest action taken to undermine the judiciary and divide people.


We the People must stop talking about 45 as if he is a “man.”

45 is the Devil and Judas Iscariot in one.

45 has betrayed America and seeks only chaos.

I suppose we need to give 45 just a little more rope.


Usually a pardon is not done without acknowledgment of guilt. In this case, the clear message is that Joe can do whatever the &#$% he wants, and his friend will back him up. Joe also referred to “hold-outs from the Obama era,” insinuating that his guilt wasn’t real or didn’t count because the judge that pronounced it was an Obama appointee, and Obama himself didn’t count. Yes, this is more than a pardon. It is designed to undermine judges, particularly ones who don’t fit Trump’s fascist mold.

Also at issue is the fact that he was knowingly holding Latinos for illegal immigration when they were not illegal immigrants. Although I don’t know this for sure, it would make sense for some of his victims to file for writs of habeas corpus, which Joe was giving his middle finger to. Granted, habeas corpus isn’t the same at state and federal levels, but Trump would therefore be saying that some people do not deserve the right of the writ, because of their race.


Proves once again that equal justice under the law doesn’t apply to everybody. We might as well throw that quote out the door. Of course I know that it applies to the rich and well connected but 99 percent of us have seen once again that the rule of law is total bullshit.