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'Off/On': Climate Leaders Present Next Bold Phase for Global Action


'Off/On': Climate Leaders Present Next Bold Phase for Global Action

Jon Queally, staff writer

Nearly 2,000 people attended an evening event in Brooklyn, New York on Thursday night (with thousands more joining online) in order to hear 350.org explain the strategy and thinking behind the next phase of the group's ongoing international climate campaign, including a series of actions leading up to the UN climate summit in Paris later this year — as well as a bold vision that goes well beyond.


Putting a little energy into something that works wonderfully is worthwhile.

Big science fails because at that level it's all about the money, never about succeeding. Little tiny science actually works. Tiny amounts of money get worried over and success is the goal. We need solar and other renewables product development.

We need to do the things that make sense for our world. They're not getting done already! Get them done or suffer. Clear?


I don't know where it comes from or why it is, but no matter when I've heard American Indians singing/chanting, it just so deeply hits my heart that I cannot help but weep. My mind cannot hold any thought but complete empathy and respect for them. Here they are, after all the direct hits and damage done to their nations, still standing up for justice in all forms. Standing firm with using Solar, and with the future of the planet. They just represent such a deep need for real justice to me, on so many levels. Great respect for them. They continue to represent and ask for respect and loving care for our planet.


Every time someone, ANY ONE, makes a public doubt statement, it puts another chink in the possibilities, rather than bringing out a stronger line against the polluters, the liars, the cheaters of humanity and the planet. Let us just simply stand together. Let us not entertain doubt. No more dark spots on our minds are needed. We've had plenty of those. Let us focus on the LIGHT of what is right and just instead. Stay focused on the LIGHT of good actions and good words in this effort. Stop using the word war, and the word fight. Let us focus on the Outcomes and what They will Look Like. Clear SKIES, Clear WATERS, Clean ENERGY! Positive Words and Thoughts - a mighty powerful thing.


We need to do more then just stop burning Fossil carbon. We're already 120 ppm above the standard deviation levels for its presence in the atmosphere. We've gone off the cliff long ago , putting our foot on the brakes now isn't going to forestall the almost inevitable consequences of what we've already done this past 200 yrs. What we really need to do is try and figure out some way to wick up all that excess carbon and fast. Oh, along with not putting up anymore. Good luck on accomplishing this any time soon. As for marching, singing , pleading even fighting to accomplish this good luck.